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  1. That's pretty impressive at that price.. and no obscure 'never heard of' numbers. Thanks for that
  2. Hmmm DaveN... one would have thought that just a slight mention of a little known ensemble called the Beatles, might have been made.
  3. I was there on the forest rec., Gregory Boulevard when the bus came by. An image in my memory forever.
  4. The way they are popping up, it seems one can walk out of Poundland straight into Poundland. I noticed today that 454gm salad cream bottles were in the shop on Clumber street, but in the shop next to the Range, at Colwick, the bottles were only 232gm Both £1 of course. There are very good deals in these shops, but you have to have your wits about you as some items are deceptive and can be very expensive.
  5. Hmmm... It seems that my "I can't stands" are being aired without my writing a word. It's very comforting to find one is not alone in one's grumps!
  6. They're still about Shirley ... and I still do them.... and I still have a couple of lasts in the garage
  7. "This is Whitehall one two one two. This is a message for ....... "
  8. But isn't the latest generation turning cockney? I hear the younger generations, all over the country, dropping their consonants like Eastenders. It's what TV soaps do.
  9. Cliff ton That photo of York immediately made me think "Nottingham could have had something like this in the shape of Drury Hill". I have been saying that since the day it was destroyed. That and all the other historic features of that area. I believe there was a time when Long Stairs was the only way into the 'then' town. All the caves ... the many industries .... arghh! It's pointless. They have never cared and never will. It's all about money and greed. The irony is that Nottingham could have had the most prolific and profitable tourist industry outside London. Even the architect of Broad Marsh was eventually to proclaimed that "if he had known" he would never have done it.
  10. It's not a matter of choice, for me. It's a matter of health. If I had good health .... IF ONLY !
  11. No idea or interest in how many steps today, but had a super walk along canal from Beeston to Trent Bridge. Five miles of nice weather, lovely flora and fauna, whilst happy snapping the seasonal changes. I do ache though; everywhere!.
  12. I think you'll find there's 10,000 Cliff Do a recount.
  13. I really enjoy the walk from Beeston along the canal to Trent Bridge. Five miles of relaxed strolling and taking photos of the wild life and changing seasons. Until winter arrives with short days and it is too cold.
  14. I wish I had a pound for every place once known as Bluebell Woods, in this country.
  15. Hot day: Dry Martini and lemonade in a tall glass with ice and lemon. Stirred, not shaken. or Lager & Lime in 1/2 glass Cold day: :Tomato Juice and Worcestershire sauce or Stones Ginger wine & Canada dry Any Day: The wife's tea. Champion !
  16. I think someone is getting confused between natural selection and evolution.
  17. Anyone have a photo of the famous I ONION fruiterers and veg shops. The was one in Snenton Market and another on Mansfield Road. I think a third at Daybrook ?
  18. I remember first accidentally stumbling into this one day during the school holidays. We got in through some broken wooden fencing on Mansfield Road. roughly opposite the Carrington Lido. I have a permanent image of race where a really fat policeman, purple in the face , came in last (of course.) It was funny, but I did feel sorry for him. It was probably around 1957 - 59. I saw acouple of more times, but then I thought it stopped. Funny how these little things can stay with you for life. Nive to know so many of us remember it.
  19. tony1


    I can see why they would not be popuar in tea or coffee. EEeeew. We had always had that as soup,when ill, but never had a name for it
  20. I can't help thinking that the country would have been better off without Dr Beeching, but with Enoch Powell. Two huge mistakes of the 60's Just to be clear; my comment on Powell is about immigration, NOT race
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    When I met my first wifes family, they described pobs as bread broken up in their soup, which I have since adopted. I have never heard the word, otherwise.
  22. #95 Cliff Ton, "Follow this thread" is not really a solution. To be fair you would have to do that to every thing you ever posted to see what was new. You might as well resign yourself to reading all and every post for everything. Someone responded to a post i made earlier this week. However, I did not know the 'query' was for me, because it was not the next post and the writer did not mention my name. Consequently, I thought it was for someone else, until I received a PM. (Which is not usual procedure.)