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  1. Hi Dave 48, Only just seen your post ....sorry. I hope all well with Allen.
  2. They lived at number 4, Their son, John, died last year. And their daughter, Mary Deru, my mum, died in 2004. I remember Mary and Eric who lived next door at number 3.About the same age as me....Thanks for the correction. It was a long time ago !!
  3. I was there too...fantastic night.
  4. I was always fascinated by the bonded warehouses with their camouflage paintwork. My father told me they painted like that during the war. Are they still there. They were on Ilkeston Road/Western Boulevard.
  5. I lived in Heanor as a young child and our milkman was a local farmer with a horse and cart. The milk was ladled from a churn.....a pint or half pint into a jug left by the back door with a lace circle on the top to keep the flies off. Many years later I went to his daughter's wedding in the farm house opposite Marpool church. It was the same Saturday in 1996 as a famous victory by the English football team. Funny thing is that I can't remember her name but the groom was Greg Macdonald.
  6. Yes I remember the Log Cabin now at the The Royal Oak and the upstairs bar too full of antiques and nick-nacks,
  7. Have we had this one ? My grandfather's excuse for not having a kick about was that he'd got a bone in his leg. And I really believed it was an ailment !
  8. Hi DavidL My grand parents used to live in Dalby Square. I wonder if you ever knew them ? Alice and Harry Savage. They used the co-op in Farndon Green I think but can't remember the number.
  9. richonmc1


    Try getting any sense out of e.On on how they arrive at your electricity bill. There is another world out there.
  10. Not sure if I ever saw him at the TBI in the 60s. Might have done ...usually too drunk to notice who was playing !!
  11. Why oh why did toffee apples always have a cooking apple under the toffee?
  12. I used to drive for Phone-a-car in the late 60s part time. We drove Mkll Cotinas powered by LPG. As we were 'private hire' cars we couldn't pick up in the street, but we did if there were no 'black cabs' about ! We were based on Peel St.
  13. Can anyone admit to going to the El Toreador ? A coffee bar on Burton Street in the late 50s/early 60s I think. There was also another one in the city but I can't remember where it was, apart form it was upstairs somewhere.
  14. Anyone ever worked at Levin Bros, Martin & Holliwell or others all in the same group? Late 60s. Terry Rosling, Henry Guillard, Harry Constable(Capt of Notts Rugby), Louis Levin( big boss) and many others I can picture but not recall their names. Age thing I reckon?