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  1. anyone remember this place it was mick o brians place always seemed to bring back guinness trucks loaded which guinness forgot to empty before they sold the wagons to mick lucky sod
  2. and also chris hill who had a daf 3300 his company was overland transport and he had a brother called keith who was also a driver but he died in a garage explosion in holland the daf in the photo was chris`s and the man was mine in iraq
  3. there was also a bloke from cotgrave or ruddington called ron mcnulty company was called danjak if i remember right he did europe and middle east same as us
  4. old truckers never die they just throw a rod
  5. yes it was bill kelly although everyone called him jock he was one of my dads oldest mates
  6. hi guys and gals just a line to say i thought i was the only one who remembers the old companies , many a time i was down jock kellys yard in bulwell with my old man who knew him well . my old man had his own company it started out as r & t transport through to hambleton haulage to its final a&h international ltd sadly no longer running we had contracts with players as i remember picking up from i vaguely remember no 3 factory and taking loads up to tillicoultry in scotland ,we also did subbie for rh freight to iraq before taking on contracts with a company called falcongate from walla