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  1. Just read your quote on barry st ives Reg. Didn't know he had passed away, What a nice guy he was. R.I.P. Barry my old chum.
  2. Was talking to a guy at the hospice about peter Lee, where I entertain monthly,Lovely guy was pete,Yes Peter as sadley Passed away a few years back now.
  3. Hi Hippo Girl, Myself are mates with Trev and Paula Wood, Yes they are still an Item, They live on basford road.If that's any help.
  4. Does anyone remember Summer Rain-Al James-Baz Harris to name a few, All great Musicians from the 60s. Rember the Lacarno very well, Johnny Carrington on the Doors, Great times, Great People then, The times have really changed, Will never see the Likes agen.
  5. Yes I lived in Radford on the then Boden street near the bottom, Then you went on to denman street, my sister may lived at the bottom of denman st with her then husband Terry Berrington who we still are in contact with, My younger sister lived at home with myself and my now Departed mum god bless, They were great times in the 60s plenty to do, Youth clubs I-e Tennison Hall where we use to meet, Skip used to play the Records, Or you could go in the Gym and have a kick about, Sometimes you would get the Hyson Green Lads un Gals come up, Some cracking Lassess would be at the Friday Nite Club had my first date there and we courted for a few years, Then there was the Winsor picture house which was on Hartley Rd, Had some great films on. Saw my First Elvis film there Love me Tender and that started me being a massive E.P. Fan.
  6. My first bike was a Royal Enfield super sports 250cc, Wat a bike it was cool looking quite fast, Then I got a Ducatti sports nice bike, Then finally 650 Triumph super bike, Wat speed it did,Most weekends to matlock some fantastic machines parked all along the front great times.
  7. Anyone Remember a band called Summer Rain Mick and val fletcher kev jaist mick Marriott and I think ray Bradbury on drums.
  8. I remember all of those Radfordbabe, Born and bred in Radford, Lived on Boden Street in the 60s.
  9. Gordon was such a caricature so funny at his timing of his jokes, Great times in the 60s 70s, Used to go there with Malc Fretwell (red). Had some good times then.
  10. Back in the 60s those pubs were thriving,You had solo singers bands, Not much trouble the occasional punch up, Anyone Remember Big Sam Foster, Fate anyone great Mr he always looked out for me in my early days. Do a bit of gigging myself these days When I can get them wat with the pubs closing any offers LOL.
  11. Great times Tompa, I remember hartly Rd homes, I was put in Redcot on woodborgh Rd in the early 50s, Then got sent up to durham at a place called The Castle school till I was 16, Bad times then but made up for then in the swinging 60S.
  12. I am interested mate, I'm born en bred Radford, Lived on boden St, Yes I remember the old Baths, Out the bath into the swimming baths, Great days.
  13. My sister Ann seems to know her Melissa, Like said I probley do know her, Such along time ago, The ought to get a re-union going for old radtonians, Would be great to meet up with old friends.
  14. Where did she live Melissa, The name seems familiar to me, Age creeping up on me,LOL.