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  1. John Barnwell used to coach us for football at the Becket school.
  2. I can remember going to Sun Valley amusement arcade and seeing Solomon King.I think he was opening it.
  3. So is there a connection with the three Tenas?
  4. #11 The Mekon were in the Eagle comic. Mydad used to bring it home every Thursday evening.
  5. On Skybet the odds on Gianfranco Zola are four to one on.
  6. Beefsteak,do you have the winning lottery numbers for tonight.??? Then I can write Result !!
  7. I have just been checking the offer online. The Hobgoblin on offer is Gold. Old Speckled Hen, Spitfire and Guinness Porter are on offer at £1. The ruby coloured Hobgoblin is 1.65p or 4 for £6. I am staying with Aldi.It's only 1.25p. Sorry about that.
  8. For all aficianados of this famous liquid. Morrisons are selling at the special price of £1. Of Course all friends and relations are allowed to participate.
  9. Toweling Nappies and a daily spoonful of Cod Liver Oil.
  10. Police,AA and RAC phone boxes and a metal lasts for shoes.
  11. Surely if you drank it you would get a stiff neck.
  12. Nowadays they would probably not know who he was. An elementary mistake. If they asked I would just say "Ask Watson."
  13. I must have typed in Alzheimers because I am blown if I can remember how I found it.