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  1. Quite possibly. There used to be 3 in Bleasby pre war. The Fisherman's Rest, which is now a private house, The Star and Garter which is now a care home and the Waggon and Horses which still exists as a pub.That was a temperance house many years ago when the temperance movement was active in this country. I imagine the population, 800 now, was considerably less pre war.
  2. Even the church bells only gave a feeble tinkle. They're not proper clanging bells, just something that the Victorians put in for a wedding. They can be played single handedly from ground level. Overall not a day to remember. All sorts of exciting entertainment, including a street party had been organised but sadly it was not to be.
  3. Well after all the fuss and TV crews this morning Bleasby got a rather pathetic presentation on the news. Hardly worth the effort. We have got around 100 scarecrows now on the Bleasby Facebook page. Just awaiting the ringing of the church bells at 7pm. There is still champagne in the fridge!
  4. I think the Plough on the dock basin is the only pub remaining. There used to be The Navigator, The Wheel and The Old Bowling Green. How did such a small village support all those pubs?
  5. Anne Davies still presents on East Midlands Today news.
  6. I think East Midland’s News is generally after the national news at around 6.30pm. My wife said there were loads of ‘media’ types around with cameras but I guess it will probably last for all of thirty seconds! There’s already been a wreath laying ceremony at the aircrew memorial then we’ve got to raise a glass at 3pm from the safety of our gardens. The church bells are due to be rung at 7pm. They’ve not been rung for years so I hope they don’t drop off their mountings and flatten the ringers!
  7. Many years ago there used to be a restaurant in a farmhouse at Hickling Basin. It was run by the Faulks family who did plant hire and still operate from there.You had to be ‘in the know’ to get a reservation. The aperitif was taken in the Plough opposite and then you trouped off to the farmhouse kitchen for a magnificent spread. You supplied your own wine. There was a similar setup at The Thatch at Rempstone. Once again you had to know the ‘right people’ to get a reservation. A friend of ours was one of these connected people so we dined at both places on a few occasions. This was back in the 80’s so probably not there anymore. I’ve just checked and see that ‘The Thatch’ is currently for sale. A very picturesque cottage.
  8. Watch your TV news tonight. We’ve got East Midlands TV News filming in the village at the moment. We must have more than 80 scarecrows now and the maypole dancers have just been completed but not yet on our Facebook page. Some people have gone to a lot of trouble but we can’t have any visitors in the flesh to view their efforts.
  9. £1.047 at Waitrose Newark - but a much better class of customer! Their diesel was £1.097 when I filled my wife's car a couple of days ago. Harrison's at Lowdham nearby have totally shut down as had M&S at Southwell this morning.
  10. I did see my first person wearing a mask today. Standing outside the farm shop in open countryside. Perhaps he’s going to steal the takings!
  11. Well I’ve had my second trip of the lock down today. To Lowdham to collect a prescription. That was legitimate. Next to Gonalston farm shop for provisions but there was an enormous queue so we moved on to Southwell to get cans of petrol for grass cutting. Is cutting grass allowable? The filling station was closed so that meant a trip to Newark Waitrose where the queue for the store was about 300 yards long but no wait for fuel. Then Fiskerton shop on the way back for provisions. No problems there, shop was empty and well stocked. All together a trip of 27 miles but it gave my car a much needed blow out. Whether the trip was bona fide I don’t know nor care. The problem with living out here is that everywhere is a long distance away so we get a trip through the countryside which is looking magnificent at the moment. Locally made chicken and leek pie tonight! Strangely enough we’ve managed to book a delivery slot from Morrison’s on Saturday so that’s something else to relieve the boredom. Bleasby is resplendent with scarecrows now. Someone’s putting up more to dance round the maypole on the glebe field. Lots of bunting as well. It was disappointing to see on my travels that other villages have not made an effort to brighten things up and remember VE Day. My wife is busy making wreaths to lay on the aircrew memorial and then she’s got to decorate the church lych gate. I didn’t realise we had such strong community spirit round here. I used to get involved but, being a miserable old bugger, I’ve not done anything for years. Long may it continue.
  12. Well you certainly have!
  13. I’ve been out ‘proper’ today. The first time since my hip replacement. The surgeon had cleared me to drive again ( over the ‘phone!) and my wife’s car was low on fuel so we went to Waitrose in Newark where you can pay at the pump. I did take the precaution of donning a pair of disposable gloves from the workshop. There was quite a queue at the supermarket although not for fuel so we called at Fiskerton shop on the way home to get food and wine. It was amazing to see how springlike the hedgerows had become. There were loads of walkers and cyclists about and the traffic was fairly heavy. It felt rather strange seeing the real world again after such a long time. Bleasby is awash with scarecrows, new ones appearing everyday. The sad thing was seeing that the pubs were closed. Locally made sausages and mash washed down with a glass or two of Merlot, purely for medicinal purposes, this evening! All part of my recovery. Now my car needs a good thrashing. Perhaps a trip to Lowdham tomorrow to collect my prescription. That’s a permitted errand isn’t it? .
  14. Just mowed half an acre of grass in the orchard. It looked sunny outside so I was in shirtsleeves. It was absolutely bloody freezing. When I came back indoors the radiators were red hot to maintain 20 degrees in the sitting room. Remember the old adage ‘nere cast a clout ‘till May be out’.
  15. I let my veg garden grow over with grass last year. With my bad hip I was unable to tend it. I noticed when I was mowing at the weekend you couldn’t tell where it had been. Now I’m on the road to recovery I miss not having it but it would require the removal of the turf and a thorough going over with the rotovator. (It was quite a large area). I believe you can hire turf cutters but I think it might be a little early to consider wrestling with the rotovator. I think I’ll give the current year a miss and start the preparations in the autumn when I should be back to 100%.
  16. Yes, but one A52 leads to Derby and the other way to Grantham so it gets worse!
  17. Can't imagine what that would cost. Probably more than it's worth!
  18. An old friend of mine's father was the managing director of Redmayne & Todd. They had the FA cup on display in the shop window but for security reasons it was brought home at night where it used to sit on their sideboard!
  19. She never stops knitting!
  20. Yes, it's in a Maple tree at the bottom of the drive by the lane.
  21. knitted by my talented wife. She didn’t do it specially, she just took it from stock!
  22. Have a look on the Bleasby Facebook page BK.
  23. We’ve got a plethora of scarecrows around the village for VE Day and the NHS. They can be seen on the Bleasby village facebook page. If you see a large knitted cat up a tree that’s ours. We’re hoping to have more dancing round the Maypole in the Glebe Field. Apparently we’re getting a visit from Midland’s TV.
  24. Mines a 'made in Mexico' Strat. It's a genuine Strat but about half the price of the 'made in USA' version. It's perfectly adequate for rank amateurs like me and totally indistinguishable apart from the label. The current price is around £550. I'll probably give it away to an enthusiastic budding guitarist in the village sometime. Although a pleasure to look at I'll never play it again. I still have a Yamaha 12 string, a Spanish style, an acoustic/electric Hofner, a 5string banjo, a ukulele, a set of bagpipes, a bugle and a harmonica - none of which I'm proficient on! The keyboard went to charity a few years ago.