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  1. Thank you all for replying. Yes Mrs Eleanor smith was my great great nan and James smith was my great great grandfather. James passed away in 1948 and Eleanor (Nellie) passed away in 1950. They had a few children, violet Ann smith being my great nan. She had my nan Edith out of wedlock at the workhouse. Searching death records, violet died in map perky hospital in 1952 aged 44. My nan was raised by Nellie and James and never knew her mum so looks like she was put into the hospital for that reason or for reason mentally unknown. As far as I am aware they were a gypsy family and I know that havi
  2. I was wondering if anyone lived, or is still in contact with anyone who lived on Lotus street, st anns and remember the smith family of 19. Any information would be extremely valuable. From what I hear, they were a gypsy family and nelly smith had the nickname nelson from a patch on her eye, not sure how true this is though