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  1. Most of the R.O.T flooding was on the bypass and a bit down Nottingham Rd. I don’t think any houses were affected. The worst round here was in Lowdham where 60 houses flooded when the Cocker Beck overflowed. Sadly most of the houses had been built on the flood plane and had been flooded previously. Planners don’t seem to have a clue.
  2. Fewer items are sent by mail these days. Increase the the price and it may be fewer still. Good thinking!
  3. Many years ago, on a business trip to Germany, I was inveigled to go to a night club where, much to my surprise, they had a live sex show! The place was full of dirty old men looking extremely furtive. The poor guy who did the act looked worn out and I don’t think he appreciated my shout of ‘encore’ at the completion of his performance!
  4. Yes, but they were both absolute dives! It was schoolboy curiosity, we were all in the 6th.form at the time.
  5. Plus it's designed to serve the enormous housing estate currently under construction on the old colliery site.
  6. We lads used to go in both just to see the ‘cabaret’!
  7. I hope that the Gedling tip and the slag heaps are fully compacted. We don’t want any nasty cracks in the buildings. Then there will be lots of run-off water to help flood the Trent valley. Roads are still closed near to us. Bleasby to Fiskerton Rd., Fiskerton to Rolleston Rd., Hoveringham riverside. The care home at Hazelford had to be evacuated by tractor as Boat Lane is about 3 feet deep and the electricity failed. I can even see a pond at the bottom of our field, but having lived round here for 58 years I’ve seen similar flooding before - long before climate change was blamed!
  8. Starts to the right of what was Carlton le Willows field and comes out on the Plains between Arnold Lane and the old coal yard.
  9. The problem is that Mapperley Plains is already heavily congested during the morning rush hour. The addition of the extra traffic from the new road will cause mayhem. The only good thing is it's no longer part of my morning commute!
  10. They've started at the bottom end as well. Let's just hope they meet in the middle!
  11. Wasn’t the camping shop ‘Black’s of Greenock’?
  12. The ‘Clinton Arms’ Ben. Not that I ever went in.
  13. I knew Pat Radford. He had a shop at the entrance of the Central Market. He was a friend of George Akins who I also knew.
  14. No Loppy. My only relatives living abroad are in Perth WA.
  15. It’s metal so definitely earth it.
  16. Just Googled Doug de Havilland, or to give him his full title - Douglas Grenville Rudyard de Havilland! He must have been a bon viveur, he was a director of Nottingham Burgundy Suppliers! I think it was actually a property management company with a grand name!
  17. That's right, it was Doug, although I believe he was related to the famous family. He helped me out with industrial electronics on a few occasions. He knew exactly what he was talking about and after a brief description of the problem he could rapidly come up with a solution. When his shop was at the top of Sherwood St. he was very popular with the electronic hobbyists from the High School.
  18. Must try that. Last time I was in there it was a Little Chef!
  19. There used to be another electronics shop at the top of North Sherwood St. It was run by a man with the rather splendid name of Geoffrey de Havilland. He subsequently moved to Radford Boulevard.
  20. Didn’t that used to be Bennett’s Garage? There was also a radio/electronics shop in that row. ‘Super Radio’?