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  1. hI Tony, Hope you are well i am going fishing with the grandson this weekend for the first time in years ,we will have to have a meet up to chat about the good times,cheers Dennis.
  2. Does anyone remember the Prendegas family who lived at the bottom of bramerton rd opposite the Gavins ,Brothers David,Martin and Shaun there Dad was a police officer next door to them coming back up bramerton lived John Cutts, Graham Copestake,Mervin Leaves,Robert Brown, Anthony Wright,Mervin Leaves and Roger Cook,Roger and Mervin were the underground den experts over the woods on glaisdale they were brilliant sometimes. going a bit further back in time on glaisdale can anyone remember Alan Giles(nick name gig, Kenny Hancocks half brother he used frighten us younger kids chasing us
  3. Hi LizzieM, Roger Peck did sign for Sheffield utd as a apprentice when he was 15 ,i last spoke to him 25yrs ago when he lived on sankey drive bulwell he was living with his wife and 2 children his oldest daughter was 17yrs which ties in with her being your friend,hope this helps.
  4. After reading most of the replies i too was born in Bilborough in 1949 and spent the best times of my life down the canal making dens in the woods great times,sad to hear that Robin Gavin had passed a great lad ,also Paul Tomlin a good friend passed a few years back from a brain tumour ,i will mention some names of the friends i new and over the years hung around with.Tony Greaves,Alan Greaves,Paul Tomlin,Johnny Wealthall,Pete Wealthall,Trevor Arie,David Arie,Ronnie Thomas,Mick Taylor, Kenny Hancox,Hewi Burns ,Nan Burns,Sandra Mabbot, Jeff Clarke,Pete Stanley,Kieth Stanley,Jacklin Stanle