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  1. I met the Bishop of Southwell once at Fiskerton tip!
  2. Since I’ve been using Amazon and the rest I doubt I’ll ever go into a shop again. I suppose from where we live, going to any serious shop means at least a 20 mile round trip. Even the closest garden centre is an 8 mile trip. I’d never done a great deal of online shopping before the lockdowns but, apart from our visits to the excellent Gonalston Farm Shop, everything is delivered to our door or parcel box.
  3. At least, in this country, we are free to express our opinions, favourable or otherwise, about the Royals. Libel and slander excepted.
  4. Someone actually lives in that double decker, so I’m told!
  5. Probably the same chap that puts the toothpaste on his brush and irons his shoelaces.
  6. There are some estate agent photos if you browse online.
  7. Best of luck with that Hannah. That looks like an interesting and ambitious project.
  8. Exactly. When the present Queen ends her reign Charles and Camilla are going to be a hoot!
  9. The only problem is that if we manage to dispose of the ‘Royals’, who would have in their place. I can’t think of present or recent prime ministers who would be presidential material and looking around the world the presidents are either dictators or low grade popularists. The previous American one was a prime example. My choice would be to keep the present Royals for their entertainment value if nothing else.
  10. We’ve got Sir Edward and Lady Nall at Hoveringham and Sir John and Lady Starkey at Southwell but these are hereditary titles bestowed on their forbears. It seems a bit pretentious to me that they use these unearned ‘honours’.
  11. I know round here of at least two baronetcies where the husband is called ‘Sir’ and the wife is called ‘Lady’. These are inherited titles and go back a few generations. I suppose it impresses some people and probably gets them the best table in a restaurant but it’s all a bit of a sham really.
  12. .......only if you know the difference between a stoat and a weasel.
  13. I’m quite close actually BK. My old co-director’s cousin married Lady Di’s cousin. These are the circles I move in!
  14. Published figures show that the Royal Family costs us just £1.24 per head. Much less than the a TV licence. So little for so much amusement!
  15. One is born into it but, like Harry and Megan one could opt out. Why put oneself on the job market though when one’s already on the gravy train? It’s a cushy number where one has to go round opening a few things to demonstrate one’s relevance but then one can go back to one of one’s many palatial houses and play with one’s horses.
  16. There are a few ‘royalists’, a few anti monarchists, and the many who look upon the royals as an amusing sideshow, akin to a soap opera. Parading in their Ruritanian uniforms with their mainly unearned decorations. It’s all rather quaint and unworldly. If Harry and his wife don’t want to opt in to the charade that’s up to them, as long as we’re not supporting them financially. I think their antics just add to the entertainment that this overprivileged family bring to us.
  17. That’s been my local market town for sixty years and I’ve never thought of that before!
  18. Well just to level things up, my wife and I both had our first Pfizer jab, a week apart at Newark showground. Neither of us had any reaction whatsoever.
  19. My neighbour, down the lane, is a qualified steam engine driver. He mainly works on the Great Central Line at Loughborough but he sometimes goes down to drive on the Bluebell Railway. He’s been doing it for years, I was at Mellish with him but he’s three years older than me. He needs to pass a medical to drive but that’s similar to the one for an HGV. His claim to fame, years ago, was as lead guitar with the Beatmen. Obviously he’s not driving under the present circumstances.
  20. Bulwell wasn't it? Hoewood Rd. area.
  21. We had an alleged outbreak of ringworm in our class at Mellish. A nurse came along and examined us and said we all had it. We were advised to visit our doctor that evening. In every case, bar one, we were confirmed not to be infected. The poor chap who had it had to spend some weeks at home and all his hair was shaved off. For some weeks we were avoided like lepers by the other classes.
  22. I recollect, that for a fee, you could hire a hostess at the Parkside to join you at your table.
  23. The Parkside Club, owned by George Akins. There was gaming, cabaret and dining. It closed when he opened the Victoria Club on Victoria Street. This had gaming and a first class restaurant but no cabaret.
  24. I quite fancy another Caterham 7. I built one from a kit about 25 years ago. My only problem is could I still get in and out of one? There are no doors. I sold my Lotus Elise because of access difficulties. Now my hip's done and I'm flexible again I might give one a try. Really, at my age, I should be past wanting to play with interesting cars!