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  1. Goose Fair ? It can't be... we've not got Goose Fair weather yet
  2. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say we have found a manager that will bring to good times back to the City Ground. He has brought in experienced players who can handle the Championship (2nd Division). Watson Colback and Tomlin actually pass to Forest players and don't panic on the ball. Our previous midfields Osborn Cash Vaughan and Bridcutt couldn't control the play. Having said that Ben has been a decent stop gap at left back and Cash is scoring now. We have a keeper that can deal with crosses (at his height its expected). The players are now talking on the pitch more and seem
  3. There is a lot of history about Annesley around the Hall . Its a pity the Norman castle built to overlook Annesley hasn't been uncovered (well at least the footings) . My favourite story is where William Chaworth fought a duel with Lord Byron (the poets uncle) .
  4. I hated this one Fear Of Relegation Every Saturday Teatime to which I made up... Better Outcomes Lately Leave Our Critics Keeping Silence
  5. So I'm presuming a 'Cock' Horse was the main horse when pulling trams etc.
  6. Anyone played or know anything about a Yamaha Acoustic LL6ARE. I've looked at the reviews but they are all sales pitch -esque. I want a new acoustic with a low action and that looks my type but they are all on line. Thanks Gaz
  7. I thought it was just me fellow hoarders. Got plenty of hand tools but I never make anything ???
  8. I could never wear a dust mask when we were on the shovel or where it was hot (most districts last off). After 22 years my X Rays says I am OK but that remains to be seen
  9. We only have one about once a month but its usually at dinner time for our main meal, bacon well done , tomatoes with plenty of pepper, sausage from Barlows, mushrooms and fried bread, eggs however they come. Blob of brown sauce. I always have bacon sandwiches on matchdays; religiously...... that might sound bad to some but with a bit of brown sauce they're scrumptious .
  10. 'Newstead Bulldogs fast in a den Daren't come out for the Annesley men!' and of course the other way round if your from Newstead or Mutton Hill etc
  11. When the legend became fact (true life of John Wayne) a cheapo on me Amazon. He was a bit of a bogger by all accounts , the Duke. Don't know how factual it really is but cant put it down.