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  1. The son of a friend of mine was a Vulcan pilot and he took part in the Falklands war. Unfortunately because of engine problems he had to land in Brazil. I think it took a bit of diplomacy to get the aircraft released. One of his pilot colleagues at Waddington had family living just up the road in Rolleston. He did a low level beat up which rattled all the windows in the area. He got carpeted for that!

  2. Amazon's been a salvation during the lockdowns. Being miles away from any shops we use Amazon a few times a week and I can't fault their service. I go elsewhere if its cheaper but that's not often. I did fit a large parcel box at the end of our long drive but invariably they deliver to the door. Wine deliveries both from Virgin and Laitwaites have been unreliable so I use the farm shop which has been our other salvation. Morrison's deliver weekly but they usually manage to cock something up. We can never get a delivery slot at Waitrose.

  3. When we lived in Woodthorpe we were under the flight path to the runway at Hucknall and the Vulcan came low over the house regularly. It was always a star act when I used to attend airshows. It was an awesome sight to see one climbing out on full reheat. I went to view the last flying one at Finningley a few years ago. 


  4. Similar to last year it looks like we’re getting practice displays by the Red Arrows next week at RAF Syerston. Technically of course you will be breaking lockdown regulations if you go to view them!

    The dates and times are 10th. March 9.30 - 10.15 and 12.15 - 13.05 and 11 March at the same times. Depending on weather conditions either or both displays may be cancelled. 
    I’m fortunate that I can watch them from the garden as we have direct line of sight to the airfield but I’m not allowed to invite guests under present restrictions.


    Just thought I’d tell you!

  5. She was unveiled In the Old Market Square in 1905 and removed to the Embankment in 1953. There is no record of the statue being in front of the Theatre Royal. The statue once in Theatre Square was of Samuel Morley, the MP and knitwear manufacturer. I think that was moved to the Arboretum. 

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  6. I’ve always enjoyed my work. Everyday something different, everyday a new challenge. Obviously I was fortunate in never having a repetitive routine. I’ve just come in from working today, both in the workshop and out in the field with a brushcutter and chain saw, attacking brambles and over growing branches in the hedges. After a cup of tea and a bun to I’m going over to the greenhouses to prepare for the new season. I love to go to bed feeling really tired.

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  7. PP Payne were on the corner of Hucknall Rd. and Haydn Rd. until they moved to Giltbrook. I passed it at least twice a day for 25 years as our factory, Moore and Company, was further down Haydn Rd. opposite Stag Furniture and formally occupied by Cooper Bros. Thomas Forman were right at the top of the hill on Hucknall Rd. towards Nottingham. Teasdale Garage was next door to PP Payne.

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