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  1. Well Mr Shaw! I hope you didn’t fall for the pick and mix on your way in. There are some very simple rules when one goes to the pictures…. time your visits to matinee showings; eat a hearty meal before you go, drink plenty of fluid too so one doesn’t dehydrate within the 30 minutes of adverts before the feature starts and smuggle your sweet treats under ones hat. Rose.
  2. Rose here again, this sites getting interesting once more not had so much fun since 1Fb left and by the way where’s the bloke who came from Bestwood…flat cap driver I believe his user name was, I liked him. By the way rob the link is caput.. wouldn’t surprise me if it led to a porn site for frustrated airfix glue sniffers and dirty mac model railway anoraks. Rose.
  3. Even though I found your colourful rendition of the countryside of the Vale of Belvoir most delightful I thought it was a little presumptuous of your good self to presume not many people seem to appreciate the scenery about that part of the shires. And then to top your Blog off we hear your good self visited a Model Railway shop, the picture I conjure up in my minds eye of your good self leaves a lot to be desired. Trilby dirty Macintosh and brogues. Rose.
  4. I too follow Firbecks Robs and bips views, soory missed frank out that the stars perform for nowt, well, they take all year round don’t they? Had to turn off tonight just couldn’t stand the syrupy sickly smell of contempt for others……my monies on the four thirty at kempton… Rose.
  5. fantastic picture you must be joking the poor birds being cruelly held by the leg and the rest is out of focus get a life that’s wot I reckon and stop being malicious to our feathered friends. Rose.
  6. This time I’m not saying a thing but it’s happened again. Someone is taking the toilet paper from the down stairs loo. The first time it happened I thought nothing of it but when it happened again I reported the situation, besides it’s not nice to find that there’s no toilet paper when you need it the most. I have my suspicions who it might be but, who am I to say besides the last time I reported who I thought it might be I was verified to be mistaken. There are that many people walking through this place come night and day it’s hard to keep track of all visitors. Well that’s what I’ve be
  7. How sad Bip. When I Am Dead, My Dearest When I am dead, my dearest, Sing no sad songs for me; Plant thou no roses at my head, Nor shady cypress tree: Be the green grass above me With showers and dewdrops wet; And if thou wilt, remember, And if thou wilt, forget. I shall not see the shadows, I shall not feel the rain; I shall not hear the nightingale Sing on, as if in pain: And dreaming through the twilight That doth not rise nor set, Haply I may remember, And haply may forget. ~Christina Rossetti Rose
  8. Is romance in the air with Ann and Beefsteak? Just an old ladies observation. I say bring back the old crooners like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Kaye, Guy Lombardo, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Johnnie Ray, Eddy Fisher, Perry Como, Pat Boone, Johnny Mathis and Parrot Face Davis just to name a few, nearly forgot the ever immortal Doris Day. Rose.
  9. You can moan as much as you like Frank but you would be bad off without us, who else would you have to do your laundry,ironning,dusting, cooking,running the house old affairs, bring up you lovely daughter and to spend all your money for you? Rose
  10. Have you ever seen in your life a diver kiss his wife while the bubbles bounced above the water? Hello, Rose here again, hello too to our antipodean friends from down under. Been reading with great interest your replies especially those from you who are now living in pastures anew. Couldn’t help noticing a theme weaving it’s way through ever post you refer to, one of discontent, am I right? Hark at me I’m a poet and I don’t know it. Couldn’t say that about this county, it has always looked after me, that’s why I’m here now and not in an establishment for the mentally ill. Hasn’t the weathe
  11. They owt to grow more Roses out in Kenya maybe then the droppings could be put to good use. Rose
  12. 1-Eelblanket. 6-Levyton. 7-Underpass. 8-? Rose
  13. Hasn’t it been a nice day, makes a change from the past several. Once again the families are back on the beach and Antonio has stopped his moaning now that he’s selling ice cream by the gallon. Nice to see the donkeys back on the beach after their long absence, it’s always nice to here them coming along the road with the sound of their little bells tinkling around their necks, better than the racket from the church on campanology night, reminds me of the days we spent in a caravan next to their field one year, mum said ‘never again, I didn’t mind the noise though. Yesterday and Monday we
  14. More bloody than a Dracula film. Seems to me beef your a little annoyed with whats on the box or whats not. The Scotish Open starts tomorrow at 6-30am, got ten squid on Tiger winning. Rose
  15. That'll be nice a stop over for Coffee and mushy peas....don't forget the mint jelly. Rose
  16. Have a nice time john, lets hope you have enough wind for the blowing out of candles. Rose.
  17. Did you say open jar beef? And did you say you followed your mum’s recipe? I remember real mint sauce made by me dad god bless him. He grew it down at bottom of our yard in old stone sink. Whenever we had fish he would take a handful, wash it under tap while I pumped handle, chop it up finely with cut throat. Put it in class milk jug not forgetting to put milk back into stone bottle with equal parts water and vinegar got from corner shop. It was my job too to knock off several lumps of sugar from loaf and melt that in mixture by stirring vigorously. Now that’s Mint Sauce luv. Before you say
  18. Had to feel sorry for the donkeys today as they stood all forlorn in the poring rain. Never will understand why people would want to go on the beach in this terrible weather, there must have been at least five families braving the conditions. Rose
  19. That's interesting you weren't far from me. Rose
  20. Even though we like you have had some precipitation most of it has fallen in the sea so therefore had very little consequence on river or sea levels. I did notice one thing this morning while taking a pee, the level in the bottom trap was higher than normal would you think that would have been because of all the rain or could that be put down to global warming? Rose.