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  1. Might become a Mosque like the Watson Fothergill chapel at the bottom of Woodborough Rd.
  2. Have a look at the catalogue for the Mapperley church. It would be sad to see it broken up for Mammon.
  3. It is being sold VAT free. I though about starting one of those dodgy churches where the congregation gives you a tenth of their earnings. Some of those American pastors seem to do very nicely out of it. Not very Christian I appreciate but what the hell!
  4. There’s a catalogue you can download. I think it comes with all the pews. There’s two floors so you could get a lot of students in there if you space out the beds about three feet apart.
  5. No, it was a true grammar. They built a tech. on the adjoining site.
  6. They won't even let me sit on the lions!
  7. I still use the Old Fosse if I’m going to the S/W even today. I don’t pick up a motorway until I reach the M4. It was handy to visit my cousin who kept the Red Lion in Stowe and also to visit our son when he was working at the Royal Ag. in Cirencester. It’s a good driver’s road with loads of overtaking stretches if you want to get a move on.
  8. I’m looking over the Trent valley to the north west and the blue skies that DJ alluded to are on their way. That was a frontal system par excellence! It’s just over Peterborough if Margie is waiting.
  9. That’s two plaques to be screwed on then. Honoured to be in such distinguished company! Perhaps we should form a consortium to buy it. What to do with it though? Can’t make much money out of a church.
  10. Must go and screw one on before it’s demolished. It may be grade 2 listed though. I know I am.
  11. Looking at the radar I don’t think another, like the one that’s just passed, is imminent but there is a modest one to the N/W approaching you.
  12. Quick. Have a look on ‘Weather Radar’ and those in Notts can see the system that’s just passed through. Nothing like that to follow fortunately.
  13. I was christened in that church in 1943. Never been in since though!
  14. Councils always seem to attract the incompetent. I suppose the competent are too busy running their own businesses to spare the time.
  15. Spectacular but what a waste of money. Is the Council run by a bunch of blithering idiots?
  16. Even in Italy, which I visited regularly on business, did I meet a fellow Latin speaker!
  17. I had the option to drop Latin when we split in arts and science groups from the fourth to the sixth forms so I went for science. If I’d gone for arts I might have become a lawyer or an accountant! I only took up engineering in the last 25 years of employment.
  18. I have a pending hip transplant now that they've found a donor and then no driving for six weeks. All my public performances have been put on hold.
  19. Invite her to the next meet up to see her in the flesh. Please don’t misconstrue that sentence!
  20. That's right. I remembered all the words but not necessarily in the right order.
  21. Civis Romanus and The Shorter Latin Primer were our standard textbooks. Remember nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative and vocative. It's all coming back to me now!
  22. We had to study Latin at school. Apparently you needed Latin to get into Oxford or Cambridge or for medical degrees. Prescriptions used to be written in an abbreviated Latin form. I find it useful for translating ancient tombstones and solving crosswords. Otherwise it's totally useless. We would say 'Latin is a language as dead as dead can be. It killed the ancient Romans and now it's killing me!
  23. They usually wear a striped jersey and carry a bag marked ‘swag’.