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  1. I worked at harry wheatcroft the rose grower in edwalton in 1959. for a 56 hour week I got £2. 1. 6p and boy did you have to work hard,, it was slave labour,, I stuck it for about 2 months and bugered off ,, I went to wood bastow in clifton as a storeman and got £6 10s for 38 hrs a week
  2. I say all these photos of bell st. and bell terrace,, and surrounding roads absolutely magic, in one of them I can just see the back door of my old house,,, my family were not very well off ,,,, but such memories,, ,,all those memories!! thanks keep them coming , thank s to you all
  3. hi stuart c, sorry its took so long to get back to you but I,ve got the builders in, the place look like a bombs hit it,,,,,yes I do remember the swings ,, I used to go over the top of the crossbar until some body off Bunbury street got tangled in the bar,, . cor you should have seen the claret,, oooo yaa ….. Christ that picture paints a thousand words!!!! can you remember Boughows on bell street, we used to ring the delivery bell on those big doors,, the doorman used to go bloody barmy!!!
  4. was mick Clifton polish, I think he lived next door but 2, I seemed to remember having a fight with him ,, after the fight we were best mates, if my memory is correct …. Talking about memories ,when I was a lad when women wash their stocking they would put penny in the toe of the stocking and then hang em out to dry,, me and my mates used to go around the back yards armed with a pair of sissors and cut the toe out of the stocking and swipe the penny, We got away with this for about 2-3 weeks ,, but alas one day the women were waiting for us,,,,,Jesus Christ they din,t half make us
  5. I know this is very long shot but has anybody got any photos of bell st, or bell terrace the old meadows.. I used to live in bell terrace in the 50,s, no. 4 to be exact. does any body know where I can get some from .. I am getting on a bit and the memories are starting to fade,, I remember playing in the street , tin can leerky,, dicky dob, we used to put a tennis ball in a stocking then stand against the wall and swing the ball from left to right, Christ I could go on for hours boring every one ,, such great days, do you know kids on our street did not have lot , only holes i
  6. heres one I have never for got ,, Roundtree's fruit gums yum yum yum, five fruity flavours in your tum tum tum,, one things for certain beyond dispute in Roundtree's fruit gums you taste the fruit,, now whats the other one whats the beer that's always best whatneys red draught barrel, the only beer that always best whatneys red draught barrel.. But there are some modern adverts that piss me off and that is the bloody begging adverts that come on when you are about to sit down for tea for gods sake don.t this country give enough money away ,, where is the help when
  7. hey kit e kat is not made of total bollucks its got a bit of beef in it as well
  8. don,t talk to my missis I have been controlling her for 50 years, sheis very luckyIlet her sleep with me!!!!
  9. why is it that if you voted to leave the e.u you are considered a racist by the cranky brigade , Ivoted to leave the e.u because Iwant immigration stopped ,its costing billions to keep these people ,the nhs is straining under the pressure of immigrant births .Iam sick and tired of unelected diktats making laws telling us what we can say and do,, sooner we get out the better. and if you want to call me a racist so be it ,, sticks and stones
  10. Alfred wheatcroft and harry wheatcroft had a rose growing business in bradmore back in the 50,s but the 2 brothers fell out and harry left In 1960 Harry eventually join his 3 sons and started a new firm called harry wheatcroft & sons (formerly called D.C. roses ltd) on landmere lane Edwalton. I worked there for about a year,it was bloody hard work!!!!! I worked with harry on many occasions Jesus he was a slave driver. He live on Melton road the house was called The Paddock.
  11. I think there is a medieaval hall at the angel at grantham
  12. hi, heres a topic to chew over, all in good fun, I was reading some articles about ghosts in Nottingham and in every one of the articles the ghost were wearing clothes,, how can this be !!! I thought only humans had a spirit , if that's the case then when we see a ghost surely they should be naked, clothes certainly haven't got a life force so how do they materialise,, that also goes for cars, bikes etc Well like I say this thread is only a bit of fun designed to create discussion I would love to any views about it, thanks don
  13. I know rob treece he still lives at Clifton,, he is married to Cathy smith, I do believe he still plays the giutar
  14. Canadian geese are very tasty I have eaten about 10 as good as ordinary goose the only difference is they take some plucking and theres not as much fat on them
  15. hi Ihave had advice 1was going to have about 30.000 there is plenty of ecquity property value is about 400,000 Ihave 2 sons ,,over about 24 years the debt would rise to about 70-80 thou I have shopped around and got the % interest down from 5.4 to 4.29 with Aviva its right what you say most of them are weeing in the same pot
  16. smiffy49 hi I remember doc chapman the man with the golden size 12 slipper,, Christ that buger hurt when you got a dose ,it felt like one had had an arse transplant. he was in Elliot house, my house master was ridell what a pleasant human being he was, he was a sadistic bully,, no matter what you had transgressed against it was the cane!!! Idid not know any lad that liked him , he ruled with fear, and of course there was good old tom the head master if you did not do your detention your name was called out in assembly and you were called to his office ,he opened a cupboard and in i
  17. hi, has any body had any thing to do with ecquity release I am not asking for any personal info just any info that you might have heard from friends neighbours etc. I am attempting to get my head around it thanks
  18. hi trevorthegasman yes there was a murder on summer street it was mrs parry,,, she owned the sweet shop,, some bas------ smash her head in and robbed her I think they got around £4,, Mrs Parry was about 84 years old and could barely walk she was a smashing old lady They got the moron,, he was hanged,, Ihope he rots in hell, I was about 8 years old when it happened.
  19. hi mick2me I gave up posting articles for some time got fed up with the nit picking that was going off,, but have decided to have another go all the best mate don
  20. hi mandy 64 sorry I did not reply to your comments right away ,, yes my dad and mam was Edith and bill walker, I remember uncle Charlie and untie Hilda loved them both very much, they always treated me right. as you probably know Keith,, Charlie's son passed away some time ago ,, him and me was bought up together ,,we used to go birds nesting and fishing together he was a smashing guy hows your mam , and how are you, were do you live ,is it in the meadows. well it is nice to here from you, take care don
  21. how lucky am I ? I bought a rocking horse but it died!!!!
  22. hi, mega notts I can,t remember what day it is sometimes, its so long ago.All I can remember is at the start of every episode magoan runs along a beech into the jungle along a path to a hut then goes inside,, then all the tittles and music starts, sorry Ican,t be more specific,, but thanks guys and gals for trying.
  23. thanks all , just wondering if I imagined it , I will study all the info you have sent, god its driving me and the missis daft, I will keep digging, I think there is a Patrick magoan fan club based at port Merriam, wales where they filmed the prisoner, recon I will give them a go,
  24. hi dave 48 thanks for the film clip,I have all the dangerman and prisoner dvd s but the start of the tv serial that I am thinking of was made for british tv, and it started as I have decribed at the beginning of this thread,, its been driving me and the missis barmy for years, have been on the tinternet but with no luck,I recollect it came the box on a sunday
  25. hi, can any body help,, back in the late 50,s early 60,s there was a TV program called dangerman,starring Patrick Magoan, also he stared in the TV prog the prisoner,, well,, me and the missis seem to remember him in another TV spy program. The opening scenes was him walking along a beech, then into a bit of the jungle, He then came to a hut door and then went in,, it was a spy type prog, he used to use all those little gismo,s We seem to think it was called secret agent .. are we imagining it or what? he was always dressed in black with a white tie.