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  1. Hi I am a Carlton lad, I also have known the Bates since I was a kid - they used to lives 3 or 4 doors down from me on Coningswath Road. Mick and Andy and Trev (Trev died in a car crash with Wayne Marriot). A question: I remember the Blacks Head sign being a person. Was it a man or woman? Has anyone got a picture of it? thanks
  2. Well exactly, especially when you consider the first day that they reported that the first witness gave a vivid and disturbing account etc etc........ but didn't say that the first thing that very same accuser said when he went on the stand was "I was lying" - (YES REALLY) - the Post seemed to have omitted that little snippet. very convenient!
  3. Just an update: Mr Amoroso was found NOT GUILTY on all charges at Nottingham Crown Court. The Crowns case was that ridiculous that he didn't even offer a defence! Yet a jury of his peers found him not guilty. I'll give you an example: He was charged with assaulting a boy in 1985 in his house on the Rivergreen estate in Clifton. Yet Mr Amoroso didn't move to Clifton until December 1988 (obviously documented with deeds etc). Added to this is the fact that in late 1988 the house in Clifton he moved to was a new build that was only built in early 1988! Also the boys father (a solicitor) made a s
  4. Anyone go there at that time? What house? Memories? Teachers? 1) Obviously the legend of the Coal Wall. 2) Sneaking into the forum at night and running across the swimming pool covers to see if you could make it to the other side without sinking. 3) Anyone remember the car being driven into the swimming pool? I remember the school morning bulletin the next day that read something like "If you want to play squash then you can do this alone , but if you want to use the pool you will need an 'Escort'". Other stories?
  5. No idea about the 40s and 50s as I was a 60s child. But ever since I can remember the Bulwell area was always in the top 3. Strelley etc Then there was always St Anns.