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  1. Good Evening. As many of you are probably aware, FCH 782C - was my late brother Paul Stimpson. He sadly departed this life almost two years ago, yet the memories of the 'Terror Rides' in his Morris Minor remain indelibly etched on my grey matter. Every journey in that old car was fraught with danger, either with Paul's carefree driving style, or the very real possibility of having to use my shoe leather to stop the car - as the floor pans had almost totally rotted out. Paul enjoyed terrorizing the locale at 35mph (or less) until the car finally breathed it's last.
  2. I was a member of the 'Boat Club' on the south bank from 1979-82. Remember seeing Def Leppard supporting Blackfoot there in 1980, and the hoo-har that ensued when it was revealed that the Leppard drummer Rik Allen was only 15 years old. My last visit as a member was to see Robert Plant (shortly after Led Zeppelin disbanded) with his then band The Honeydrippers. If I recall correctly, the resident DJ was a chap known as 'Metal Mickey' - who also had a rock residency at a pub on Beckhampton Road in Bestwood estate (the name of the pub escapes me), and also he spun his decks at the Old Grey Goose
  3. Thanks for the thread to Paul's initial postings. Any journey in FCH782C was something not to be repeated. I've driven in safer racing cars, as Paul's Moggy had all the structural integrity of rotten tin can. Quite how it "passed" it's MOT back then is anyone's guess.
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. Paul had a remarkable knack of turning up photos of Arnold that as a 1960's boy I could juuuust about recall. I suppose my earliest memories of Arnold would be the old Front Street - pre Fine Fare/Asda etc when Dewey's grocers still occupied the site. Also the cinema on Front Street (demolished late 1960's?), the old baths, police station and the original church that sat near to the junction of Calverton Rd/Surgeys Lane, the site now occupied by a community centre. I can also recall the derelict remains of the Seven Stars as the St Mary's Close developm
  5. I can see what was Dales Wallpaper and paint shop at the end of the row of shops earmarked for demolition. That building still remains today as "Connaught House".
  6. Dear Fellow Forum Members. It is my sad duty to inform you that member "fch782c" - my younger brother Paul, unfortunately passed away on 28 August 2014 after a long illness. Paul frequently sent me links and photos to this local website, and it is only now that I've found the time to sit down and join up as a member. Better late than not at all.