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  1. Thanks Jill, I was beginning to think I was an oddity. Perhaps I am but in other ways!
  2. As a Puritan my imagination doesn’t stretch that far!
  3. You have to take them out to sleep? How gruesome.
  4. I belonged to the Trent Valley Young Conservatives. That brought in all the villages along the valley from Hoveringham to Kelham. Our meeting place was the Bromley Arms tea rooms at Fiskerton on a Monday evening and then in the bar. It was in no way political, just a social gathering of 20 to 30's for fun and frolics. We were part of the Newark Division where the monthly meetings of the officials (I was treasurer) took place in the constituency office in the corner of the Market Square. It continued in the Queen's Head! We did have the odd speaker, games evenings and various jollies but politics was rarely mentioned. It was basically, drinking, wenching and general tomfoolery with the odd charabanc trip to Skeggy thrown in. Happy days!
  5. Why would anyone want a tattoo? Why would they want body piercing? I must live in a different world!
  6. I’m resisting the temptation not to look!
  7. Barn dances - Young Conservatives. We had jazz and beat groups and rolls in the hay. What’s not to like!
  8. Tonight it’s from Mansfield. I suppose that means clearing the garden of mattresses first!
  9. Looks like you were a right little raver back in the day - or are they recent?
  10. 65 years to this day I started at Henry Mellish Grammar!
  11. The only dance hall I ever went into was the Palais de Dance. It was horrendous. It was all barn dances out here back in my day!
  12. No need to ask you to post a photograph then!
  13. Is it polite to ask where it is?
  14. That’s right Lizzie, a Mercury petrol. I first launched it down on the Helford River and we spent a week exploring Falmouth bay, the Fal and all of the creeks. I swapped it for a Finnmaster 6400 MC which was a much bigger enclosed boat but still towable on its four wheeled trailer. It had a 130hp Volvo diesel and was ideal for towing up to Scotland and exploring the scary waters around the Inner Hebrides including the infamous whirlpool in the Gulf of Corryvrechan. We also took it down to Cornwall where it was a bit hairy towing it down the narrow banked lanes on the last few miles to St. Anthony in Meneage, a placed we had stayed with the children over many years. I wish I’d kept it but it was a long haul towing a heavy boat for over 350 miles and I thought I was getting too old for it! I think I’ve got boating out of my system now but I’m still looking for a new interest once I get round to getting my hip sorted!
  15. I have a 1952 Ferguson TED tractor which is the petrol/paraffin version. The paraffin is actually TVO, tractor vaporising oil, which is essentially paraffin with a few other ingredients thrown in to make a witches' brew! It has a split fuel tank with the smaller section being for petrol and the main section for paraffin and there is a change over valve. After warming up on petrol to bring the temperature up to where the paraffin will vaporise the engine is turned over to paraffin which is cheaper and duty free. There was enough paraffin in the tank to do a day's ploughing and it was turned back to petrol before switching off. TVO can still be obtained in small quantities for the purists but generally, at ploughing matches and shows, petrol is generally used nowadays. The four cylinder block is basically that of a Standard Vanguard and it has a very low compression ratio of around 6:1. I had mine on show this year for the village open gardens and it was running well once the gunge had been cleaned from the carb. I do have a more modern 1962 Ford Dexta which runs on diesel but I haven't started that up for about four years and it's looking a bit sorry for itself now.
  16. How about Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Barrie - or would that be bragging?
  17. I bought a Bayliner sportsboat from Northern Powerboats at Sheffield about 18 years ago and I remember putting it though its paces on the lake at Rother Valley Country Park very early one Saturday morning where we had the lake to ourselves.
  18. I understand Denis died in 2015 at the age of 84. My old friend Doug Selby, his father and his brother, used to waterski back then but that may have been at the Trent Power and Ski boat club at Hazleford. Waterskiing doesn't seem to be as popular round here as it once was. That's strange as the Trent is so much cleaner than it used to be back in the 60's. You can now stand at the riverside and look into clear water that's not smelly.
  19. Reminds me of the bloke who had WENDY tattooed on his anatomy. On certain occasions it would read 'WELCOME TO JAMAICA HAVE A NICE DAY'.
  20. Apparently, if you are in prison, you can get your tattoos removed for free. I suppose it’s to help give you a fresh start when you’re released.
  21. You just fancy Charlie Dimmock!
  22. Last I time was in there was when our son had a birthday party in the function room many years ago. It wasn't one of my regular drinking haunts. The garden is right on the corner and it's not easy to stop so we just drove by very slowly, as many others must have done this week! You were probably skiing with Denis Akins among others. I don't know if he's still alive, I believe his brother George is.
  23. I don’t know if anyone saw ‘Garden Rescue’ last Friday when Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers did a garden rescue at one of the row of houses that used to be the Elm Tree pub on the riverside at Hoveringham. I imagine the programme was made last year. We diverted on our way home today to have a look as we drove by and were disappointed to see that after all the work the garden didn’t appear to have been very well maintained. I think they had to pay £3,000 up front for the materials and plants and the programme covered the rest. I was rather hoping to see something really special.
  24. Would you have one now and where would it be? I don’t mean on Alfred St!
  25. I trust you did yours yourself and that they are painted on.