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  1. 'Push It' sung by Salt n Pepa - I think the original was by Prince but shoot me if I'm wrong.
  2. #43 - I remember some of 'em especially Tommy Tedds, as I said previously I sold him a moo of a car that wouldn't start so he's probably expecting compensation. We used to call Charlie George 'Harry Worth' of: "My name is Harry Worth, I don't know why, but there it is..." fame I remember Ronnie Watkinson splattering him with white grease, via a steel rule, from an overhead crane. He shouldn't have been there in the first place it was barriered off so we had cart blanch I remember our manager, Michael Rudd, worked for Harry Worth.
  3. #40 - And you were soooo cute back then.
  4. I'm reading the owners manual for a Boss DD-7 effects pedal - very unlightening,
  5. I remember being there on a Tuesday night and it was Saxon and Motörhead, it was obvious they didn't see eye to eye. I used to love to see The Macc Lads there, they were funny as fuff.
  6. I always thought you'd need a lobotomy to speak Dierby?
  7. Yes but nowadays we'd have the tech to fool it and ausually helps.
  8. Just though of another, the locals in Llanelli pronounce it 'lesh ly' - go figure.
  9. Southwell is Southwell, my sister will kill you if you say it otherwise, which every BBC racing blokey pronounces suthall (and you have Southall in London) and Colwick (COLLICK) which is often pronounced COL WICK. I would say 'Renn oth' and 'Blidd eth' are correct pronunciations. There's a place I have to deal with in Norfolk called Costessey and the locals call it 'kossy'. Gudinit!
  10. It was gone last time I saw him, at least mine didn't start to go until I was in my forties Then I got fed up with it and Gillete took over. I always remember Neil Kinnock and his comb-over: I wouldn't let myself get like that! At least it's fashionable now! (baldyness not the comb-over)
  11. I'm pretty sure I'd left by then.
  12. I really can recommend jamming. I have several mates who are at different levels but they really do bounce off each other when playing. I showed two of them how to break down a tune and how to work out what the recommended chords the rhythm and lead guitarists should be playing and they are great at it. Simple things I was taught years ago still work today. I tend to let them get on with it and noodle in the background.
  13. And me, I loved that shop and the guy (or the lady?) used to give you your parts in brown paper bags like you'd bought sweeties. I remember one project I had on the go I needed hundreds of resistors, caps, transistors and a couple of 555 timers and a 741 op amp or two. We used to get an enormous amount of spare parts at the ROF as they used to bring experimental projects in to be smashes on the forge presses. We used to bribe the lorry driver so he would clear off for ten minutes and then we used to go skip diving
  14. I studied for my three guitar grades at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, which was nice. I got fed up with the instructor keep asking me where notes were on the fret board, I explained I could do that all day and I wasn't learning anything. In the end I found I learnt more jamming with may mates. So much for my twenty quid twice a week, all the lads want is a can now and again.
  15. My first real hobby was electronics thanks to the fine people at the ROF during my apprenticeship. I went on to build several audio amps from scratch including the cases, one I still have now 40 odd years later.I was fortunate enough to have a best mate who was was service manager for IBM in the East Midlands who guided me from Dragon computers to IBM PC's in 1981. He was also a radio ham which I also got involved with and got my 'A' licence in 1983 (callsign G4XMH) Since then I've DJ'd (dance/house music not weddings) and been involved in lot's of electrical/electronic shenanigans since. I've recently gone back to playing guitar after a 40+ year break. I also got in to spending money which I've now put a stop to.
  16. Yes it is. I always had my electricians mate with me, Tommy Hall, to protect me, he was hard as nails!
  17. I was ETU shop steward after Alan Truswell while I was in the forge and we were having a lot of issues with the mechs over the dreaded Maynard scheme. You can imagine I had quite a tough time down there, we used to fight like cat and dog. I used to have hair down past my shoulders at one time so that's maybe why you don't recognise me.
  18. Heaven help you Mick!! I was in the forge most of the time once I qualified. I had to put up with Barry Saunders.
  19. I just read this again and chuckled so hard I spilt Strongbow on my keyboard. Now teh keybowd gon fnuny
  20. You mention the NSU, me and Lynn went all over the country weekend after weekend in that thing, German engineering for you. I had a second hand green Fiat 128 ('J' reg) and eventually managed to scam my dad in to paying a big chunk for a brand new yellow 128, I think it was £1200. Until this moment I was impressed with foreign engineering but the yellow devil changed my mind. You could never get it to start, it was a total moo!! I sold it to Tommy Tedds a week before I went to South Africa, I haven't heard from him since.
  21. Personally, I use and recommend an emish box (amazon uk) but, as you say, there are hundreds of 'em. If you want fully loaded add that to your search. Basically, quad core with as much memory as you can find. My box does the bizz. For £40, what the hey. If it doesn't suit you in three months time you've saved £260 in Sky bills.
  22. 99% of the time that would qualify, Mansfield IS Nottingham to me, unfortunately in this case it doesn't. I still think he deserves to be an honorary Mansfield lad though.
  23. That's helluva big repertoire for not a big drinker mind, company and mood not withstanding