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  1. Paper or card grammage isn't usually a problem. The printer just needs to know the paper size and quality of print required and it handles the thickness itself. It's not a problem I've ever experienced in over 40 years of computer printers. I use a Canon but I have used Epson and HP in the past without problems.
  2. Do you want me to drive down? I have a slot in my diary in December.
  3. Read the ******* manual! Surely it came with instructions. If not they are online.
  4. Yes, I read that. Very embarrassing
  5. I bought myself a Lotus Elise for my 70th. Black though, so not flash. Had to go when I had to be helped of it. Very embarrassing at Cadwell Park race track of all places!
  6. I've just looked up 'men in red cars' and I feel ashamed to have been in that category. Silver's ok and my wife's is a tasteful black. Thank goodness I've come to my senses!
  7. My current car is silver. I'm starting to act my age now. No more pleasure for me.
  8. You just tell it in 'printer setup' in most printers.
  9. I always coveted an E Type but by the time I could get round to one it had evolved into the XJS and I was 40. It was a mechanical disaster over 3 years but it did look good in red with magnolia hide! I dipped into the Jag world again just over three years ago with an F Type. Again in bright red. That was returned to the dealership 8 times in three years and it only covered 12,000 miles. It was disposed of when the warranty expired. I did so want to own a British car but I must have reliability. .
  10. Still here. I thought I'd give it rest for a while!
  11. Sorry to see that the pews have gone. It looks like a theatre. Our village church has had a bar type counter installed for post service refreshments and now it looks like a fish and chip shop. If that's modern religion God help us!
  12. There's one at Hemswell Antiques at £135. Can be seen on line. Too expensive?
  13. I think we're all sitting around waiting for someone to say something controversial.
  14. I only do ride-ons. I would be there solely in an advisory capacity.
  15. That's right, it was. Like I said I've never been. I have frequented a few dodgy clubs in Paris though but I didn't realise they were dens of iniquity until I was inside.
  16. Is not that I haven’t got anything to do Barrie. With a few acres of agricultural land and garden it’s a problem to keep up with everything. At the end of the day there’s no financial return in it for me and that has been my lifelong motivation. What a sad life I’ve lived.
  17. Amber Vandella? I think she was at the Wilford Crescent venue - not that I went!
  18. Even though I’ve been retired for many years I still miss not going to work everyday. I loved the stress and the hassle and the problem solving. I’ve got plenty to do round here but I can just please myself when I do it. There’s no real motivation other than the pursuit of happiness and I’m not very good at that!
  19. I bought an electric bike a few weeks ago but because of my arthritis I can't get on it. All those who have ridden it say how great it is. When I've plucked up the courage to get my hip done I shall try it out. I do have a static exercise bike which I can mount but more than five minutes pedalling becomes incredibly boring.
  20. Only one leg. Will he put it up straight?
  21. A friend of mine in the next village once told me that if he balanced on a chair on his landing he could see the chap across the way having ‘relations’ with the woman next door on the top of the deep freezer!