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  1. It was The Grapes which was on the rhs going towards Oxton. The Bramley Apple is on Easthorpe. The Bromley at Fiskerton was my regular pub when I first came to the area. That's where the Young Conservatives met. We were not political - it was just a place for the younger people to meet up and have some fun! My next regular venue was The Moon at Morton where we waited around for non locals to leave after drinking up time before bolting the doors and starting the serious business of the evening. The Waggon, Hazleford Ferry, The Crown at Rolleston and The Coach at Thurgarton were all popular venues over the years. As drinking and driving has become a no no, I don't patronise them at all now. Even the one within walking distance I don't use - although I can afford the prices I am not prepared to pay them! It's interesting, however, to see the number of cars there at "early doors". I often wonder if they're all on soft drinks!
  2. I think probably nothing exists and everything is within the mind.
  3. I've just been browsing and have discovered good evidence that the Earth is flat. Now I'm even more confused.
  4. I always thought Genesis was a bit of a fairy tale!
  5. We used to do the pub circuit of Southwell back in the 60's but that was generally for birthdays. Only halves though. They were, as I remember : The Grapes - now an antique shop The Lord Nelson - recently closed The Shoulder of Mutton - now a house The Reindeer - open The Crown - open The Saracen's Head - open The Admiral Rodney - open The Plough - open The Newcastle Arms - now The Starting Gate The George and Dragon - now the Bramley Apple The Hearty Good Fellow The White Lion - now the Old Coach House That was twelve ( now 9) in a relatively small town. Have I missed any?
  6. So you're sitting there with song list in front of you as well!
  7. Same age as me. Perhaps he couldn't get satisfaction?
  8. I see Mick Jagger's done it again. Was it his looks she couldn't resist?
  9. No, I worked with Ben junior at Hubbart Durose and Pain, Chartered Accountants. He's back in the UK now and lives in the Home Counties. I also knew Chick Wheelhouse quite well from when I used to stop for fuel on Mapperley Plains, then at Gorse Hill, where he had Lotus, on Lortas Road at Basford, where there was a large underground storage area and at his final place on Nuthall Road. I saw him a few years ago but now he's no longer with us.
  10. I do recollect driving it and, as you say, it was a very technologically advanced car. I knew Mr. Siddons and also his son, Ben, with whom I worked with when we were both training in the accountancy profession. We both qualified around 1969 and he went off to work in South Africa.
  11. My father briefly had a Citroen DS back in the 60"s. This had a very advanced system whereby the car could jack itself up. You put the jack into the appropriate slot by the wheel and extended it to reach the ground. You then switched on the engine, pulled a lever and the car, through its hydraulic suspension, would lift itself at the appropriate corner. Unfortunately this happened on a very hot day and the jack sank into the soft tarmac so we had to borrow a proper jack to lift it up. Never buy a French car!
  12. ......but have you got the nose for it?
  13. We used to keep chickens in Woodthorpe post war. I remember the annual killing ritual in December! Living in the country we've had a selection of horses and ponies and at one time we had five sheep. They were a nuisance to look after so we rapidly got rid! Just 4 cats now. Getting too old for more livestock so we just grow hay and make it when the sun shines - hopefully.
  14. We had one in our back garden at Park Road in Woodthorpe; an Anderson shelter. It was built into a steep rockery. Self and Father demolished it with sledge hammers and he sold the galvanised corrugated iron parts as there was a demand for them back in the 50's. I also remember one in the back garden of my grandparents on Greendale Rd. Sneinton Dale. When we moved out to near Southwell in the 60's there was no trace of one ever being there.
  15. We certainly had them at Mellish. They were at the rear of the school and built into an earth bank. They were a favourite haunt for the smokers (not me) back in the 50's/60's. I don't recollect any at Arno Vale primary though.
  16. When my father bought a Mini for my mother and me back in the 60's the heater was an extra! About £11 I think. We had one!
  17. For all the use suppositories are - you might as well just stick them up your backside!
  18. I don't know what it is about vinyl but it always seems to sound better!
  19. According to the last census there were less than a thousand Jews in Notts and I guess lots of those are not orthodox. Religion is not as popular as it used to be!
  20. No dancing at our champagne reception. Guests could barely stand!
  21. Just been on the "Nottingham Way Back When" site. Not especially enthralling.
  22. When I've met with people from ages past I find that I'm the only one who's has remained eternally young!