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  1. Nottinghamshire countryside. My hay ready to be baled <iframe width="480" height="360" src=""></iframe>
  2. Fascinating - a very professional presentation!
  3. Looks like most of us would be inside!
  4. Although I'm not an admirer of tattoos, I rather liked the one that was allegedly drawn on the back of a master of foxhounds which showed the hunt in full cry with the fox going to earth I know not where!
  5. Perhaps it's an age thing? The older I get the more blithering idiots I meet. Many are the same age as me!
  6. I set fire to our last one - outdoors of course! It was quite spectacular.
  7. Sorry, gone to see if my mattress is still in date.
  8. You can"t even say that now!
  9. It's people like you (and me) that the mattress makers are targeting.
  10. Most of the people getting scammed would not understand grammar!
  11. What's your life expectancy?
  12. We have a clone from the original Bramley Apple tree in our orchard which has been producing fruit for over 20 years. It came from Merryweather's in Southwell. I understand the original clones were done by Nottingham University and are now widely available.
  13. All I know is it was named "Karlsruhe" after Nottingham's twin town in Germany.
  14. See my previous post of last August. No "E". "Gedling Area Youth" Club.
  15. I live over the river from Syerston. Mainly it's gliders but occasionally it's used for military training with Merlin and Chinook helicopters. Sometimes sounds of gunfire!
  16. They're brewing Shipstone's again at the Belvoir microbrewery at Old Dalby. I picked up a few bottles last year to see if it had the true taste of the Shippo's I remembered. It didn't evoke the happy memories I was expecting. Try it - it's a trip out to the Vale of Belvoir and they do brew a selection of other interesting beers.
  17. I watched that from my office window of our factory on Haydn Road. Very spectacular. Relived to know that we had a full sprinkler system. The only minor outbreak we had in a flammable solvents store was controlled instantaneously, well before the fire brigade arrived.
  18. C'est bien!
  19. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon?
  20. What was he put on this earth for? What is the reason for his existence?
  21. Yes, there's a lot of truth in the article, although no one I know behaves like that - or do they when they leave these shores? I go to Scotland and keep my head down.