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  1. scary one for me "the ten o'clock horses are coming "
  2. if you're going out "put your gansey on"
  3. I swam in a few Galas at Noel St Baths I went to Berridge Rd school swam twice in the City Gala at Vic Baths the only name that springs to mind is Jimmy Garfoot
  4. I remember The Windsor very well watch Flash Gordon and Batman as a kid and flying home up Hartley road with my black mac buttoned round my neck as a cape lol
  5. I remember the district well I lived on Cambridge St...the children's home I always knew it as Hartley road home I used to go to school the of the owner the son was Ashley Evens I was in touch with him once on friends reunited...I remember getting sweets from broken broke jars from Barnett's factory left just inside the door...for the kids to take...I think lol...the boys brigade was the 25th I was a member the club was the Dame Agnes Mellers boys club play football many time on the 5 aside pitch at the back the first flood lite in the country I remember the baths with a plaque to Tommy Blowe
  6. I was born on Cambridge St Radford I used to go to those baths
  7. I did 24 years at Plessey started 4 Sept 1961...making sure I had the full school hols first...I started in C dept against the railway I remember Pollards Palace, C5 C6...C dept was upstairs above C10 after C dept I worked in C7 cables and Wyvern Ave Long Eaton too I escaped with my redundancy money before GEC took over
  8. Just seen Angeline Jollie say Ayupmeduck at Hollywood awards
  9. The house used for the rifle scene was where Allan Sillitoe was brought up a terrace on Salisbury St Radford not quite a fortune but I was getting 12/6 a week taking papers...I never got to spend the 10/- my mam clipped round the ear thought I'd taken it my dads pocket
  10. yes today it would be 50p then it was 10 bob
  11. yes I wantd to play football...worse luck I had a bike I'm on the right of the picture
  12. I was in the part filmed on Norton St ridding from Players to Hartley Rd on bike (motor bike and side car came from Hartley Rd and under a arch) I lived on Cambridge St then