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  1. If your life had a soundtrack which artist, album or song would it be? Mine would be Sanctuary - Dejure.
  2. Motorways. Voting age reduced. Satellite TV. IBM PC. Pollution controls.
  3. Welcome. Not close to Ewe Lamb Lane by any chance? Oh, and by the way, none of this "Ewe Lamb Lane" is in Bramcote nonsense
  4. At least the change to real life terms meant the UK had taken a big step towards decimalisation though eh? [offtopic] How the hell did anyone manage to carry four old pennies so they could work the A-B telephone box? Our parents must have been superhuman. If you knew how to 'tap' them though you could get free calls [/offtopic]
  5. A fummad is some kind molecule according to Google, but as far as stink goes I've never heard it. I've heard of this, my mam and dad both used it but I reckon the spelling is wrong, I reckon is should slauming and I think it may be an Indian word. Like avatar, bungalow, bangle, juggernaut, jungle, thug and verandah etc.
  6. Ollerton & Retford, you're a north Nottinghamshire girl then or were you just sightseeing?
  7. Chaps, when things were in LSD the average wage was a fiver a week (or similar) now it's £400/week.
  8. If anyone wants to pop down to Cardiff for a day I have a herbaceous border that needs tickling, I can manage the paving slabs myself
  9. I've uploaded the listing to my server for todays type registrations, if anyone's interested it's here
  10. What a machine they were, I had a 1000 and me and the then missus Mick travelled the length and breadth of the country practically every weekend following stock cars, thousands of pleasurable miles.
  11. When I was a nipper I lived in Papplewick and my dad had a flat roofed office at the back of the house. I used to sit up there for hours watching planes taking off and landing (Vulcans aaahhh) with an old WWII tank site for a telescope at Hucknall Aerodrome including the flying bedstead. The air shows were fantastic from my private viewing area. I used to watch the buckets throwing overburden on the Hucknall pit tips as well. Years later I'm at a company called 'Flight Refuelling' in Wimborne and noticed an old Rover 60 with the registration VTO 1. As it was a (cool) Nottingham registration I was intrigued. I found the bloke it belonged to and he said he'd bought the car from Alan Griffith's family, the inventor of the flying bedstead. He was the guy who built the flying bedstead that I used to watch as a kid from my dads roof. I don't remember the name of the car owner but he took me for lunch at 'The Harrier' pub down the road and we must have talked solidly for two hours about Hucknall aerodrome. He was one of the most fascinating guys I'd ever met. The fact that Alan Griffith was given the registration as a dinner award for his work on vertical take off and it was a Nottingham registration was purely coincidental.
  12. A neighbour of mine in Cardiff has B10NIC, he owned a club by the same name. I have T5SUX which was bought for me my an ex. There was a pedantic, fascist traffic cop at the time who was terrorising the area. He busted me twice for next to nowt and he drove a police Volvo T5, hence the birthday present. My last three with the reg:
  13. It was always in the back of the AA manual back in the day. Nottingham's were: AL, AU, CH, NN, NU, RB, RR, TO, TV apologies if I've missed any.
  14. My Dad bought a brand new Honolulu blue Austin 1100 (in '62-ish?) The registration was 204VAL, obviously a Nottingham registration and my sisters name is Val. When it came time to trade the car I told my dad not to sell the car with that registration but he did and a bloke in Wollaton bought the car so his wife could have the registration on her VW Sirocco, her name was Val as well.
  15. #1944 - Never heard that one Chulla, how about: "You'll get square eyes if you sit in front of t'telly any more!"
  16. And got more holes than our old ladies colander.
  17. I think they're at the stage now they don't need to fear anyone, which is good.
  18. I used to love the Small Faces but never really gelled with Rod Stuart - there was just something I didn't, and still don't, like about him. Maybe it's because he supports Manchester United and Celtic?
  19. Presumably you're using the link BBCode?
  20. Defo dump IE whatever, piece of junk.
  21. The problem is, you get a benefactor with dollar but what can he do without infringing the fair play rules? Eventually all football will have to go back to the basics, investment in youth should be the prime goal. Apart from a few not many can survive from gate money these days.
  22. That's what we let the opposition think, they're thinking the odd dahlia attack and we reply with a tricky tree.