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  1. No stoned and I still love house music. Pete Tong for the uninitiated.
  2. Pete Tong sucks since he collaborated with the BBC, he sucked anyway IMHO. Gimme a good dose of Lisa Lashes, Tidy Boys or Lab4 (the list is endless) preferably at God's Kitchen in Birmingham any day.
  3. Incidentally, on Stu's thoughts: "we know people on a different level through correspondence", this is true in many different bits and bobs of life. When I was dabbling with ham radio years ago, I was cajoled to attend a meeting at the Long Eaton Amateur Radio Society and, much against my better judgement, I went. I was prepared for the fact that many (all?) of these people, with whom I'd collaborated on several different projects for years but not physically met, weren't going to look like the mental picture I had of them. The thing that shocked me was the guy out of the lot of them that I really wanted to meet face to face looked exactly as I imagined. I was really disappointed when I asked him if he'd seen the Forest v Southampton result from the game that afternoon and he replied "No sorry, I don't follow sport". Proper put me off. Edit: Avatars on bulletin boards have a huge effect as well.
  4. To save anyone mis-mental picturing me, I'm 6'2, 11 stone, ripped to shreds, six, going on a seven pack with chestnut brown hair down to my shoulders (no dandruff) and, for what it's worth, a cute moustache.
  5. The Room At the Top was above a pub on Glasshouse Street (I think - memory duhh) but I can't remember the name of the pub - somebody answered that somewhere else here so maybe they'll do it again. It was a fiercely mod club. I remember a quite serious stabbing in there one night, fun place. Edit: I think it was the White Hart
  6. You can always use the industry standard: [OFFTOPIC] ramble ramble ramble [/OFFTOPIC] I find topics that wander totally off topic a pain in the butt - my opinion
  7. Never mind all of those, what about the Beachcomber? Charlie Brown laying down the vinyl, playing all those great soul dance tunes. I met my (ex) wife there, I will say no more. As a boy it was great, it was always packed full of stunning girls. And the Room at the Top.
  8. Both Broady and Jimmy baffle me. Both of them bowl fast right handed but bat (well) left, Zaheer Khan, for example, is the other way round. what's that all about? I can't pick my nose left handed never mind hit a ball. I understand that being a left handed golfer who plays right handed can have it's benefits. A right handed player tends to allow the right hand to take over but a left handed player who plays right handed doesn't have that issue, in fact the hand that does the guiding is the strongest. Is this the same for batsmen? I used to play golf with a guy called Bok Wessels in South Africa who was a lefty playing right handed. He was so good, exceptionally accurate and straight. His handicap varied from -1 (not possible for a professional) to 1 and I asked him how come he hadn't gone pro. He stated that although he was accurate and long he couldn't draw or fade the ball at will which is an issue in the professional game.
  9. I've been doing all that myself for years anyway, I've found it's best not to rely on anyone but yourself. When I became single again my mother schooled me in the art of housework and ironing etc. The rest I did myself in any case and all my mates are the same. I have to admit stuff like decorating though, I pay someone to do that these days, I'd rather be in work earning.
  10. What year was that guitar in Brentnall's window do you know, I might have played it? I used to do repairs for them and take the repaired gear back on a Friday night and sometimes have a jam with the salesman in the shop, who's name has totally left me. I even had a go on the drums one time which didn't work out that well. I bought my first Strat from there. They wouldn't let me anywhere near the Boosey and Hawkes gear though, I probably wouldn't be able to get a tune out of it it anyway.
  11. I believe he did + he used to show up on other muso type programs playing in bands. Yes, he had several different models including a Golden, Committee and Club. I've also seen him playing a Yamaha SG and a Gibson ES (lucky boy)
  12. I had that book as well but it didn't lead me to greatness, not in a musical sense anyway.
  13. As they say, the older you get the fewer christenings and more funerals you attend. Blimey, I'm a musician too!
  14. I only ever once got in touch with an ex-schoolmate and wish I'd never bothered, he'd had such a rotten time of it I nearly ended up depressed. Best way to be mate, nobody getting in your head, just do as you want when you want. I have four pals with the same attitude towards relationships and we have a ball.
  15. It's a myth, I used to offer myself up for practice purposes and never got any takers.
  16. I think you're going to see a few greats coming out of this England squad we have now. Two of the bowlers are already up there and Captain Cook has to go down as one of the best captains, I think he's No.1 in the world at the moment.
  17. Mardy, now there's a word I haven't heard in a long time.
  18. Not moved from t'telly all day. Top stuff from all of 'em but Broady, go on on son!
  19. Yep, not that exact make, I don't think, and there were those Hoover Keymatics with the programming doodah: On second glance at the above post it looks like someone's making mushroom and leak soup.