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  1. By the time the trike arrives my foot should be better - and where would the sex doll sit?
  2. Last time I had a problem with a combi the registered fitter who installed it couldn’t sort the fault so I had to get the part myself. When I called him to say I’d sourced it he asked if I could fit it myself as I seemed to know more about it than he did! I did get him to sign it off just for peace of mind!
  3. I’ve just read on line that there is an unprecedented demand for them and that more heads are needed and are to be sourced from Wales. I foresee communication problems! This is what happens when I’ve got nothing to do other than sit around nursing my bad foot!
  4. Wouln’t want to end up looking like Ronnie Wood - although I’d feel safe walking down Tolney Lane in Newark Rog!
  5. Well I did play in a rock band many years ago and there was the occasional girl but I was always into pints of bitter until I discovered that it gave me gout! Perhaps I should get out more once the swelling in my foot has gone down!
  6. I’m just looking at a picture of the Rolling Stones in today’s Times business section. They’re all around my age. I thought I’d led an interesting and exciting life but I’m not half as gnarled and wizened as they are. What have I missed out on?
  7. Cars have always been my hobby - plus many others but usually to do with all things electrical or mechanical. My son’s inherited this trait and although he’s an academic lawyer he has a very well equipped engineering workshop at home. I know a few clever people in their particular professions who are highly talented in their other interests which are totally different from their day jobs.
  8. Yes, it would be nice to have another “toy” to play with. Even when I open the bonnet of my car and remove the engine covers there’s nothing I can do other than admire it. Gone are the days when you used to tune and balance the carburettors, check the timing and measure the points gap on the Sunday morning services! I suppose we have greater reliability now but sometimes I wish for a moderately unreliable car. I hope I don’t regret that last remark!
  9. It must be nice to have vehicle to work on and tune and add gadgets to. You can’t easily do that with modern cars without compromising the electronic control systems and giving the insurers something to argue about. With a bike like Rog’s, unless your’e doing something completely stupid like removing one of the braking systems you can do pretty much what you like. The last vehicles I could actually work on, tune and modify were a Morgan 4/4, a Morgan +8 and a Caterham 7 which I built from a factory kit. Happy days!
  10. Here in the Trent Valley moss in lawns is endemic. I spent much money over the years using moss killers and I’ve even got a petrol powered dethatcher. I now work on the principle that as long as it’s green I’m happy. Life’s too short to dethatch lawns!
  11. There was a young woman from Ely who started to get a bit feely She pinched a man's bum which she shouldn't have done She should have been locked up really!
  12. Not bad but I was looking for something slightly more risqué.
  13. A bit too deep for me. I’m more “There was a young woman from Ely who started to get a bit feely”. I’ll let some of the more professional poets on this forum finish it off.
  14. As long as my character isn’t subsequently assassinated, I’m too old to serve time!
  15. Would you give me an air kiss if I came to a meet up Margie?
  16. I suppose I could come as an observer. Not one for the kissy, kissy stuff myself.
  17. Does this behaviour go on at Nostalgia meet-ups or is it just the Mwah, Mwah kissing on both cheeks. Obviously just with members of opposite sexes. With this touchy feely stuff going on at the moment I’m sure it’s not all instigated by the men. As a naive 18 year old I took a girl from Bulwell on the Caterpillar at Goose Fair and didn’t realise what had hit me! Woodthorpe girls were much better behaved.
  18. Our Ernie. Mrs Entwhistles little lad.
  19. If it looks even remotely dodgy just bin it.
  20. Yes, you’d have to pedal to the depot to be craned out.
  21. I’ve heard of some pathetic reasons for trams not running but yours beats them all Rog.
  22. Bit pricey though. I thought that was for the whole car!
  23. Well the leaping greyhound was certainly a Delage mascot but the badge below certainly looks Ford and from Googling around I can see that Ford did have an almost identical mascot. So, yes, I retract the Delage idea and say Ford. Further investigation is ongoing!
  24. The Jaguar leaping cat came later. I think William Lyons copied their idea!
  25. My father’s co - director had a DS back in the late 50’s. I had the chance to drive it many times, not long after having passed my driving test! It was a very futuristic car at the time. I remember it came from “Siddons for Citroen’s” on Mansfield Rd. It had an air suspension which gave it the means of jacking itself up, which was rather impressive to watch. I’ve never owned a French car but did go round the Peugeot works at Coventry a couple of times and had the chance of thrashing their hot hatches around the country lanes. These were quite impressive. I even got “black flagged” for going too quickly round Donnington park in a Peugeot diesel on a driving day. Very proud of that! There’s lots of Peugeots around here as Harrison’s of Lowdham are the local dealers and I know the proprietors well but I could not be persuaded to buy one. They just don’t do it for me as neither do any of the other French cars. Clever engineering but quirky styling.