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  1. Yep, defo Bramcote, he lived next door but one to Joe baker and we saw him in his garden when we were trying to get Joe's autograph.
  2. The big problem I can see with this is that the English government has added proviso's and people are trying to take advantage of those provisos. The Welsh deal that's been going since 2011 has no provisos as such, all shops have to do it so there's no way for either the shopper or the retailer to extract the urine. Everybody does it and it causes no problems whatever. I have a 'bag of bags' in the boot of my car and I always have a folded 5p carrier in my back pocket just in case if I go out walking, it ain't brain surgery and it ain't difficult. It's a good scheme and it works.
  3. BeestonMick

    Denis Healey

    It wasn't Healey, that was a Welshman Aneurin Bevan. I was once in an elevator with Dennis Healey in Stockton-on-Tees and his eyebrows were all consuming, almost scary!
  4. Mmmm, AC30, nice kit! Just to correct my previous post, Fender use the brand name Squier for their Japanese made guitars and the Mexican ones are called Fender with 'made in mexico' on the back of the headstock. Gibson use Epiphone as their 'cheaper' brand and PRS use 'SE' to designate Korean made guitars.
  5. Yep, they're still made in the USA, Mexico and Japan (as Squier) PRS still make them in the US and Korea but, unlike Fender and Gibson, their 'foreign made' guitars are held in as much esteem as the US made ones. I picked this up from Ebay at the weekend for £160 and no postage. I also saw this on Twitter this morning (and there's a lot more) More at
  6. I don't live in Nottingham any more and haven't for a good few years. I was looking for Cremorne Street and a friend sent me the pic. I have no idea what's there now. All I know is the Medders were demolished and I assumed the ROF was as well. I remember the first time I came back to the UK from South Africa, circa 1975, and my old man took me to a Notts game on boxing day. As he drove past my mouth hung open for at least ten minutes. The Kings Meadow Road I used to drag myself up for nine years was gone - I couldn't believe it.
  7. It's cheaper to buy a new printer when the ink goes . . .
  8. If you knew the ROF Nottingham layout as below the first time you see it as it is now is mind blowing!!
  9. You'll get used to it, we've had it in Wales for yonks and it works very well. Save your bags and reuse them then you don't have to buy them again. Tesco, Asda and Morrison's gave us all "bags for life" for free at the beginning of this law, which are quite nice Hessian affairs, I still have mine now after four or five years of this.
  10. This ^^^ It seems like domestic violence was a normal everyday thing back in the day. My mothers father, who lived in Butlers Hill Hucknall, was a drunk, a bully and a violent man in his early days. He worked at Hucknall No.1 and No.2 Collieries in his time and, as was the norm in those days, used to go on the lash on a Friday when he got paid. My Mother told me many a time he would come home on a Friday howling with no money left as it had all gone on booze and cards. He often set about my Grandmother, Mother, Auntie and Uncle when he was drunk. If they had forewarning they had favourite hiding places to go to one being an upturned tin bath in the back yard. I have to say though he must have been well in to his 50's when I was born and he always seemed a gentle patient man. My Mother did point out though that my Dad, who was a rather large policeman, did tell him, when he came home after the war, that he would fill him in and hide his carcass if he was ever violent again, maybe that worked? My grandftaher on my Dad's side was a very hard working coal face worker, 55 years or so. He was very religeous and Victorian in his attitude but was on the ball and loved all the moon landings, technology and stuff. He left three rather large houses in Hucknall when he died, two on Allen Street and another on Montague Road.
  11. Stewy is the man and patience is required. Even if they get relegated to DIV 1 they will have time to rebuild and come back stronger. It could be worse, Florest could have Russell Slade as manager.
  12. I'm under the impression that tarmacadam was invented by someone called McAdam in the 1800's. It was later (1900's?) that the method was patented by someone named Hooley, Hooley did not invent it. But, this method had been used for a long time before MacAdam got hold of the idea and the grading of stones comes from Roman times. Because this has been going on for the best part ot 200 years and longer I doubt the idea that bread and lard island had the first tarmacked road.
  13. Yep, same with me, you'll probably have a eureka moment half way through your turkey.
  14. Dunno, Dave Mann is 123-125 Mansfield Road. I saw Jack Brentnall mentioned, I thought he used to be on Alfreton Road, it wasn't him was it?
  15. Get a pretty one on a Friday night on the way home and you've cracked it, now that's rough.
  16. Some other stuff I've just read seems to confirm it, but how? I've heard of other guitarists breaking strings and making do until they can swap guitars, you can always play it somewhere else, but changing a string live is unbelievable. One string breaking (normally top E) detunes the guitar so, apart from compensating for that, you have to use both hands to change the string while playing with both hands? I wanna see it. I did see reports where a stage-hand restrung the guitar while Rory kept on playing, I'd also like to see that. @barclaycon: I believe you can still get Microfrets, I seem to remember they got taken over but you can still buy the guitars.
  17. Any idea who was there before? I seem to remember it was a family business, the owners were a bit like the Fawlty's.
  18. I just Googled Dave Mann and they're talking about 40 years in business, I think I'm talking a few years more. Supposedly it was the predecessors to Dave Mann? Yes, they used to have all sorts of brass, woodwind and string instruments in the window and lot's of stuff inside. Dave Mann seems to focus on guitar. The guy I dealt with in the shop was a very good guitarist and if it had been quiet on a Friday afternoon they'd shut up shop half an hour early. I'd turn up with whatever it was I'd repaired and end up on the drums jamming. I cannot play drums, I'd like it if I could but I can't. I would've liked to be able to play guitar like him n'all!
  19. And Delia caters for the veggies among us: Gotta love Delia
  20. I've got blood pressure issues but my doc reckons a bit of chocolate now and again doesn't hurt, does wonders for the serotonin levels apparently.