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  1. Just had a personal display at 9.35 this morning. We live directly opposite RAF Syerston and when we heard the noise we rushed to the front door to see them wizzing over our poplar trees at low level. There was a low cloud base so they performed their low-level display which was spectacular. It seemed like it was just for us! I gather they are doing a round trip over Notts and Lincs including the City Centre. I think they’re returning to Syerston at around 12 noon for another show. Just what we need to bring a bit of excitement to our dull lives!
  2. Keep going up Sneinton Dale until you come to the Cardale Rd. roundabout. Beyond that, up the hill straight ahead is Bakersfield. Quite an Italian quarter I believe.
  3. What is there to go into the Vic centre for? You can buy most things online or at one of the ‘sheds’ surrounding the City without having to pay to park. I think the days of the big shopping malls are ending.
  4. I've seen worse in Bulwell Market!
  5. It's still there and can be seen on Google Earth street view from Trinity Square.
  6. I rarely went into the Broad Marsh Centre. I thought it was a bit shabby. I stopped using the Victoria Centre when the parking prices became silly. Since lock down I’ve discovered I can get all I want on line without having to visit these impersonal shopping malls. I’ll probably never go into Nottingham again. Not having a ‘bus service and having a long walk to the station, my only way into town is by car. Unfortunately the City Council have gone out of their way to discourage the motorist. .
  7. County Sales on Thurland St. was next door to Alex and Brenda’s Italian restaurant.
  8. I think Padley’s Motor Auctions occupied part of that site prior to GEM.
  9. Clifton was designated as a smokeless zone so only smokeless fuels could be burned.
  10. Outside toilets are a great convenience! We had to pull ours down when we enlarged the house but I do miss it!
  11. We weren’t on mains drainage in Bleasby in 1962. We had a septic tank. It functioned perfectly and never required pumping out. It wasn’t until the 80’s that mains drainage came to the village and we were the last house on the lane to get it. I think there was a nominal connection fee of £50. Being over 100 yards from the lane our hook up cost was extremely good value. All the properties further along the lane have septic tanks but I never hear of any problems. The tanks act as a mini sewerage works with water coming out of the drain and the sewage decomposing through bacteriological action. Mains gas came much later. Prior to that we had a Calor Gas tank and solid fuel before that. We never had to draw water from the well though!
  12. We had one when we lived in a semi in Woodthorpe in the 40's/50's. It was part of the house though, you just had to walk down the yard. We did have one when we moved to Bleasby in '62 but there was an indoor one as well. An outside one is handy if you're gardening!
  13. Lewes! I don't go that far on my holidays!
  14. You’ve got to come to Newark for a big Waitrose now. It’s our nearest large supermarket but it’s still a 20 mile round trip. I use it for fuel as you can pay at the pump. When I was filling up the mower petrol cans last week I noticed there was a 100 yard queue for the store. We can manage with our weekly Morrison’s delivery plus visits to nearby Fiskerton shop and Gonalston farm shop. Their local produced beef we had on Sunday was superb.
  15. I think Wollaton Waitrose is no more and is being replaced by a Lidl sometime in 2020.
  16. Fancy having to say you live on the Torvill and Dean estate. Makes you cringe!
  17. Frank Wignall used to have a petrol filling station on the Nottingham side of Burton Joyce. Footballers had to find a proper job after retirement back in those days!
  18. That's good. I'm pleased to see it in good use. When Jim Crane started on the refurbishment it had been vandalised and was a right mess.
  19. What’s the current position regarding the gate lodge at the Mansfield Rd. end of the Forest? Back in the 70’s/80’s a friend of mine who ran the building company, CR Crane and Co., did a complete refurbishment of the lodge which was in a poor state of repair. Has it been maintained and is it habitable? I’m never in that area so I’ve not seen it for many years.
  20. I went to the bottle bank at Thurgarton village hall yesterday as we had quite an accumulation of empties. As my wife doesn't drink alcohol I was rather ashamed at the number of bottles that went into the bin. I drink no more than two glasses a night with my dinner but it's amazing how the bottles build up! About time I ordered another dozen.
  21. The Wigfalls you mention was on the right going up towards Milton St. That didn't become a McDonalds. McD's was further up on the left hand side.
  22. I think butlers are very well paid. I know mine is!
  23. Those carrying on about historical slavery would do well to turn their attention to the modern version. Perhaps they wouldn’t want to pay twice as much for the clothes they wear. Perhaps they couldn’t afford to. I noticed recently that some of the bicycles on sale in Halfords were relatively inexpensive. Apparently they’re made in Cambodia. There are sweatshops in the Far East that help us to lead our affluent lifestyle. The anti slavery campaigners should concentrate on these. The problem is that giving these ‘slaves’ a decent wage would push up our own cost of living.
  24. There isn't a transport museum in Nottingham. There is an Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park.
  25. Spinning Wheel Classics at Chesterfield have a 1952 Riley RMF. for £22,750. Looks to be in superb condition. Not my sort of car but would appeal to the Riley enthusiast. Not sure about the price though!