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  1. I bought an electric bike a few weeks ago but because of my arthritis I can't get on it. All those who have ridden it say how great it is. When I've plucked up the courage to get my hip done I shall try it out. I do have a static exercise bike which I can mount but more than five minutes pedalling becomes incredibly boring.
  2. Only one leg. Will he put it up straight?
  3. A friend of mine in the next village once told me that if he balanced on a chair on his landing he could see the chap across the way having ‘relations’ with the woman next door on the top of the deep freezer!
  4. Not a problem Trogg. The offer’s there if you need me. You have my sympathy. Phil
  5. If you're still having problems Trogg I can come over to help. I still cut a lot of grass and over the last 60 years have used many powered mowers.
  6. It looks like the speed is controlled by how far you push the bottom bar. Ease it back and it slows down.
  7. The specification of the mower says "adjustable speed". This is normally controlled from cross bars on the handle and not a throttle lever. I think something must be set up wrongly. I don't mean to be rude when I say "have you read the manual?"
  8. This type of fixed engine speed mower isn’t uncommon. Whilst most of my mowing is done with a lawn tractor I do have a walk behind Toro with a constant speed engine. It senses your walking speed and the traction speeds up and slows down accordingly. I think something must be at fault; you shouldn’t have to run behind a motor mower.
  9. I don't do the medication bit Margie. That's why they all love me!
  10. I was bitten by my mother's miniature poodle. I had to drive myself to casualty to have stitches put in. I much prefer cats. I've never been attacked by a cat!
  11. Do you know which song was on the flip side?
  12. Two weeks in Skeggy! Is it community service?
  13. Not coffee but chocolates. Did you know that Thorntons is owned by Ferrero Rocher? You probably did!
  14. Two drops in tea, coffee black. Very little milk used at all.
  15. Was she still smiling after she had a pint of Guinness and a raw sausage cob?
  16. You’ve missed out on the two best bits!
  17. On "This Morning" today. Two 95 year old twin ladies give the secret of longevity. No sex, lots of Guinness and raw sausage sandwiches. An example to us all.
  18. I have now found BON but there was also the Dividend Coffee Essence if you search for it. OK. Keep your prize!