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  1. We had an alleged outbreak of ringworm in our class at Mellish. A nurse came along and examined us and said we all had it. We were advised to visit our doctor that evening. In every case, bar one, we were confirmed not to be infected. The poor chap who had it had to spend some weeks at home and all his hair was shaved off. For some weeks we were avoided like lepers by the other classes.
  2. I recollect, that for a fee, you could hire a hostess at the Parkside to join you at your table.
  3. The Parkside Club, owned by George Akins. There was gaming, cabaret and dining. It closed when he opened the Victoria Club on Victoria Street. This had gaming and a first class restaurant but no cabaret.
  4. I quite fancy another Caterham 7. I built one from a kit about 25 years ago. My only problem is could I still get in and out of one? There are no doors. I sold my Lotus Elise because of access difficulties. Now my hip's done and I'm flexible again I might give one a try. Really, at my age, I should be past wanting to play with interesting cars!
  5. I did have an F Type a few years ago. In three years and 12000 miles it went back to the dealership eight times with problems. It was going to be a keeper but I got rid as soon as the warranty expired. I was very disappointed.
  6. I nearly bought an E Type 20 years ago for £11,000. Just the colour, duck egg blue, that put me off.
  7. Maybe dementia. Like you say we’ll never know.
  8. Strangely enough, as an accountant, I never got involved in the implementation of decimalisation. The company I worked for at the time, part of the Phillips Electrical Group, didn’t deal in trivialities like shillings and pence and all their accounting was done in ‘round pounds’.
  9. It seems odd that a couple from Lowdham we’re heading in that direction, away from their own village, where they would have had to pass over a flooded road in Caythorpe prior to hitting the floods in Hoveringham and ignoring the road closed signs.
  10. I had a Marina. A 1.8 TC. It was rubbish then and its still rubbish. Who in God's name would want to buy one. I can see the appeal of old sports cars and even old Jags and the like, but run of the mill hacks - no way!
  11. It’s very unlikely that they drove into the river by pure accident. There was further flooding over the road at Caythorpe which they would first have passed through and it was clearly signed ‘road closed’. To even attempt to traverse the road on the Hoveringham riverside was grossly foolhardy. It was broad daylight. I saw the river that day. It was fast and furious. A car will float in about ten inches of water. Apparently there were no witnesses to the car going into the river. The couple in the old Elm Tree pub, who saw the car car floating past, called 999. The police will forensically exam
  12. There’s a website called ‘How Many Left’. Enter the make and model of the car and all will be revealed.
  13. Strange to say but the older Ford models are becoming quite collectible by enthusiasts. True classics like E Types and big Healeys have gone through the roof on prices. An E Type convertible can command around £150,000 and the coupes £100,000. There must be some money around. Have a look at the prices of cars on Sherwood Restoration’s in Southwell website. You’ll see my old Lotus but the mileage is understated by 2000.
  14. Jack of all trades me BK, but master of none!
  15. Thanks Margie. That confirms my tonsorial expertise!
  16. I'm always happy Mary. Just had a large Scotch and I'm even happier!
  17. Having cut my own hair for the last year and having not been mocked on my public appearances, I doubt I will ever go to the barber's again. Perhaps my acquaintances are just too polite and go away and laugh in private!
  18. I always look on ‘We Buy Any Car’. That gives a ball park figure. They will either meet it or beat it.
  19. Or do what I do on mine BK. Just grab a handful of the long stuff, twist it round and chop it off. I’m quite pleased with the results but I must confess I do wear a cap when I go out!
  20. Doesn’t happen with cars very often though. The Lotus Elise and Exige are going out of production this year and they are becoming very collectible. Would you really want to drive on today’s roads without power steering, power brakes, ABS, electric windows, automatic transmission and all the other gadgets on modern cars? People do collect specialist cars though. You just need the cash and the space. There is a 1972 MG Midget in the back of the garage which I’ve fully restored mechanically. It belongs to my son and he doesn’t want to sell it. It’s worth three times what I paid for it second hand
  21. Usually when you buy a car you take a big hit with depreciation when you sell it. Not so with the 2002 Lotus Elise 111S which I bought at only 5,000 miles in 2012 for £14,000. I sold it back to the dealers, Sherwood Restorations, in 2015 for the same price which I paid. They resold it and I now see it’s back on the market with them at 9,000 miles for £23,995! Perhaps I should have kept it!
  22. I think that's why they took the bodies to the far bank. It's not easily accessible to the public. I presume we'll know the names once formally identified. Might be a bit messy after two weeks underwater though.
  23. The police divers have, this morning around 10.30, recovered bodies of a man and a woman from the car in the Trent. The car is yet to be recovered. No names have been released. The bodies were taken to the far side of the river, presumably away from potential onlookers, and driven away.