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  1. Deed pole, deep pole, deed pole, hmm, now we get into what do we (you) change it to?
  2. Stu, as long as I can remember, there's always been turmoil at Meadow Lane in one shape or another. I'm not a Notts fan by any means but probably went to a good percentage of home games during the 80's as did many Forest supporters. They're survivors, they just need a decent guiding light. Surely there's a multi billionaire Nott's fan somewhere?
  3. Yes, it's on t'interweb, why do you ask?
  4. As it may appear judging by their away record of late, good intel, cheers. If only Britt was available, they'd be smashing inferior AND top of the table. Over the years I've realised nothing in the Championship is done 'til it's done. Can you imagine Forest and Derby in a playoff semi final or, even better, the final?
  5. It's a bit odd, I suppose I always preferred Mick to anything else but Michael was a close second. Mike always seemed to be so US action movie thing like Steve (sorry Steve) and London business man. But, generally "Oh you" works.
  6. I didn't see the game but it appears Dougie set his stall out to stop 'em working and it worked. They won it by fighting hard and sticking to the boss' instructions, al la Clough the last time they won there(?) It's a good time for them to get some cohesion.
  7. Now you know what I mean by 'etc'. Exactly, and Koss only a ten?
  8. Nobody seems to be mentioning the mighty Forests win up in the once north Yorkshire. Why not, what a fantastic win, the play-off's are in sight.
  9. But we're talking 2116, we all know we've got the buggers now. I s'pose
  10. Apart from "Elisabeth" which I'm not totally comfortable with. I won't partake of what my grand kids are called, they're not chavvy but, lets' put it this way, new age. We nearly called our boy Daniel but, fortunately for him, it didn't really ring with the surname And, there's not a Mick, Mike or Michael among 'em, does that mean I'm slobfree?
  11. Never mind Imprezzas, have you ever looked at chavvy names? Just have a Google but here's something I found: Top ten chav boys names: Callum Connor Jack Daniel Brandon Charlie Kyle Liam Jake Brooklyn Top ten chav girls names: Chelsea Courtney Chardonnay Aleisha Casey Crystal Jessica Brooke Demi Aisha Top ten cleverest boys: Alexander Adam Christopher Benjamin Edward Matthew Daniel James Harry William Top ten cleverest girls: Elisabeth Charlotte Emma Hannah Rebecca Abigail Grace Alice Anna Sophie Also, don't forget Wayne & Waynetta Slob:
  12. Whatever Eric Clapton has turned in to he has inspired millions of kids world wide in to becoming muso's of one sort or another. His tastes were very eclectic and that shows in his later work (which I'm not particularly a fan of) but you can't say he isn't a great. This is a fairly general top ten and, in my opinion, there are some gaping mistakes in it. Jimi Hendrix Duane Allman (maybe but not No.2) B.B. King Eric Clapton Robert Johnson (maybe but only with the Devil's help) Chuck Berry Stevie Ray Vaughan (don't agree - my taste) Ry Cooder Jimmy Page Keith Richards (don't agree) The most glaring omissions for me are Paul Kossoff, David Gilmour, Bernie Marsden, Tony Iommi, Mick Ralphs, Joe Satriani **etc. Not necessarily all top tenners but definitely top fifteen candidates. Some people even mention George Harrison in the same breath, not a patch on any of the above. ** The 'etc' means the list could well go on a lot longer.
  13. Yes, the words geek and nerd would have appeared a lot sooner.
  14. Spanky Van Dyke's? Is that some kind of S&M establishment?
  15. Really, how do you manage your nasal passages then? And me and it didn't work out so well haha! Broady was going to do it on Monday and I egged him on on Twitter - not sure if he did in the end.
  16. I remember us getting in a fight in the Union with some young army cadets who were in uniform and throwing their weight about. One of my mates was a sailor and hated the army so he just couldn't help stirring it. He was a big lad and ended up throwing two of them in the Trent, uniforms n'all, the others cleared off, twas a glorious night!
  17. From a previous topic: I loved Juicy Lucy - after seeing Glenn Campbell (not the Wichita line man) play I was hooked on steel guitar for life. There was a lot going on at the Albert Hall as well, I saw Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath and T-rex there.
  18. Garage no, or drum and bass but straight up house, hard house, trance, techno. Hardcore (like drum and bass) is hard for a 64 year old to dance to so no.
  19. And mine, serious!! Maybe we should request a dance music forum/category "Dance music - Glen Miller to Tiesto"? (or whoever the latest DJ is) I could go on for hours about clubbing experiences but apart from my original post it's all gone [OFFTONG] metinks (did I mention I worked for Jon the Dentist at one time?)
  20. Mate, sit in front of CuBase for a few days with four synths + rhythm machine on the go, guaranteed you'd be blown away by what is possible [ELO liked it] Whichever way house is produced, it pumps. Strangely enough my roots have always been in the club/dance thing, always been a clubber basically. I started with soul ranging through blues and rock over the years then, all of a sudden in the late 80's I came to South Wales and was re-introduced to the dance scene and loved it. The following is an example of the type of bonding kids experience at house clubs around the world. 20,000+ total strangers enjoying each others company for hours. It may be a bit raucous but stick with it, if you can It can't be wrong can it? I dunno about the musician tag, I prefer 'trier'. I've been trying to get to grips with the main solo, guitar 1, of "Can't get enough" by Bad Company/Mick Ralphs for weeks, I've got it but I haven't but I'm trying.
  21. Wow, I hadn't thought about all that for a thousand years, cheers, I'm smiling