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  1. I do remember the walkway and I've dined in an upstairs restaurant there but I need a photograph to jog my memory some more.
  2. You’re right it is closed.
  3. It's still there and now called the Pulman. It was a conversion of the old railway station building.
  4. Someday your plinth will come.
  5. Well according to a Berni menu I’ve just found, in decimal coinage a small glass was 12p and a schooner was 18p so that wouldn’t tie in with the volumes you quote. Just being pedantic!
  6. From which UK authority are you quoting?
  7. Yes, I gather a schooner might be two clippers but nowhere can I find a volumetric definition of either. It’s purely an academic question now as I’m unlikely to drink from either but I really would like to know.
  8. How about ‘Bullshit’?
  9. I’ve not drunk a glass of sherry in years. I can’t imagine on what occasion one would drink it. Is it no longer a fashionable drink? I can’t imagine me walking into my local and ordering a glass of sherry.
  10. Well of course that was Yates’s and you never knew what their brews consisted of! I’ve searched around and unlike Australia, where a schooner is a specific measurement, I’m unable to find a definitive ‘weights and measures’ definition of a British schooner. I only ever went in Yates’s once; there had just been a fight and the whole place had the aura of a Wild West saloon!
  11. Our first ‘phone number when we lived in Woodthorpe was 262824. It was only one digit different from the nearby Home Brewery’s number. We had many misdialled calls asking ‘is that the Home Brewery’ and I always took pleasure in answering ‘I wish it was!’
  12. That looks about right. Not in the finest Waterford Crystal at a Berni though!
  13. I don’t think there was any specification for the size of a sherry schooner in those days. It wasn’t a enormous glass, probably less than two standard glasses. Not enough to get silly on!
  14. Hottest night ever in northern Scotland according to forecasts. Around 16C!
  15. Always had a ‘schooner’ myself. I’m not a sherry drinker but in Berni I had one just because I could. Oh how I miss those romantic Berni meals!
  16. She was a friend of Susan Postelthwaite (sp), and Jackie Hill. Her brother, Michael, was a journalist on the Evening Post and The Daily Express. ‘Inspector Watts Investigates’.
  17. Yes he was He left for Mellish in the same year as I did. He's married to Monica Watts who was also in our year.
  18. I remember seeing vans descend on that lift. My old firm occupied all three higher floors in the adjoining block facing both onto Cheapside and High St.
  19. Go to Cheapside on Google Earth and look towards the Council House buildings. There is the green doorway to the lift next door to Angel House. I worked in that building in the 60’s when it was occupied by Hubbart, Durose and Pain the accountants.
  20. I used to go to school with Trevor and Roger Hursthouse. Roger became an accountant and Trevor left in the fifth form at Mellish to join the family electrical firm.
  21. I think you mean Goodmarriot and Hursthouse!
  22. ......and greetings to you BK. A few more days and all will be back to normal!
  23. Sitting here in a hideous sweater and wearing a stupid fit-bit activity watch for fear of causing offence if I bin them. Perhaps in a week I can confine them to the skip.
  24. It's the butler and the valet I miss the most.