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  1. Yes, that’s right. Geoff Sale spoilt the place when he tried, unsuccessfully, to turn it into an upmarket eatery. Our group moved back to the Waggon at Bleasby having nowhere else to go!
  2. Snails are usually smothered in a garlic sauce to disguise the taste but they are chewy. I find frog’s legs to be a bit like chicken and not wholly unpleasant. Basically the French will eat any bloody thing. Look around the supermarkets and you’ll see disgusting things like chicken gizzards. I’ve travelled a lot around Europe and still think Italian food is the best. The most disgusting was the Swedish fish which apparently they bury in the ground for months. When I pushed some of it to the side of my plate my host said “Ah, I see you are saving the best ‘till last”.
  3. I eat both when in France. Do as the Romans do and all that! Basically I'll eat anything except eggs. I was a weakly infant and my mother was told to give me raw eggs beaten up in milk by some old crone. Can't stomach either now!
  4. So the Old Sage of Malvern, who was standing right next to me, pointing out the sights was telling me a lie? Another illusion shattered.
  5. I bet you didn't eat them like you do now though.
  6. I’ve found this. All the French speak English - except when I’m in deep trouble when nobody does! I think out of courtesy to jonab we should try to conduct this form in French just for one week.
  7. I’m sure some of us need to practice our “O” level French.
  8. Ah Malvern. The home of my favourite car. I’ve been round the Morgan factory a few times, stayed at the Abbey Hotel and flown a kite from the top of the Malvern hills from where, allegedly, you can see Bulwell on a clear day!
  9. Steady on. Some people here will think you’re talking a lot of scallops!
  10. Giant clam shells I could accept as plates. Pour les grande coquilles St. Jacques peut etre?
  11. Unhygienically - I before e -sorry!
  12. Another of my pet hates again yesterday. Restaurants who don’t use plates. Admittedly it was in an uncivilised part of the country, North Lancashire, but I ordered a fresh crab salad as a starter and it came with the crab in its shell and the salad part on a plank of wood. Why in God’s name can’t they use a bloody plate like normal people. I see that a restaurant was fined recently for serving food unhygeinically on planks of wood. Please let’s have plates to eat off. I remember when pubs used to serve chicken in a basket but that soon fell out of favour. Perhaps soup in a basket killed that idea!
  13. I’ve lived in the area for over 55 years but have only been into the, now closed, Red Lion a very few times. It was not really a “drinker’s” pub; that was the Coach and Horses on the other side of the road. A select bunch of us used to meet there early doors for a few beers on the way from home from work, but that was over 20 years ago. Very sad to see it gone though as we had some good times there as we “wound down” after a day’s work. Our other option was The Waggon at Bleasby, which still exists, or the Star and Garter at Hazleford which is now a care home. As for later evening pubs it was The Moon at Morton or the Crown at Rolleston from where I was carried after my stag night; having to face my wedding the following day! The Crown is now an Indian Restaurant God help us! Now it’s just a Diet Coke at the Old Coach House in Southwell on a Monday night. Beer gives me gout!
  14. Just remembered that my passport has expired! Nowhere to hide now.
  15. Thanks. Who cares. I’m on my fourth glass and leaving the country tomorrow.
  16. Just sitting here at home with a glass of champagne celebrating my significant birthday. They can’t pin it on me!
  17. I've just read that the Midland Station fire is being treated as arson.
  18. It certainly was. I remember my father buying a Sunbeam Stiletto (an upmarket Hillman Imp coupe) for my mother from there. Terrible car to drive!
  19. I think that a charge to use public toilets is an absolute disgrace. Do you have to carry 20p’s with you on the offchance that your going to be taken short? When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go. I suppose they want to levy a fine for urinating in a public place. What’s happened to all the public toilets in Nottingham? Do the City Councillors and Network Rail have a secret bladder control technique which they are not communicating to the general public?
  20. At 40p I’d be tempted to set fire to the toilets to extract my revenge!
  21. Well that just about sums it all up. Nicola Sturgeon is not mentioned by name but I suppose “politicians” covers that!
  22. So we ask ourselves, as this is a recently refurbished structure, why were sprinklers not fitted? Every factory building for which I was responsible was fitted with sprinklers from new or retrofitted to older buildings. It keeps the insurance premiums down as well. The fire officer once told me that he had never attended a serous fire in a building fitted with sprinklers.
  23. I recollect someone on the forum discussing N gauge. I’ve just been in Albert St. Antiques in Newark and saw a collection of N gauge engines, about five I think, for £350. You’ll get at least 10% off. They were all in boxes. May be of interest to somebody here.
  24. I’ve just checked my birth certificate and discovered I was born in St. Ann’s Nursing Home, Herbert Rd. Carrington. No idea why there as my mother lived in Woodthorpe and my father was in the RAF.