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  1. Can anyone remember the name of the music shop on Mansfield Road? I think it used to be about halfway up. I used to do a lot of repairs for them at one time but I just don't recall the name of it. They were the main stockists for Boosey and Hawkes.
  2. Cool :-) Don't forget to post pics of any new purchases. (I'll post mine later) I used to be a bit nervy about buying expensive stuff from Ebay but, as I said, I do do a bit of research before buying. I can't say I've had a bad deal to be honest, I've bought stuff from all over the world without an issue although you can't guarantee that of course. I did have a bad experience with UK Mail when I bought a new Strat from the US, I'm sure they'd put it in a dark place and they denied it being at the depot. When I did eventually get it the box had FENDER emblazoned all over it, no wonder there was outside interest. These days I only buy from the UK and tend to pick it up myself so I do at least get my sticky hands on the beastie before I take it away. Actually, I've had some good deals by visiting. If people are selling expensive stuff like Les Paul's they seem to be clearing out. I managed to get a Marshall pedal from one guy for nothing and another gave me a vintage Stratocaster hard case that has to be worth £250 minimum. I started wheeling and dealing two or three years ago and built up my collection with an outlay of about £2000.
  3. If I'm home in time I may eat but I can't say I've ever had pork pie for brekki.
  4. Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to all at Nottstalgia
  5. You can still buy Rickenbacker 360/12's new but they're over £2000, just Google "Rickenbacker 360/12" or "second hand Rickenbacker 360/12". I do most of my guitar shenanigans on Ebay but I always make sure I research my subject first. I guess in the last three years I bought about £4g's worth of guitars on Ebay and they're insured for six. Have a butchers here for example.
  6. Yep, I think his hair was auburn. He was apprenticed at the ROF but I don't think he finished it.
  7. I worked with Dave Michelle at the ROF and used to meet him out occasionally, either at the Dungeon or the Beachcomber.
  8. I borrowed an acoustic from a mate but it wasn't long before I bought my own. I bought a cheap Strat copy and a practice amp second hand but they didn't last long. I had just had a few bob from an old pension scheme so I spent it on guitars, at least it keeps it out of the sight of the tax man From what I can tell my investment has gone up in price, especially the LP Standard, so it's as good as an ISA. My son and grandson will have a couple of nice guitars when I pop off.
  9. After a long break from playing I took up guitar again three years ago. I'm a bit restricted where I live to how loud I can play but it's good in the summer 'cos we all go in my garage and let rip. It's nice to hear the Marshall work. I own 2 x Gibson Les Paul's, a special and a Standard and 2 Fenders, a Graham Coxon signature Telecaster and a Fender American Deluxe HSS Stratocaster. For sound I use a Line-6 30 watt modelling amp and a Marshall Valvestate 80. I have lots of pedals including my favourite Cray Baby.
  10. That kind of stuff used to happen all the time, very funny n'all. The older blokes used to tell us that during WWII during the blackout naughty marker outs who found anyone sleeping would paint their heels with whitewash. This little prank got taken a step further. Anybody found kipping with white heels had bits of metal tack welded to their boots (a lot of work boots then had hefty steel heels and toe caps) some even got welded to their benches! Woe betide anyone who dozes off :-)
  11. If only I had the energy, reading takes it out of me these days
  12. And, a week before Goose Fair you couldn't find a piece of wood in the place for love nor money. Most of it went to heat mushy peas.
  13. That clears it up then more or less. If the term emerged in the 70's (second mod wave?) I would have missed it being out of the uk from 1972 - 1980.
  14. I feel like having a rigley right now!! George Perkins, one of the electricians, a short stumpy bloke, decided he needed some three core cable at home. He wrapped all fifty yards around his upper body, he looked like a weeble. He then collapsed through lack of breath just outside the gates and was rushed to hospital. We did ask him if they had to surgically remove the cable. The other classic one was the fuse wire for the Birlec furnaces. The wire was made of precious metals including gold and platinum. The wire came in small rolls not disimilar to a roll of solder. One guy, not sure who it was, was knicking any of the wire he could find. He'd then go to the fence and hurl it over in to the canal (canal/river? I can't remember) Later him and his boy would go down there, the boy would dive for the wire and off they'd go. He did get caught in the end but what the final outcome was I don't know.
  15. I just don't ubderstand how I never heard the expression until the last few years. Soul was soul was soul, no northern involved - we certainly never used the term.
  16. Hmm, I worked a couple of times in Belfast after the troubles and there were still green goddesses flying about. Not very good for a coward like me, definitely the best laxative known to man. I always found Glasgow fine, I had a helluva time there on more than one occasion.
  17. I've been told on many occasions that this place is bad and that place is bad but when I've got there it's been fine. I'm talking all over the world here not just Nottingham. Take as you find I think. If you want rough try Swansea.
  18. It certainly wasn't weak orange juice when I was a lad, for some unknown reason I got away with having to crawl up into the gods. In the 60's there were always a couple of grinders in the grinding bay set up for Lambretta cylinders and heads. To be fair, there was never any restrictions with us for such things.We were allowed projects, I made a 50W x 50W stereo amplifier and an electronic ignition for my car, I still have the amplifier, unused but it's still there, Tommy Tedds bought the car. At that time they were using the forge presses to smash up experimental electronic equipment presusmably from Old Dalby. We used to bribe the lorry drivers to turn away for five. We used to dive in to the skips and swipe whatever was useful - we were probably the first re-cyclers :-) Free electronic parts in the 1960's was a godsend.
  19. Thanks, but 1964? I never heard the term until fairly recently and I was doing soul clubs from 1966-ish on, regularly. I was always under the impression it was the 2nd wave of mods (soul boys?) that coined it? Classic Savile n'all.
  20. Can somebody tell me, when did the term "northern soul" come in to being?
  21. Hmm, can't vouch for that but I do remember scraping my transit up the side of his Renault one afternoon in Long Eaton.