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  1. Hmm, brain fart must've taken over, dunno where I got that from then but yes, it's Alvin Edit: This is where I failed to read everything: From his wiki
  2. The Christmas Workshop Unisex Adult Christmas Pudding Beanie Ha, really?
  3. #14 - I can't remember what I was doing this morning never mind what happened when in history. The only thing I recall is my grandad almost doing a dance when Kennedy's death was announced. He remembered JFK's dad and said the family were gangsters.
  4. Spot on!! And both came from Nottingham.
  5. I remember them well, but can say I only ever remember seeing them anywhere else but Nottingham. I can't find pics either, they were called metered pumps or taps I think.
  6. Really, Castlemain? I'd need more than bracing for that!
  7. Never liked the mugs, the ale never tasted the same to me. You used to get free mixers at the bar as well.
  8. What's the connection between Graham Barnes and Bernard Jewry? (Note: There's 2)
  9. I used to be a died in the wool Home bitter drinker but there was no decent bitter in South Wales so I took to drinking Strongbow.
  10. Ladies glasses don't belong in today's society. Most women I know these days drink pints and more than me!
  11. And wasn't the whole tape thing invented by the BBC?
  12. It's called a beer widget for some reason. Works well for cider BTW.
  13. Just lately I've gone back to drinking Strongbow after a good few years off it, my doctors fault but that's another story. At the weekend me and a few mates went in to Cardiff on the lash and a barmaid in "The Borough" was most put out when I told her: I don't like this glassI want this glass please She couldn't understand why so I told her the yuppie glass looks unstable and easy to knock over and I didn't need any excuse to knock drinks over. She didn't want to do it but capitulated in the end when she saw I wasn't for persuasion. What the hell? Me customer, me want, get on with it like!
  14. As my apprentice master said, "son, that thing is a lamp, bulbs you plant in the ground".
  15. If it's a smart TV it will have HDMI. Meant to mention, I take my box in to work when crickets on, we have a TV for Navman so off that goes and we watch cricket all day. Bring on South Africa!!
  16. Had an Emish Android box (recommended) for Yonks which saves me £90/month. As far as the software being opened, it was never closed. The fully loaded variety just means all the most popular apps are already loaded so you don't have to bother. If you need to know how to install apps just search "add porn to kodi" for example, there are tons of youtube 'how to' vids. I also bought a USB keyboard for a tenner which makes the whole thing a lot easier. Somebody told me there's the possibility to watch 100,000,000 million movies, that could well take a lifetime.
  17. Yup, when he was writing music with Paul and performing live with the Beatles, pre-Maharishi Yogi, I quite liked him but his political side annoyed me. I detested Yoko Ono as well, what was that all about? I saw them at the Odeon in Nottingham back in the day, the first and last time I went to a gig with my sister. He was full of bull like this as well: I think basically he was a smartarse.
  18. Presumably you're talking about the US/UK divide? I've been expressly told by a retired US solicitor friend that US English is based on the dictionary that went over with the founding fathers. That is the reason for some of the different spellings and, even, pronunciations. It's the Brits that have changed the language not the Americans. What I don't get about the US language is the way they bastardise latin derived works such as "paedofile". Paed means 'child' in Latin but 'ped' (as they say it) means 'foot'. So, how do they manage with such things in court? I'm surprised some clever wag hasn't used that to get off a charge. And, it's scone as far as I'm aware.
  19. Ha, TBH I don't think I was ever refused a drink anywhere, that was half the problem!
  20. My experience of Italian drivers in Italy is, when they decide, they do. No indicators, brake manoeuvre just do! As long as you remember that there isn't an issue even in the Piacenza fog! As for parking, it's called abandonment here
  21. From what I can remember it was because of Rosa Parks, it was the 100th anniversary of her birth.