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  1. Hi there, Yes I lived on Wimbourne Road at number 43. I think you Peter Stevenson played for our football team - Nottingham Argyle Best wishes Peter
  2. I was in Pearson House at Trent Bridge seem to remember we always were good at anything but sport Best wishes Peter
  3. The houses at Trent Bridge Secondary Modern Boys was: Bosworth Lake Laws Pearson They were named after old boys killed in the first world war and they died in the school when it was being used as a hospital. Each house had a big framed photograph of them over the house name in the hall. I have often wondered what became of those photos when the school closed. Best wishes Peter
  4. Yes Heathfield hospital -I worked there for a couple of months on ward 8 the baby unit during my training. The ward sister used to run you ragid but she taught you lots. She used to send you for YOUR TEN MINUTE break and she meant it - it took you at least 3 to get to the canteen!!!! Best wishes Peter
  5. My mate was a TV repairs man and called at a house as the wife was going out and she told him the problem. She said he husband was in but he was stone deaf. Any road up Andy repaired the TV then shouted at the man in the arm chair is that OK? Yes he replied but there is no need to shout. Your wifetold me you were deaf The man smiled Yes she's thought that for the past 12 years!!!! Best wishes Peter
  6. When we lived down Ashleigh Street the Davenport man called every Friday. One friday me mam and dad where having a big row as he popped his head round the back door saying cheerfully - Davenports. Oh Shit mum shouted. "Yes madam some people call it that but I am suppose to say Davenports," he replied Row forgotten Best wishes Peter
  7. Yeah and a bag of shrimps when you bit head and tails off before eating Best wishes Peter
  8. I remember the mushy pea and sea food stall in the Central Market - what a joy standing there with me Mum eating them with mint sauce Best Wishes Peter
  9. As a long suffering County man it upsets me to see them in such a state as at the moment there does not seem to be any light at the end pf the tunnel in fact they seem to be struggling to even find the tunnel. I used to travel all over the county with them and walk round the pitch in my top hat etc. My nickname in those days was Prof. They were always a hard team to beat at home. I remember in the very old 2nd division we struggled for years we would say things like "If we win today by 2 - 0 and Lincoln City lose we go above them on goal difference" I used to stand in the Kids Pen" Lets
  10. Welcome to the Forum - yes as you read posts it is amazing what memories it brings back Best wishes Peter
  11. Oh yes good old Amos and Andy the phrase "well Hello there Saphire" springs to mind Best wishes Peter
  12. parmitage

    Paul Daniels

    Yes it is a sad loss - his catch phrase "You'll like this - not a lot" Best wished Peter
  13. I lived at 100 Kirkewhite Street and we had a TV - one of the few who had in those days. The power came from an attachment in the light socket but we did had one 2 pin power point in the room but did not know if it worked or not. Chap from next door was in every night watching the TV and said he would tell us if the socket was live or not. He put a steel knitting needle in one of the holes and wet his finger - I am sure you all know what is coming next - he switched it on and boy o boy did he do a little dance and screaming TURN IT OFF - Where shall I switch it off my Mam asked - FOR
  14. Yes Manvers was for boys and Pierepoint the girls. I was at Manvers for a short time in the 50s before moving to Trent Bridge and I lived on Handel Street and Ashley Street and walked to school. Best wishes Peter
  15. I remember a shop on corner of Cambridge Street who had some sort of contraption on the counter to make children's drinks for next to nothing - stuff tasted vile though!!! A house, a couple of doors up, did children's haircuts on a Saturday if they had a bowl the right size!!! Best wishes Peter
  16. There used to be one at the bottom of Carlton Road near bus depot called Scrimshaws I remember it was all white tiles Best wishes Peter
  17. Hi there As a good old Postie I would like to defend both the service and the company. It has certainly changed over the years and done its best to change with the times despite the Gov hiving off big chunks to the private sector and making it impossible for us to compete on a level playing field. As for the comment about money and rouge Postmen - what can I say in any big organisation you always get the few and hence we are all tarred with the same brush. Do not forget we have our own Investigation Branch and we are watched. You get people having a real go if we deliver a letter that h
  18. On yes I remember Frettinghams. I was working on nights at Sherwood Hospital and had agonising toothache so much so that the Matron rang first thing in the morning for a dental appointment. This dentist said I was to go home and get some sleep before seeing him - sleep with raging toothache????? Any road up I went and he said it had to come out. "Do you have a dentist?" he asked. "Yes Dr Frettingham" I replied. He nodded and walked half way across the room before turning and saying - "Did he have a surgery on Lenton Boulevard?" "Yes" "God he finished years ago - dead I think"
  19. Staddons Stores - oh how I remember the overhead money cups that use to be sent around as a youngster I was fascinated. The Grand - used to go to the threepenny rush on a Saturday. They once had some bloke who was supposed to be the world champion YOYO but while he was trying to do his act everyone was chanting "We want Deadwood Dick" Best wishes Peter
  20. Thanks to everyone for their help and comments I will get the stroke association to check carefully but I am sure they will. My mum once visited the old Mapperley Hospital when my Grand Dad had a funny turn due to stress. Anyway she met a couple of ladies searching for a ten bob note they had dropped and helped them. She had been at it for about ten minutes even on her hands and knees looking under bushes and asked them when they had lost it. About five years ago they answered!!! Best wishes Peter
  21. What a thing - one of my jobs at the Royal Mail is helping various charities. Well yesterday I visited the local stroke association and they are planning a trip in the summer and want my help and support. They are going to the Sailing Club on Trent Lane and taking a river cruise!!! They even asked me if I knew the place. After what I had posted yesterday you can only say what a small world eh? Best wishes Peter
  22. Having been out of Nottingham for very many years and only going back now and again for family reunions it would be difficult to say where I would live. I have happy memories of my time in many places - meadows, St Annes, Radford, Bulwell to name a few - I think we kept moving to be one step ahead of the debt collectors - but I guess the places I lived have long since gone or changed out of all recognition. A few years ago I visited Highbury Hospital where I did my nursing training and it did bring back lots of wonderful memories. I also went to the sailing club at the bottom of trent lane
  23. could it possibly be one of the hills on Forest Fields? Best wishes Peter
  24. Had my credit card stolen years ago when I was married - never reported it as they were spending less than my missus did. Best wishes Peter
  25. Does Arnold Town count? Best wishes Peter