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  1. Easy, peasy. Brooke Bond Dividend Coffee Essence. What’s the prize by the way?
  2. Took a bit of finding but it was Bushells, which I don’t remember.
  3. I used to like Camp coffee when I was about 8. My aunt used to put a drop of whisky in it!
  4. I never used to like the taste of instant coffee compared with the real stuff. I'm sure it's been much improved over the years and I've probably been given it without knowing. Do people still make proper leaf tea and pour it through a strainer?
  5. Massimo is sort of 'instant coffee' though isn't it? I spent a few hundred quid on my espresso machine and I don't feel inclined to buy another gadget. I can't even persuade my son to take my coffee machine and he's got more gizmos than me! Give me the simple life!
  6. For years I’ve been drinking ‘proper’ coffee, grinding the beans and brewing it in a cafetière in the traditional manner. Recently, after having seen a commercial on TV, I tried Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee bags. It’s proper roast coffee in a bag, hermetically sealed in foil. I must admit it does taste genuine and it cuts out all the faff and disposal of the grounds down the sink. I like the ‘Rich Italian’ strength 4. I think I’m going to drag myself into the 21st. Century! I do have a fancy espresso machine but it sits on the shelf with all the other gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time!
  7. They have pedal bins so why not pedal laundry baskets?
  8. I must have travelled along it most days for twenty five years and often wondered about the origin of the name.
  9. Graham’s still with us but getting a bit frail. He’s living in a five star care home in Harrogate (as Graham would!) Beside cycles he was big into buy to let. A mutual friend went up to see him last week and he’s doing OK.
  10. My old friend at Netherfield, Graham Read (‘The Cycle King’), was always very busy selling bikes right up to Christmas Eve. As soon as the shop closed he was off with the family to a five star hotel in Harrogate for the holidays.
  11. I remember speaking to one of our Jewish accountancy clients many years ago saying ‘I don’t suppose you bother about celebrating Christmas?’ ‘Oh yes we do’ he said. I wouldn’t want to disappoint the children!’
  12. My cousin, Brian Burton, lived at 50, Norton St. when he got married. That would be in the 50’s. I also remember Wyche and Coppock, the dinghy builders at Norton St. Mills. I saw one of their boats, a National 12, in Albert St. Antiques, Newark, last week. It looked like new and I was very tempted!
  13. Our accountants, Blythens, used to be at the top end of Gregory Boulevard before they moved over to larger premises on Haydn Rd. opposite the Meridian factory. They were just up the road from HATRA, the Hosiery and Allied Trades Research Association. Those premises were taken on by Kirk, Cree and Jepson, latterly Page Kirk, the chartered accountants. Ken Kirk, the senior partner, now consultant, used to be my old boss at Hubbart Durose and Pain on Park Row. His professional partner, Ann Jepson, now dead, lived at Hoveringham and was secretary of the South Notts Hunt and this role was taken over by my neighbour, Jane Brazier, wife of Bill Brazier, formerly of the Fabulous Beatmen. I seem to know everybody!
  14. I didn’t start using Parrs until around 1977, maybe later, so you would have left by then. The George Hemsley I mentioned was a director of Smith Dennis before he joined PCS.
  15. It was at the Canal St. premises that I first got to know them. Ken Woods came to visit me with a sales pitch and I used Parrs for all our accounts processing including payroll. Later Ken and Rod Bishop set up their own Apple agency, one of the first in the UK and we moved over to Apple computers using their programs. Their firm, KRCS, still exists to this day and I was there with my daughter last week getting her iPhone fixed. Ken is still the MD.
  16. 'Streetwise' ! I think the country lasses were well acquainted with the birds and the bees!
  17. He was a director along with Ken Woods and Ron Calvert.
  18. Also, funnily enough, the Newark Conservative candidate in those days was Peter Jenkins Jones, the Nottingham solicitor, who lived next door, on Hazel Grove, to George Hemsley who I believe you knew at Parr Computer Services.
  19. Our members were from a wide range of occupations and not all were Conservative voters. I do remember the car treasure hunts, usually in the wilds of Lincolnshire, a trip to the police HQ at Epperstone, a visit to the AA headquarters on Derby Rd and a trip round the caves of Nottingham. These were organised by the secretary who is now my wife so it was a marriage bureau as well! To say it's only a few miles away, and I pass it regularly, I have never been in the Cross Keys in all of my 57 years in the Trent Valley. I do remember driving past there some mornings and seeing the blood from the abattoir running down the village gutter!
  20. Yes, it was just a ‘youth club’ for the older ones. You had to make your own fun living out in the sticks but we had lots of it!