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  1. I guess this isn't the same band then? And a page on FaceBook:
  2. I'd be interested in any more information on this. I don't recall Ricardo guitars and I've been all over Google.
  3. I've been told that the fall in small bird numbers is down to the increase in jackdaw and magpie populations, they tend to chase the smaller birds away. This may well be true, as a kid growing up in the country I can't recall ever seeing a magpie, maybe an odd one, as they were vermin and treated as such. There were always tons of sparrows/martins/swallows/robins/wrens etc. Now magpies are protected they're taking over. I have them scrapping with sea gulls on my roof in the early hours, you wouldn't believe the racket they make.
  4. As a country boy at heart I'm against bonfires these days. November the 5th is one of the biggest killers of hedgehogs so be vigilant in your hedge bottoms and bonfires. There's only a million of the poor little buggers left. Please support: Twitter @WillowsHedgehog I've enquired about local hedgehog rescue at home (Cardiff) but they don't have one yet, dunno about Nottingham.
  5. I just bought another PRS, I've got three now but need to offload two of 'em, it looks like a trip to gumtree.
  6. I dunno about Trent Lane but I know we used to substitute "Trent Station" for "temptation" in the Lord's Prayer
  7. I used to spend many (many) hours on the flat roof of my Dad's office with an old tank site for a telescope watching the Vulcans and the flying bedsted etc. especially during the Hucknall air display when I lived in Papplewick. In later years I met the inventor of the flying bedsted and consequent RB211 troubleshooter while down in Wimborne at Flight Refuelling. I first noticed his cars registration which was VTO 1. First off it's a Nottingham registration but it was awarded to him for obvious reasons after the end of the flying bedsted project. I digress: Do you remember: ??
  8. Seems he's quite famous
  9. I have the finances they just won't let me go and they keep asking me if I'll stay on a bit afterwards, they get the same answer every time "NO, not likely!!". It's actually quite good because I'm doing bugger all while looking busy, my ROF training is kicking in nicely.
  10. Ref: Black Orchid I think so, the city clubs were better in my opinion. The Black Orchid wasn't a dance club it was a boozing cattle market. Most of the clubs I used (even to this day) have been dance clubs hence you tend not to get p¡$$ artists and lechers, the customers are there for the music and dancing. The Beachcomber and Dungeon blew the Black Orchid out of the water. They did exactly the same in Cardiff with a purposely built place called Evolution - It was Cardiff's attempt to compete with the "super clubs" like Cream, Ministry of Sound & Manumission etc, it didn't work, it's closed. Cardiff had a very vibrant clubbing scene and I moved there for one club, the Hippo!! Unfortunately it was closed down for redevelopment which didn't happen for another five years. Without a doubt it's the best club I've ever been to and I've raved pretty much all over the world.
  11. I think my ex-wife would have liked one, she always said I was a spanner and that my attitude needed adjusting!
  12. I've got less than ten months to go to retirement and it's aggravating the bejesus out me 'cos it's not going fast enough!!
  13. You know what? I doubt it will be even near. With all the PC bull these days they won't be able to say the really funny stuff. More Dad's army: "It's no good you try and give me falseys" (Polish officer) "Don't tell him, Pike!”
  14. To be fare, I pretty much like all of life and it's little doo-dahs sent to try us. I look fondly at the past and eagerly to the future.
  15. Horse drawn milk carts. When I was a kid in Papplewick our milky had a horse and cart. The animal knew every stop and even seemed to know when folks were on holiday and didn't need to stop that time. My cousins husband worked on the mobile CO-OP van which came around regularly, I reckon that put paid to the horsey. Are you sure you're not talking about hash?
  16. Widdowsons from Beeston Pierre Balman in Attenborough Paul Smith from Beeston
  17. Yer daft me duck ya foller balloons ya wear your mothers pantaloons. And one my old grandad used to say: "is he as he was or is he woss?" "I'll take my hand off your face!!" As Billy Connolly said: "It's not the bit about taking the hand off it's the bit where it connects first"
  18. Pop, I agree and the Beatles were pop incarnate, but I did like 'em. To me the Beatles were for listening to in the house but the rest of it depended if you were a clubber or not. I was and soul and MoTown were a big part of my life and the lace markets life too.
  19. There was an Allsebrook who owned a newspaper shop in Hucknall opposite the Byron cinema in the 50's. He was a mate of my old man's (I think they went to Henry Mellish together) and I delivered newspapers for him for ages. I used to have to pedal to Hucknall from Papplewick in the morning, pick up the papers then back to Papplewick to deliver them. Then I had to pedal back to Beardall Street school in Hucknall then pick up the evening papers for delivery after school, all for a quid!!
  20. You can tig weld brass (in a fashion) but chasing monkeys with a tig welder over your shoulder would be a tad difficult.
  21. The mushroom heads will be running around to get the harvest before the first frost Quite wet but warm here in Cardiff.