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  1. Thanks for the reply Beekay. I remember the D series 10 pallet very well badged as the 1615 if memory serves me right, my 1st wagon when I joined RHM back in 1977 with the chrome strip across the front of the cab, you never know our paths might have crossed at some point down the log. i used to know a driver back in the 70s who worked for Marshall’s in Bulwell called Tony, he used to do the Leicester area and apparently had a bit of a mishap one day and returned to base with the drivers door in the back of the wagon after opening it on to oncoming traffic after a visit to a pub after he h
  2. I can only remember them from the early 70s with there distinctive white cabs and body with black S P D lettering. you could spot them a mile away in the dark at the front of the queue and you would instantly think what time did they get out of bed! Lol.
  3. SPD I remember them well, white trucks with the black 3 letter logo, based at the bottom of Glaisdale drive. i used to work further up for Geo Dominic in the early 70s, next door to schwepp’s. Latter on I moved on to RHM foods at daybrook along with Reg Dawson & Nobby Smith, all within a few months of each other. if memory serves me right there used to be 2 brothers who worked for SPD and you used to have to get out of bed before you had got in if you wanted to be the 1st in the queue and get there before they did! Happy days, now retired and often reminisce about the winter
  4. Hi Chulla, is there any chance that your Dad was the chap that had a small lock up behind the back of the tyre fitters on Nuthall road next to the Red lion pub?
  5. Hi Dennis yes it's me M8, PM me and we can have a chat and do some catching up. Allan....... (Cookie)
  6. Bloody Hell Dennis, how are you chap?................. Cookie (Howitts)
  7. Geo Dominic, hailed from Glaisdale Drive, Bilbrough, general haulage doing a lot of work for Boots. They had a bonded warehouse underneath there premises on Glaisdale, where whisky etc was stored prior to delivery, they also had a London office. Run a mixed fleet of Bedford TKs & TMs, AEC Mercurys & Mandators, Albions, & at one point had there own HGV driving school with a guy caled Bill Walters as the instructor, who back in the early 70s got me through the test. Other names that spring to mind were : weasel, Bills brother, Ray Lloyd, Ron Wilson (transport manager) Nobby smith,
  8. 1, ring for the bus to stop, 2 rings, ok for the driver to move off, 3 rings = full bus. "Driver below please do not stamp feet" "Spitting strictly prohibited" "It is an offence to distract the drivers attention whilst the vehicle is in motion" "Please place uncollected fares in this box"
  9. Hi Paul both those names draw a blank with me unfortunately. A few years back I nipped up the Dale for a bit of a look around, and to be honest apart from a new block on the right as you walked up towards the top playground not much had changed. I used to see Ernest quite often out on the road with he's truck, he worked for a building supply company, and i also bumped into Martin Foody, unfortunately in Les than ideal circumstances at a family funeral. Allan.
  10. Not sure Paul, the name does not ring a bell with me , and as the years March on I remember less and less. I was known as "Cookie" Allan Cooke, one or two names I remember, Oliver Mgarry, James Ford, Marry Burns, Josophine Osulivan, Ernest Marteneze, Martin Foody, Martin Blake, Jan Nawkoski........ Most probably spelt them all wrong! Allan.
  11. Believe they used to be on the demolition side of transport using tippers. Worked there as an app sparky, a young girl across the road took a shine to me & my scoot and we went out together, but hey as they say that's another story.
  12. "Soft" could be very true, during my years at St Bernadette's we lived at Bulwell, I would catch a 43 or 44 trolley bus from the market place, leaving no latter than 7.40 to connect with a 3 or 59 in the square to take me up the dale,the last one leaving at 8.35 to get me there for 9am, after that I was late, and would find myself in detention, a relief when I left to have a shorter working week.............lol
  13. Did the reunion ever take place? I was there from 62 untill 66 when A P Higings was Headmaster, I can well remember Mr Hopkins the woodwork teacher, one of he's phrases " thumb one three boy " when holding a wood chisel, cough cough, or leaving school at lunch time to go to the chip shop on Carlton road and reciving six of the best from Adolph for not having permission to go out at lunch time! Could you imagine the outcry today.....lol
  14. I can always remember playing marbeles on the cobeled streets of Hyson Green as a youngster in the late 50s, a shout of "no notes" would go up, meaning no rules! Or me Dad would tell me to "ge or a bit now then", meaning to stop moaning, or whinging.