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  1. Bloody hell yeh, Les Brooks. I remember the swimming. His hips were knackered weren't they, he walked a bit funny. Not sure how that happened but he was very fit upper body wise in 1966/67 as I remember.
  2. @TRICKYMICKY: When I was apprentice we did one year in the apprentice shop (draw file draw file draw file zzzz) then we went to wherever for the last three years. It was good to get rid of Scrappit and take the piss when you were sent in as an electrician to repair his hair dryer. A lot of the guys I worked with would have still been there when you were there. I'll PM you some names as they might not like them plastered all over here. Yes, they had there own deal on 14 bay, that's why we all wanted to get in there, nobody could see you doing homers. Hmm, the medical centre. I had a rather "unfortunate" accident outside of work when I was no more than 17. I went to see the nurse rather than going to A&E. To say I was embarrassed was very much an understatement, I didn't flash the crown jewels to everybody. I though she was shocked because she was crying but then I realised she was amused. She fixed me up though. @PeverilPeril: Go for it! I made inside calipers, outside calipers, jack bodies, some brass valves for the steam engine they were building but could never get the hang of welding although my soldering, lead and silver, was and still is, the dogs.
  3. Yes, that's the Marilyn, I knew her from the pub I think. I don't recall her clubbing with us but there's lot's I'm beginning to remember. My brains aching with remembering at the moment.
  4. I agree, if the foody people got their acts together we wouldn't have to put up with whatever version or remix of "Feed The World" they decide to torture us with every year!
  5. About what year was that? I lounged around the electrical department from 1967-1972. I remember when I first started working with the sparkies our 'compound' was on the right hand wall as you walked in the main door of the North shop. They used to feed a huge manky cat that then repaid them by slashing all over the option. Then they moved maintenance to where the rifle range was. Edit: I just remembered that the sign over the rifle range which said "Rifle Range", strangely enough, was often edited by the apprentices. The best they could come up with was "tRifleoRange", which I thought was a bit childish!
  6. Yep, I saw Led Zeppelin, Juicy Lucy, Uriah Heep (I think) Canned Heat and lot's more at the Boat. As I recall it was rock at the Boat, soul at the Union and crap at the Brit (pop stuff) My favourite was the Beach though, always there on a Friday and Sunday. The Dungeon was good as well especially the all nighters.
  7. As well as the Dungeon and the Beach I already mentioned elsewhere, are there any of you used to do the Trentside clubs?
  8. Yes I remember it, some of my mod mates used to go there from time on their scooters. (I was a mod but I had a Bonneville)
  9. Haha, yep, Scrappit was Fred Logan, well done that man!! Him and Ernie Wragg were the two. We'll get there in the end.
  10. I just remembered one of the apprentice shop foremen/supervisor was called Ernie Wragg, his sidekick was Scrappit. Ernie drafted his useless son in law to the electricians department using his seniority or something, he went, more or less, straight on to the control/electronic side of things. There were three of us just out of our time gagging to get on there. Not being funny, but he had just finished an electrical installation apprenticeship at Blackburn & Starlings and not at all suited to life at the ROF. He hadn't been there long and they had him changing fluorescent tubes in the offices. He got a shock off one of the ballasts which put him in hospital for three days, pussy!! We laughed for months.
  11. The foreman in the apprentice shop in 1966 was a looney. He'd make you scrap whatever it was you were doing/making if it wasn't 100% to his liking. He used to scream "SCRAPPIT!!" and that was all we ever called him. He used to go nuts with us
  12. Thanks, I've had a lot of names chucked my way and not one has stood out yet, it's been a while. There'll be a few hanging around here no doubt.
  13. Is there anybody who worked at the ROF in Kings Meadows back in the day? I was apprenticed there from 1966 - 1970 and left in 1972.
  14. I played for years when I lived in SA (and the US) basically 'cos there was nowt else to do. I came back to the UK playing off 6 and was a member at Chilwell Manor. I played regularly but got sucked off with the weather and just walked off the course in the middle of a match one Sunday afternoon, Forest were playing Liverpool on the telly which was much more inviting, and never went back. It is a stupid game and the UK weather doesn't enhance it any. Yes like snooker and darts
  15. Yes indeed, aah, the sheds. If there was a club, and there was music I was probably around somewhere. I remember drinking cider across the road from the BB club, aah, heady daze. Thanks for the welcomes by the way.
  16. Yes the Lennards and cool on Murray, it was Abbey Road, we used to get up to a lot of nonsense. Then he moved to West Bridgford and we lost touch but I did emigrate to South Africa in 1972 which may have had something to do with it Just double posting here but weren't some of the Lennards in to their horses?
  17. As I said elsewhere, I lived in Beeston until 1972 and never really came back to Nottingham, unless you include Long Eaton? I now live in South Wales and have done for a good number of years. Even now I often find myself thinking about my nights out dancing in the Dungeon or, preferably, The Beachcomber. I went on to raving later on and only just decided to pack it in last August. I had excellent times in Nottingham but don't regret any of my wanderings either. Maybe the girls and boys from Beeston who used to do the clubs can remember those times? Oh, the reason for the title, I get accused of being a northern t*@t (not sure if you can swear on here?) where I live now and a taffy when I speak to folks in Nottingham hence I intend to brush up on aah ta talk Notts and remove any doubt!! -Mick
  18. This is a bit long in the tooth (so am I these days) but I saw this topic while searching for something totally unrelated. Lived in Beeston until 1972 and went to South Africa and never really came back to Nottingham. I used the Cadland a bit but it wasn't my favourite boozer, my local was the Durham Ox in Beeston. Anyway, I saw Lennie Stevenson and Dick Widdowsons name mentioned so thought I'd better join up and post. Do any of you remember Murray Frew? Or Mick Simmons? Gina Furness? They were Cadland regulars.