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  1. A 1923 photograph of the Jackson family standing next to Wollaton Canal with Balloon Woods in the background has reignited my interest in the history of my childhood stamping grounds. I've also turned up a photo of Grannie Simmonds who apparently lived in one of the Balloon Houses and 'traded' with the bargees on the canal, swapping her home grown vegetables for a few lumps of coal. Now, having more past than future (like so many Nottstagians and Bilboroughians, no doubt ), I'd really like to put together a little book about the whole of that area, including photographs, drawings, history, na
  2. Michael Edenbrow - fourth from left back row John 'Ada' Larkin - seventh from left back row Ian Travis - fourth from left 2nd row
  3. ps - here's one I made earlier
  4. went to firbeck from about 1956 to 1960 ish - mr galloway was my 'inspirational teacher' - always praising my drawing and writing etc and telling my dad i was 'university material - anyway some 40 years later I met him and try as he might he couldn't remember me but then all of a sudden it came to him and he said "ah I remember you now, you're the boy who couldn't throw a cricket ball!' ps all memories of balloon woods / jacko's 'oller / hemlock stone and beyond will be gratefully received as I'm trying to piece together an entertaining and fascinating history of the area before it fizzles