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  1. Yes! I just found a wonderful old photo from the 40's looking very rural, of the intersection of Bramcote lane and wroxham drive looking towards the moors where the present day Bramcote lane shops would one day be built The cottage I am researching would have been just out of shot to the right :D So close! The earliest maps that mention it are the Ordinance survey maps of the late 1800's but only that it exists not by any title :/ Thanks for tour info!
  2. Thanks everyone It seems to want to remain a mystery I know the Dovecote on Mr Straws land is up the other end of Bramcote lane in the village proper on Dovecote lane [now the museum] in Wollaton but I dont know if the cottage is linked with him at all? From what little I can see from the road Id hazard a guess at the oldest part of the cottage being as old as the 18th century cottages on Wollaton village by the Rodney? I will keep snooping then! Thanks again!
  3. I actually have a copy of that map myself and all the cottages marked in the area are called 'model cottage' Im hoping to find out something of a personal sort [who lived there when etc] but as it doesnt appear to have had anyone famous sleep there haha [not even Richard the 3rd hehe] It doesnt rate much of a mention anywhere? , Thanks for your suggestion
  4. Morning! I was hoping that I might pick the brains of you kind folks further ? Yesterday I interrupted a conversation [sorry] to ask about that white washed lovely cottage on Bramcote lane that sits behind the high wall behind the Hemlock Pub? I was given the lead that it was the old school house and belonged to the Straw family up to the 1960's [thankyou for that] But I still havent managed to find anything on its age or who built it etc. When asking about school house on Bramcote lane I got a red brick at 38 [the other side of Wollaton Vale] and on asking about the Straw family all I got was
  5. Sorry to interrupt your topic here Graham! [im staying just a few hundreds yards away from said bridge so I was hoping a 'local' might be able to help me with a question? [thanks in advance ] Do you know the history of that lovely white washed cottage behind the Hemlock pub on Bramcote lane? I have to confess to being quite fascinated by it? Ive been staying locally for just over a year now and have allowed Wollaton and Bramcote to get completely under my skin. After finding my namesake Mary Marlow buried in the St Leonards churchyard Ive been snapping pics and pouring over old maps and histo
  6. Dave 48, There are no photos of Derek with a mustache but he was a stocky man The next door neighbor was a Derek also and he had a mustache lol Perhaps your memory has melded the two The other Derek was called Eric by friends and family just to confuse the issue further lol
  7. Im a bit behind the times but I just spotted the name My Mother-in-law [now passed away] her maiden name was Pownall [Joyce] She married Derek Marlow and lived on Lindfield Road, Broxtowe. I will ask my husband what more he knows when he gets back from work if you are still looking
  8. Oh my that's wonderful! Thank you so much! [annswabey] That's more than I had hoped for I'm not familiar with the way the links work, is it possible to actually see the document or a copy of its content? Please excuse my ignorance but I am very excited to have something more to go on Thanks again!
  9. Thanks so much to everyone for your welcome and advice Im am only recently a Marlow [one month] and the Mary Marlow on the stone was born in 1705 and died 1755 Her husband died several years later , His name was Thomas Marlow , they had a son also Thomas who died 1797 who married Dorothy , they too had a son also Thomas died 1807. A lot of the information I could have gleaned from the stones is largely illegible but they all strangely passed away in April of their respective years. Perhaps the result of bad winters and hard recovery? The only Marlows I have been able to find in church archiv
  10. Thankyou Its likely you will find me wandering lost more often than not hehe.
  11. Hi! Brand newbee here , Im not sure of the appropriate forum for my inquiry so feel free to send me on my way but I am looking for a way to trace a name on a head stone in the St Leonards church in Wollaton? Im new to this part of Nottingham and was walking the sights and found a stone with my own name on it from 1755. [Mary Marlow] Ive asked in the church and looked for records online but Im new at this and would really like to find out about her , thanks for any help you can offer , Mary.