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  1. Highbury Hospital was/is on Highbury Rd. opposite where Mellish used to be.
  2. I saw my first ever electric vehicle using the bus lane on the Colwick Loop Rd. last week. I sailed past it! If the electric vehicles are going to get all of the tax freebies then when is the revenue coming from?
  3. It would make you look 'holier than thou'! Electric cars are coming but I'm letting others be the guinea pigs until I consider the time is right. I don't want to be the first down our lane with an electric car. Nowadays I'm prepared to follow where others lead! The only chap I know nearby with an electric car is Allan Hardy, an example to us all!
  4. The Littlewood Songsters and the Voices of Vernons.
  5. Whilst we’re digging them up - How about Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson?
  6. I think she’s oleaginous enough already!
  7. She looked like she was 102 back in the day. Fancy living next door to Vera Lynn Bekay, does she come round for a sing song?
  8. Then there was Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn. Very much of the age I suppose but pretty dreadful looking back!
  9. Yes he did have a slot on Radio Nottingham. You can find him online briefly.
  10. In which case I’ve got both of those albums but nothing to play them on. Maybe I have them on tape. Whilst we’re on this musical note does anyone remember Reg Cooper, the partially sighted folk singer back in the folk club days? We used to see him at Newark and Cropwell Bishop regularly.
  11. Ah, Take 5 in the key of E flat minor. Somewhere I have the LP with that on. All tracks were in unusual time signatures. Was it called Time Out? I love Brubeck and all the ‘modern jazz’ from that era. Very evocative!
  12. It didn't fail but just look at the list of advisories on the last MOT!
  13. Burton Joyce Cat Rescue have a website Ben. This is a cat household, we have four!
  14. We used to use their business travel section which was upstairs at their Clumber St. shop. I just passed them the information and it was efficiently sorted. Business class travel and top hotels made staying away in a foreign land slightly more bearable!
  15. Parking at the QMC is terrible. I guess it's better to take the tram. I remember many years ago, one Sunday afternoon, after I'd escaped from a light aircraft prang alive, I went to the QMC to get a few stitches put in. I parked outside the main door of casualty only to be told 'you can't park there'. I told the guy what had happened and his attitude changed immediately, becoming very polite, leading me to the desk, where when I told them my tale of woe, I was immediately put on a trolley and wheeled off for treatment, passing all those who were waiting! I always tell people when going to casualty to say they've been in an aircraft crash. It opens many doors!
  16. In the same area, Just off the Wells Rd. my uncle’s father, Elijah Burton, the coal merchant and builder had a firelighter factory. Apparently the factory was hit by a stray wartime shell and you can imagine the result! I can’t find anything about this now but the info came from my late uncle and is reliable.
  17. My own father worked directly over the road from Lee and Hunt at Moore and Company, the paper packaging manufacturers, until he volunteered to join the RAF for war service. As maintaining the machines was a technical engineering job he was trained as an aircraft instrument technician. The company made all of the packaging for the Boots Company shops, flour bags for McDougals and Be Ro and the majority of paper cash bags used by the major banks. In the adjoining factory, Cooks, the sheet metal workers, made tractor cabs.
  18. Yes but I live closer to him than you!
  19. It came and went Barrie but to be honest, better poetry was written by William Mcgonnagal so you've not missed much!
  20. It was originally recorded by the Kingston Trio and subsequently covered by Lonnie Donegan. (Old skiffle group member me!)
  21. Atkinson's in Lancaster is a similar and well known coffee purveyor. Very traditional if you're ever in the area.
  22. I've got a fancy machine which cost a fortune (I like gadgets) which ground the coffee and swept the floor but it sits with all the other things that seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't even give it away. I'm back to the simple life now!
  23. Whilst we're talking coffee my favourite used to be Monsooned Malabar beans from Waitrose. It had a natural sweetness and required no sugar. Sadly it appears to have deteriorated in quality and I'm now using ground coffee in bags from Taylor's of Harrogate. I miss the morning grinding ritual but it does taste good without the hassle of preparation.
  24. It's true. A young housemaid was ravished by a noble lord. Every family has this tale in their history. It makes for a better story about the illegitimate child than the truth that it was the farm boy!