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  1. 'Two countries separated by a common language!'
  2. Another one of those dreadful Americanisms creeping In but we have to accept that language is continually changing. When I was at primary school some of the posher kids used to have elocution lessons to ‘learn them ow to talk proppa’, and that was in Woodthorpe where everyone ‘talked proppa’ in those days. There were no television soaps to influence the language and people on the radio, especially newsreaders, spoke in ‘Received Pronunciation’ or the Queens English. I like to hear dialects but I do dislike ‘lazy talk’.
  3. Can’t beat a quick in and out at a registry office. I must confess though we did get married in the village church just to keep the families happy!
  4. I went to the Italian wedding of one of my employees at Nottingham Cathedral. It went on for ages. What a relief when it ended!
  5. I aways feel 'off' when I've been to Mansfield!
  6. Never thought of that! I think you maybe right!
  7. Probably ‘dumb bitch’. Australians have no finesse!
  8. Moss on artificial grass! There are various moss killers on the market to water on. Otherwise I would use a high pressure hose or a pressure washer to blast it off.
  9. I noticed, last time I drove through Matlock Bath on a Sunday, that a large number of the motorcyclists were quite elderly. Are youngsters less drawn to motorcycles these days?
  10. You certainly need less space than a collecton of classic cars. I doubt many of them see any road use. Is there still a big meet up in Matlock Bath on a Sunday?
  11. I often pop in to see Adrian Walker. I must confess I've never bought anything from him. His wife deals in antiques and often has some interesting bits and bobs. I've never bought any of those either!
  12. If your interested in classic motorcycles, Spinning Wheel Classic Cars in Chesterfield have an interesting selection on their website.
  13. On the lunchtime news they’re still searching the river around Hazleford for the missing car. The river’s still in full flow so it must be difficult. They’ve now got an underwater ‘drone’.
  14. I always wanted a motorcycle but my parents wouldn’t let me have one. I did start a lifelong interest in sportscars though. Unfortunately I don’t have one at the moment but I do look at them online everyday. I still quite fancy a motor bike but maybe I’m a little bit past it now. I can still go round our field on a quad bike, it’s not quite the same but I can make it corner on two wheels! People must say ‘look at that silly old bugger’!
  15. I must confess I drove through floodwater on my way to my vaccination last Saturday. Just before Fiskerton mill there was a flood sign. It should have been placed well before to give traffic the chance to take a diversion. My only option was to turn in the road but I was pressed for time so I took a chance and ploughed through. I have gone through floodwater there before and it wasn't the fast flowing water of the nearby Trent.
  16. Actually that incident was in September 2019. Not last year as I said. The current one is intriguing. Why would someone drive through water when the road was closed? If it was bravado by youngsters it might be understandable but I gather they were old people.
  17. I always tell my wife to mention my name when she goes anywhere but she always says 'why?
  18. That’s only for private patients BK!
  19. Apparently the police think they have located the car under the water but can’t immediately retrieve it because of the atrocious conditions. Maybe tomorrow, in daylight, a recovery will be attempted. I don’t they can pull it up with their kit so they will probably need the assistance of a floating crane.
  20. I booked my first appointment and the second appointment, in April, was confirmed at the same time. I didn't know what the vaccine would be until I got there. It was Pfizer.
  21. The pictures on the news didn't show the flooded part of the road. I was surprised because I thought it would be. It looks like the driver bypassed the 'closed' sign, hit the water and floated away.
  22. Interestingly, looking at the lunchtime local news, the river wasn’t flooded over the road. Two people who live in what used to be the old riverside pub, witnessed a car floating by with two occupants inside yesterday afternoon and alerted the authorities. It will be interesting to find out where they entered the river. I doubt they will be alive to answer the question though. The police and fire brigade are still searching at Hazleford ferry. There is a boom with floats over the river just before the weir to stop anything going over. I’m awaiting a chat with our postman who delivers to Hazlef
  23. There's no consistency between sites then. Everyone at Newark had to put on one of their supplied masks and I wasn't going to argue with the policeman who was handing them out! I didn't see anyone turning up without a mask though. We're not so bolshy in these parts! Someone did get a reprimand for not wearing it the right way round.