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  1. You couldn't dance around your handbag these days, it'd get knicked!
  2. Ben, I know I can always rely on you for tech support
  3. I'm going to start a new ham topic now, this one is wandering.
  4. Yeh, what was the issue with the Exchange? Was it rough or something? I know a mate of mine got filled in in the place after a footy game but that could have happened anywhere. I certainly went in the place occasionally but then I liked all the dodgy places, I still do.
  5. 1996 - Definitely the best year for dance (house) music both commercial and white label. I loved the couple of years before and up to 2001. Or, if I'm allowed two second choices 1952 to buy an original Gibson Les Paul or 1954 for an original Fender Stratocaster, I would be a rich man now.
  6. #40 - Yes, it was probably a second or third harmonic but I was on a long wire which included some of my guttering which didn't help. I never had the issue again so what caused it I don't know, just lucky I suppose. Ben - Put your mask on!
  7. Twenty metres used to get me in trouble occasionally. One day back in the UK I was chatting to a bloke on Ogisawa island on the key. I could hear somebody trying to break in and ignored it but eventually I had to listen. It came from a US frigate that was sailing in the area and he said I was bleeding on to a US Navy frequency (yes me, on 80 watts, not the guy who was a whole lot closer to him) and could I please clear off, which I did. He sent me a QSL card from the frigate though which I thought was nice even though I was never a QSL hound.
  8. There used to be a few go in there but it wasn't really a gay bar as such. I used to use the pub at weekends while waiting for the GF or mates to turn up. To be honest, back then, we wouldn't have known if anyone was 'gay' anyway, I don't think mincing was popular then.
  9. When I was running the packet radio station in Long Eaton (GB7LED) I used 2m for the downlink and 70cms for the up. The repeater was in Matlock and I could see it fine to transmit to using 70cms but not for down hence I used 2m, strange stuff this VHF. In the 70's I sat on an airfield in Kuruman South Africa (back of beyond) waiting for my guv'nor to arrive on a Cessna. I sat listening to the 10m band on my Belcom and ended up having a discussion with a farmer in Perth Australia who was ploughing his fields at the time. This was on less than 4 watts from my car. At the same time I could hear taxis in Johannesburg 500 miles away on 2m, I thought someone was winding me up. It was skipping on every band for the best part of a day, it must have been some sun spot that day!!
  10. I visit six or seven BB's in my day, sometimes like I do here for me but mostly work related. If I added all my posts up I'd probably be well in to the 50 or 60,000+. I'm probably a 3 here.
  11. I can think of many many more cities I'd rather be, not my cuppa cha at all.
  12. #2 - I meant to reply to this yesterday and forgot. My boy said that in Calgary (so I assume the rest of Canada) they have satellite dishes and fibre optic in new areas, pretty much the same as here by the looks of things. #4 - Exactly, it's probably 'cos nobody bothered to take them down. or the wind never finished them off. I remember us having an Alba TV when I was a nipper that was BBC only. When ITV came along my dad, who was in to radio and TV stuff, had ITV added which, I presume now, was a totally new receiver added to the existing BBC one. I say that because if you switched it over you had to wait five minutes for it to warm up. My mother used to go nuts as my dad would turn it over ten minutes early for football (not an every day event in those days) when she was watching something - used to make me chuckle even at seven years of age.
  13. The next time I see London will be too soon.
  14. After suffering and overcoming a rotten situation with the last mortgage I had (thank you dad) due to negative equity I vowed never to buy again. I haven't and I'm quite happy renting, I share a four bedroom house on three floors with two other people who I hardly see. If I have issues with payments (not that I expect to) etc. the social will sort it out, they won't even talk to you if you have a mortgage.
  15. Not particularly a Nott's fan but not a hater either, spent many an afternoon down the lane with my dad and sister. They would do well to find someone similar to Colin Calderwood who knows the division, is calm and collected and has contacts at Man.U or some other breeder of youngsters. He did an excellent job for Florest and someone in a similar vain could do well at Notts, You can't have a manager on a budget. They need to get the club back to a professional footballing mentality.
  16. Not a fan of his music at all but RIP.
  17. I doubt you could get a signal in Calgary on rabbit ears, it's vast, you'd need some kind of analogue/digital antenna or cable. I will check with my lad tonight to be sure.
  18. I never frequented the Arboretum but my sister was always going on about it. I think the Brincliffe girls used to go and hide there.
  19. Presumably we're talking about little Billy Thompson from Sneinton? Wasn't there a strong dark ale called Bendigo, sort of similar strength to barley wine, sold in third of a pint bottles?
  20. I've just bought you some 'anti-tech' goggles from Amazon.
  21. I was under the impression that wood used for such constructions had to be treated so as to be fireproof? It looks like the architect is of the same school as the ones we get in Cardiff, all look no practicality.
  22. Ben, skip this post The problem with the boxes (and electronics in general) is that the tech changes constantly, almost on a daily basis. Whatever you buy today will be out of date by Tuesday. Personally I think a quad core is sufficient and far more than is required for what the box does, just go for as much memory as you can get.
  23. I seem to remember the old man kept it all to himself as well
  24. Hobgoblin is the nuts, two of them and I'm out there.