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  1. There were only a few free scholarships but there was and still is a very stiff entrance examination to pass. You had to be ultra clever to get in - money alone could not buy a place. My first girlfriend was a High School girl and her father was a headmaster of a secondary school!
  2. Not at all FLY2. I'm past taking offence at anything but I do feel I have to stand up for the old alma mater! Living in Woodthorpe I had a choice of Mellish, West Bridgford or the new Carlton le Willows. The High School was an option but you had to have top 11+ marks to get a scholarship. It was only a 10 minute walk from home to Daybrook Station and a 4 minute train journey to Basford North so it was the obvious choice. Yes, it was a bit art dec with some Georgian thrown in - quite an impressive edifice. Only in the sixth form could you enter through the hallowed front portal.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by the design. I thought it was a rather attractive building which was well laid out for its purpose. I attended the closing "ceremony" some years ago and met up with many old school friends. We were all saddened to see how it had fallen into decay. It's was even sadder to see the demolition of the place where I spent many happy years. I had to spend a lot of money to send my two to the Nottingham High Schools to get an equivalent education.
  4. I dispute the "run of the mill". It was a first rate grammar school in its day with high academic achievement. Many of my year became lawyers, accountants, doctors, pharmacists, university professors and business leaders and I am still in touch with some of them. It was only in the later years, after becoming a comprehensive, that it went down the pan and eventually into "special measures". A sad end to a wonderful school.
  5. My understanding of "Dannimac" was after the coats of similar name! Didn't he used to live on Linden Grove opposite Carlton le Willows and attend Lowdham Methodist Church along with "Shad" Adams, the English master?
  6. I remember him well as I took Physics at A level. He was the senior science master. A very kind man. I had a lot of respect for him. He was was a strong Methodist and ran the Christian Union at the school although that was not an organisation I subscribed to!
  7. Who was her dad? Might have taught there when I attended.
  8. The NHS is run for the convenience of its staff, not its customers
  9. So John Bishop is a comedian. I learn something new everyday!
  10. I remember Colwick cheese as being disgusting. People used to make it an old sock and hang it from their washing line!
  11. The one I would like to have again was the Morgan +8 which I had back in the 80's. This was the V8 Rover engined one. Metallic silver with red leather. I got a bit car broody recently and had a drive in a newer one but decided it was a bit primitive by modern standards. OK for nice days but not practical for year round motoring. There's my son's 1972 MG and a 1953 Ferguson tractor taking up garage space. Perhaps I should have a sort out!
  12. Yes, I remember that well. One of my school friends was in the St. John's at the time and he told us about collecting up the body parts.
  13. No, it seemed a bit stretched out but not as far as Newark. I thought it would have been more over the centreline of the runway but they kept coming from all directions. I've seen better displays from them but that was in the 80's. Perhaps more safety conscious now.
  14. Just got a message on the village website this am. I think it might have been a friends and families affair. The people of Bleasby, Fiskerton, Thurgarton and Hoveringham must have got a bit of a surprise! Cracking "private" display!
  15. Just got a message to say the Red Arrows are displaying over Syerston today, Aug 24, at 4pm. Getting the deckchairs out for a ringside seat!
  16. I can find my way round the new site without much difficulty but the problem is that now we are in the 21st. century any revisions and updates to computer systems should make things better than the previous version and should cause praise - not adverse criticism. The aim should be to delight the user and to attract more of them. As I keep saying - "user friendly".
  17. "Old School" is acceptable. Not seen the other version colour since I last changed a nappy!
  18. The new layout is dreadful and is obviously causing confusion. Although in my seventies I am not computer illiterate having worked with them and implemented systems since the early sixties. Systems have got to be user friendly and this one is not.
  19. Apsley Grammar was in Hertfordshire so it would have been near Hemel Hempstead.
  20. I don't like. Not as user friendly as before.