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  1. Oh, my minds sprung alive. Do you remember Mick Pike blowing up the wall at the bottom end of the forge with a thunder flash? That was funny, he also drove a dilly into one of the gun barrel wagons they used to park down the bays. Were were all very drunk at the time as it was Christmas eve and the apprentices had all been to the Cremorne on the lash at dinner time. You wouldn't get away with that nowadays. I always remembered that bright green Cortina you bought, how do I remember that stuff yet forget where I am most of the time?
  2. Probably got locked up, he was in with Pete Blood and the likes. I used to see more of him out of work than in as he was a clubber like me. I used to meet him down the Beachcomber and Dungeon all the time. You can probably imagine what we used to get up to? If you remember my old man was a copper and I was constantly treading the line but I got away with most of the things I did that were a bit naughty. I'm a good boy now though
  3. Hmmm, me and Barry got up to some proper dodgy shenanigans which I won't get in to here but he was one I always remembered along with Mick Pike and Dave Michelle. Heady times.
  4. #41 I remember Bill Driver, it's an awful long time ago for my mangled brain cell
  5. I was close. Didn't Barry Duberry have a burgundy and gold SX? He was brill at spraying I seem to remember.
  6. I had the cane a few times, guess where? Beardall Street. Reg Loffil (the music teacher and assistant head) was the usual one to hand it out. I think he was more remorseful than we were. Ron Birkin was my old running mate. I left when I was 13 when we moved to Beeston and it all went down hill from there. I seem to remember the maths teacher whacked both me and Ron in front of the class more than once. His party piece was to draw an apple on our back sides with chalk and dusted it off with the cane. Oh, and Chalky White the woodwork teacher was a mate of my Dad's which didn't help me much!
  7. Ayup Bob, long time no talk, 40 years I reckon? Nice (looks like) red GT!
  8. The bloody Coca-Cola lorry caused chaos in Cardiff yesterday - what the hell has this to do with Christmas apart from advertising their product?
  9. #85 #89 Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations You do realise all of this is only a Google away or is that considered cheating?
  10. Did you understand Gurney Slade because I didn't? I was a bit too young I reckon (9ish) plus I would probably be out playing in Papplewick woods anyway unless my sister had been sent to drag me home.
  11. My weekends, until last August, generally were nil by mouth until Tuesday - I'm a raver!!
  12. The Yardbirds, where would music be today without them?
  13. Why was your home de-tuned?
  14. That's a fine way to bring a chap down, get them off the meds first then explain reality.
  15. No, you weren't dreaming, I didn't see it myself but: Ten episodes by the looks of things.
  16. Generally I could never eat after being out clubbing on an all nighter.
  17. This is the only Brains anyone could ever need!
  18. I'm well aware of the dangers, I got knocked out more than once myself I'm on about the likes of the Don Kings of this world and that cockney hanger on Frank Warren oh, and don't forget, 50 cent! It's all about money that the fighters don't get.
  19. I'm the same, too contrived for my liking much like F1.
  20. The disgusting pong of Celanese in Spondon. My sister lived in Spondon that was her problem but I could still smell it in Long Eaton if the wind was right.
  21. Don't forget PRS, they are as big as the other two and produce some fabulous machines. Then there's Godin in Canada as well, messrs Fender and Gibson no longer rule the roost.
  22. I just bought myself a Christmas present. I got my sticky fingers on this 2001 PRS SC245 Dark Cherry Sunburst Quilt #7 pick ups with a wide fat 24.5" scale neck. It's immaculate and, of course, sounds wonderful. I published a couple of pics on the PRS bulletin board and got this back: "Aha! Congrats. That used to be my guitar. I bought it in 2001 on my trip to the Birds & Moons members meeting. The excellent Brian Meader (then of Chuck Levins) pulled some strings for me to get it before I returned to the UK. Here is a photo from my trip to the factory:" "Its the guitar at the end of the rack just on its way to the buffing room" So, not only did I get a real quality guitar but I've got it's history as well!!
  23. I've opened up electrical cabinets to see PSU caps have destroyed themselves. We used to build PSU and PWM controllers and they had at least four 0.5F capacitors in parallel. When they went, and they did on occasion, they went proper. I've got a Vox AC30 I've just finished rebuilding and every cap (some electrolytic some wax coated paper) needed replacing, very leaky and nasty. It had been sat in someone's garage for thirty years mind.