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  1. All opthalmic services were transferred to the QMC by around 1983. Kind regards, Tony
  2. Dr Alfred Minto was a consultant psychiatrist at Mapperley hospital. He used to be in charge of the Addiction Unit at Mapperley hospital. Quite a pleasant chap. Kind regards, Tony
  3. Thank you Jill, If you are interested have look at FB, Nottingham Nurses League and Nottingham Hospital's History also FB Hundreds of photographs, anecdotes etc Kind regards Tony PS one of our members who is 95 years old trained at NGH during WW2 and has given us a fascinating account of the Nottm blitz.
  4. Jill, Good research. You are quite correct. There was a ward named after Mr H at NGH. And what is nice to this day, two wards, Gervis Pearson and Hogarth have been relocated at the City Hospital so the memory lives on. I have hundreds of photographs of the former NGH ( I am the archivist to the Nottingham Nurses League) but have tried many many times to post photo's on here and despite very helpful comments from Mick T et al I still have no more idea that the man in the moon-too complicated. Out of interest the 'radium' that was used on patients used to be buried in the caves under the Gene
  5. Jill, Thank you for the clarification. Yes the former 48, The Rope Walk is still there, I use to cover there on Night duty in the early 70's. Kind regards, Tony
  6. Jill, Interesting comments you have made and quite an experience. I worked at Nottingham General Hospital for nearly three years and knew the consultants and senior nursing staff on Gervis Pearson ward ( Oncology )-which I think you are referring to. I even worked on the ward. I never ever saw any experimenting with cytotoxic drugs. The Oncology ward was first class. The former ward is still there but not sure where you get the term Cavendish House from. Kind regards, Tony
  7. When we moved up to Derbyshire many years ago and attended church we noticed that the hymn book was PC . Onward Christian Soldiers, Stand Up stand Up for Jesus not in, ( tune was in but the words changed ) also in many hymns gender changed to obliterate any reference to 'him'. I joined the Parochial Church Council and as Church warden changed the hymn books back to the more traditional ones. Of course the C/E has tinkered with the liturgy for many years and it puts many people off. Happy memories of St Faiths Church in the Meadows and morning worship at TB school. Kind regards, Tony
  8. Interesting photographs but some have been around before. Works all right for me. Kind regards, Tony
  9. Michael, Thanks for posting. I planned our village Remembrance in our church for today and the first reader read this lovely moving poem. I did a very traditional Royal British Legion service with all the old traditional hymns, for example 'Onward Christian Soldiers' which is considered by many clergy to be non PC. We had over 100 in the congregation which is very good for a very small village. As a child and teenager I always went to the service on the Victoria Embankment-happy memories. I do hope you are well and your wife is progressing. Kind regards Tony Anthony Paine
  10. Many years ago in Florida picking up a hire car the chap said to me I see you are from Wilford Nottingham.( In an American accent) We had a chat and it transpired that he was from WB and went to Roland Green School. I asked him why he had lost his Nottingham accent and he replied it was to fit in with the locals as they could not understand him when he first came 2 years before!! Kind regards Tony
  11. A friend of mine from TB school, Michael O'Rourke lived on Orange street. His family owned the corner shop. This was the 1960's. Happy memories! Kind regards Tony
  12. All the school have been demolished. Happy memories. Kind regards, Tony
  13. Bile beans, Veganin tabs ( analgesics) Gentian Violet for sore throats. Mist Kaolin et Morph. Kind regards, Tony
  14. Don, Joseph Kehoe had quite severe facial injuries after falling on a mountain slope when we were on school trip to Bellinzona, Switzerland in 1959. Very happy memories of TB school and the meadows. Kind regards, Tony
  15. Every time the news media show for example, Accident / Emergency Departments etc the staff both nursing and medical are all either sitting by a desk or staring at a computer. Where is the patient care these days. It never happened in my department - the patient came first. Also it is very difficult to know who is who. All staff wear theatre blue or greens so you have no more idea that the man in the moon who anyone is. Kind regards, Tony
  16. I am unable to comprehend why it is so complicated compared to 'putting' photographs on other sites. I have a number of photo's of TB school which I would like to put on but am completely deterred to do this. I'm sure others probably feel this way also. Kind regards, Tony
  17. I have a photograph of him as he was one of the teachers that took us on school trip to Switzerland in 1959. Kind regards, Tony
  18. There used to be a picture house / cinema called the Imperial on Wilford Road on the right hand side going in to town. Tony
  19. Just recalled that the Gents toilet at the Globe was situated on the right of the screen downstairs instead of near the main entrance. The decor might have been red.
  20. Unable to remember too much about the Grove and the Globe but they did have balconies. They we re certainly very popular. Tony
  21. I was brought up in the Meadows and often in the summer months go down to Robin Hoods stream over the suspension bridge. We would but our fishing nets ( 6 pence each ) from Mrs Gills shop on the corner of Woolmer / Holgate road and catch tadpoles. I walked over there some years back and the whole area had changed.The fields by the stream was always called the 'buttercup fields'. Happy memories, Kind regards, Tony
  22. Didn't Mr Chambers have quite a marked eye sight problem. I think he wore really thick glasses and sometimes had problems seeing. Happy memories of TB school. Kind regards, Tony
  23. Mellissa, Some of my old photographs are on the NUH's website under Nottingham Nurses League or try Nottingham Hospitals History and scroll through photos etc. I am not able to post on this site. Were you associated with the Nottingham hospitals? Kind regards, Tony
  24. Melissa, Yes I have a lot of photographs of the Old General before I left in 1975. I worked there for over 2/1/2 years. Very happy memories. Kind regards Tony