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  1. #2728 And a long gangly gear stick. Moss in the sliding windiws the norm!
  2. It is always My Boy Lollipop that brings back memories for me . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCUcbRTB6Rs Cracker, the song that is..
  3. Further to my previous, sorry, no strippers!!
  4. The Clinton Arms has been reborn. A bit noisy, live music, but not too rowdy. At least it isn't a supermarket !
  5. Clarkson problem Solved to everyone's satisfaction! Ivor
  6. #2430, ..and the very biggest spotty dog you ever did see
  7. #2397, Yes and the ploughman with his horse ploughing a furrow as long as the continuity gap.
  8. Many old things or ideas, once shunned, are now back in fashion
  9. Record shops priced singles at 6/8 to encourage you to spend your pound on three
  10. Thank you both Carni and Dave. I think I will give the Ibis a go for convenience. The Walton is not giving any discounted rates although Dave, it looks great and thanks for finding it for me. I'll report back on how the trip was. Have already spoken to Richard Neale to sample the "new" Shippos...
  11. I hope this had no connection with #2352!!
  12. Ivor be spending a couple of nights in Nottingham shortly but hasn't visited since the early eighties. Any advice on where to stay in the City Centre? Prefer a pub or something with bit of character as opposed to a modern hotel. Any ideas?