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  1. I’m in the same position. My hair’s never been so long. I’m a bit reluctant about cutting it myself so I think I’ll prevail on my wife. Probably better to do it out in the garden and not have a mess to clear up inside. If birds are still nesting they will be glad of it!
  2. The French probably would not let them back in. They’re pleased to see their problems passed on.
  3. I'll leave you to ponder that one then. I don't think we can be guests of an inanimate object.
  4. We don't tend mix or integrate though. Immigrants continue to live their own way of life in the areas they have taken over.
  5. .....but guests of whom?
  6. Your stoicism, under the circumstances, is to be admired!
  7. I don't think they need to take legal action as they have now taken possession. They are a council though so they will have all the Health and Safety hoops to jump through before they can make a decision. Could be weeks knowing the way these people work!
  8. Maybe this time next year things will be different - probably worse - who knows?
  9. I doubt that few people find shopping a pleasure. Not having to go to the shops gives me time to do more interesting or essential things at home. It was not until the enforced lockdown that I even thought about not going to the shops. I would get in the car and drive to Newark to buy something that cost less than the fuel used. Now I can place my order and it arrives the next day. If I want banter I can walk to the local - at least I will do when that gets back to normal. I’m buggered if I’m going to reserve a table to to get a pint. Will ‘normality’ ever return?
  10. The shops come to me now in a van. They keep a safe distance and are always very polite. The only shop I ever go to is the one in Fiskerton village and, apart from a screen at the till, it’s the same as it’s always been. As the nearest major shops are a 20 mile round trip away Amazon Prime is all that I need.
  11. Try the dictionary. It's a boring read but it does explain every word as it goes along.
  12. Nagging, numbing, nursing, nailing. I could go on!
  13. I thought that me buying a new barbecue would put the kiss of death on the summer. Be prepared for a couple of miserable months. The new cover arrived for it this morning so at least it will stay clean and shiny!
  14. I'm in sunny Bleasby, not the Canadian outback. I just don't fancy standing in the p***ing rain grilling steaks. I'm pretty sure my wife won't want to put up the sunshade to keep dry! It has stopped raining now but I've lost heart!
  15. I've just finished assembling our new barbecue, which has taken most of the day and the heavens have opened. I think we'll eat indoors tonight! I've ordered a cover for it now; it would be a pity to get it wet!
  16. We always say they were a leaving present!
  17. I have some 'souvenirs' from the old Welbeck Hotel. Two rather nice etched decanters. An uncle of mine worked there before the war!
  18. Didn't think hedgehogs caught birds. edit: just checked, they eat ground nesting birds.
  19. You can get the hand raised versions of those at the Old Pie Shop in Melton. They're not bad.
  20. I don't think they travel well. Billinge is beyond their limit!
  21. I’m a bit of a pork pie connoisseur. Pork Farm’s used to be good but they’re just bland, mass produced, indifferent pies now. I though the best pies locally were from Jack Bailey’s at Upper Broughton but that butcher’s shop is now sadly closed. About 20 years ago a group of us used to meet in our local at early doors and we’d try to bring in a pork pie which we’d bought on our travels. It made for an interesting tasting experience! Can anyone recommend a really good local pie for me to sample?
  22. Car commuters won’t pay the rip off City all day parking charges so they park in the suburbs for free and catch the bus in. Now where will they park?