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  1. Our new grandson is called Henry John William. Good proper names!
  2. My wife had a boy in her class called Russell Prout.
  3. That’s why you’re not wearing out your writing desk then.
  4. My wife told me she was talking to a lady in the village this morning who said that her grandson was going to be christened Isaac. No one seems to have realised that it doesn’t fit too well with the surname ‘Hunt’!
  5. I don’t think so BK. The MFI stores, as far as I remember, were at Victoria Retail Park and at the Abbey Bridge end of Castle Boulevard. I may be wrong!
  6. Let’s form a ‘Didn’t go to Berridge Society’!
  7. Knowing a smoothie like Ben she would probably have been French/Polish!
  8. You met the the only girl in Mansfield who could spell!
  9. I always check prices online before I buy from Amazon. I've just bought an item from John Lewis which was £40 cheaper than Amazon. Most of my Amazon purchases are small items where I save on fuel by not driving to the shops.
  10. I met the Bishop of Southwell once at Fiskerton tip!
  11. Since I’ve been using Amazon and the rest I doubt I’ll ever go into a shop again. I suppose from where we live, going to any serious shop means at least a 20 mile round trip. Even the closest garden centre is an 8 mile trip. I’d never done a great deal of online shopping before the lockdowns but, apart from our visits to the excellent Gonalston Farm Shop, everything is delivered to our door or parcel box.
  12. At least, in this country, we are free to express our opinions, favourable or otherwise, about the Royals. Libel and slander excepted.
  13. Someone actually lives in that double decker, so I’m told!
  14. Probably the same chap that puts the toothpaste on his brush and irons his shoelaces.
  15. There are some estate agent photos if you browse online.
  16. Best of luck with that Hannah. That looks like an interesting and ambitious project.
  17. Exactly. When the present Queen ends her reign Charles and Camilla are going to be a hoot!
  18. The only problem is that if we manage to dispose of the ‘Royals’, who would have in their place. I can’t think of present or recent prime ministers who would be presidential material and looking around the world the presidents are either dictators or low grade popularists. The previous American one was a prime example. My choice would be to keep the present Royals for their entertainment value if nothing else.
  19. We’ve got Sir Edward and Lady Nall at Hoveringham and Sir John and Lady Starkey at Southwell but these are hereditary titles bestowed on their forbears. It seems a bit pretentious to me that they use these unearned ‘honours’.
  20. I know round here of at least two baronetcies where the husband is called ‘Sir’ and the wife is called ‘Lady’. These are inherited titles and go back a few generations. I suppose it impresses some people and probably gets them the best table in a restaurant but it’s all a bit of a sham really.
  21. .......only if you know the difference between a stoat and a weasel.
  22. I’m quite close actually BK. My old co-director’s cousin married Lady Di’s cousin. These are the circles I move in!
  23. Published figures show that the Royal Family costs us just £1.24 per head. Much less than the a TV licence. So little for so much amusement!