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  1. Memories - Balloon Woods etc 1950s/60s

    George and his horse and cart. He had a small-holding next to railway line opposite the riding school. Used to deliver vegetables on Trowell Road, Trowell Avvy etc. Once let me (5) ride his horse.

    My Dad following the riding school horses with a bucket and shovel to collect their droppings for his garden (an early version of 'Please Pick Up After Your Horse'?)

    D9 bus from outside Marsdens. Remember one conductor did great Del Shannon impersonations: 'Runaway' etc. Another, very posh, had been a teacher but, as my Mum told me, had suffered a 'brain storm'. 

    The hump back canal bridge on Trowell Road being blown up one Sunday morning in the mid 1960s. Just as the bloke was about to press the plunger a dog ran onto the bridge. Can't remember what happened  next, hungover from an all-night party on Bilborough. 

    My great pals, the Hanrahans, coming home with buckets of perch, tench etc when the canal was being drained then keeping them in their bath.

    Shops, Merry and Christmas next door to each other.

    Teddy boys shooting mating frogs on the canal in Spring. DESPICABLE

    Scrambling my moped round Jacko's Oller with the Hanrahans and Trevor Perry on his motorbike.

     Working on Harvey Izzard's rose gardens by Coventry lane from 6am to 6pm for two bob an hour then going to an all-nighter at the Dungeon before returning to work for him on Sunday.