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  1. Every day when you wake up it's a nice surprise!
  2. I was born in 1943 Barrie. Living on borrowed time time now.
  3. I’ve just calculated that our 54th wedding anniversary will be when I’m 90. You’re all invited!
  4. Will it give her a vibro-massage?
  5. A 54th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a glass gift. Take her to Specsavers!
  6. Are you growing rhubarb this year?
  7. Are you inferring Ben's past his prime Cliff? He won't like that!
  8. They were Lamson pneumatic tube systems. An American patent. Some systems used wire cateneries. Horne Bros, the mens outfitters, had pneumatic tubes.
  9. 'Stairway to Heaven' might have been more advisable!
  10. ‘Pope late for prayers after being stuck in lift’. God moves in mysterious ways!
  11. Same here for me at Mellish. Seven very happy years there. It was very academic. Most of my year group went to university or the professions. I know lots of people to go to university these days but back then there were fewer places so you had to reach a high standard to get in. I always looked forward to going to school in the mornings!
  12. I believe they were motor factors. Didn’t they have a place on Lower Parliament St. over the road from the then Post Office building?
  13. Midland Mag. They were an institution. Each man was an expert in his field. The good thing was you could get to speak to the person doing the job and not just pass the faulty part over the counter. Now you just fit an exchange unit if you can physically get at it to remove it. They used to close the shop for their annual day out and take the opportunity to put a photograph in the Post of all of the staff.
  14. Swarfega will have to change its recipe again very soon as it contains the micro plastic beads which are the subject of a forthcoming ban. I'm not going to recommend them, on H and S grounds, but if you browse the web there are diy alternatives - at your own risk!
  15. Lots of the old cleaning solvents were found to have ingredients that were potentially carcinogenic. They did work much better than the ‘safer’ modern versions however. I always keep a box of surgical rubber gloves in the workshop to use when I do a messy job now. I doubt that the used gloves are environmentally friendly when disposed of though. Curing one problem usually creates another. Just wait until your electric car’s battery runs flat up in the Highlands and there’s no ‘phone signal either!
  16. Donald Pleasance was born in Worksop which explains why he was a miserable bugger!
  17. I saw ‘Donald Pleasance in ‘The Man in The Glass Booth’ at the Playhouse many years ago. I think it was about a Nazi trial.
  18. I must say that we three spend an hour and a half over just a pint each. When we leave at 11pm we’re always asked if we want another one but I’m sure the landlord is pleased to get off to bed!
  19. There’s nothing worse than music in pubs unless it’s been pre arranged and you’re going to listen specifically. I used to meet up with friends for a chat at the Coach House in Southwell on a Monday night until a new landlady organised singers. It was mainly old blokes who went in on a Monday for a general moan but the singing rapidly cleared the place. We now meet elsewhere and although there is a bit of light background music (you can never avoid that!) at least we can hold a conversation.
  20. This was way back in the 60's - times have changed!
  21. I remember Armitages taking over the firm of 'Good Boy', chocolate drops for dogs, at Leicester. I was sent over there to verify the stocktake and to do so I had to climb a tall steel ladder and peer into a vat of molten chocolate. It all seemed to be there so I ticked it off but I hadn't really got a clue how much there really was. There were many exciting things to do in accountancy other than playing with figures!
  22. Armitages had their fingers in a few pies that were nothing to do with pet foods such as the Empire cafe. Their headquarters used to be up an alley, off High Street, next to where Boots used to be. The office was run by an old astute grey haired man (much like I am today!) called Mr. Hathaway. They were clients of my old accountancy firm.
  23. Probably best to have one in the coffin just in case. Mistakes have been known to be made!
  24. I think it would be a good idea to remind people of this with a prominent notice at the door. Although the idea of a 'phone ringing might sound amusing I'm sure a lot of people would be upset - especially if the ringing came from within the coffin!