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  1. If I remember rightly he lived in shop around the corner at the bottom of our street which would have been his parents and they had decorating goods in the window and you seem to know most people around the same age group.
  2. l used to know a Michael Hanbury, did'nt they have a family painting and decorating business near the Dundas pub ?
  3. Didn't know Dennis but knew Keith Brittle was in my year they had a shop just past Northumberland st on Union rd.
  4. I was there but only till december 1961.There are a few of us from juniors/seniors that keep in touch.
  5. Took all their eggs too,its no yolking matter.
  6. have you tried these, Teesdale classic car spares palm st, Richard Lee classic car spares southwell, Extons bulwell.
  7. Second that. It was great looking at names and addresses found names of people and businesses l had forgotten or could'nt remember. More potential for future topic's.
  8. Brilliant , thanks mick2me for adding this post.
  9. Cliff Ton, Was'nt Backnells motorcycle and scooter shop there before A-Cold? If you look down the side street where the car is on the left thats where Ken Pritchard had his garage.
  10. Hi, Late again,used to know Leslie Smith lived on the right hand side going up from St Anns Well rd and her cousin i believe, Vic Smith he lived further up on the left did not think there was a Gypsy connection.Used to know the Barnaby sisters Eileen and Margret think they lived towards Hungerhill rd.
  11. Ayupmeducks,Bit late l know but just spotted this one.There was a Janet Knowicki who lived on the next street to me Ferrers st which was close to Blue Bell Hill,she did have brothers,Brian rings a bell, last time I saw her in the 90's she worked at Nottingham Playhouse ticket office.
  12. Had a few more goes,no luck though?even have problems when using photobucket cannot see photos says someone deleted or moved these photos.well it wern't me.have to wait till lad comes around.
  13. Hi tevorthegasman, Hope you`ve not been holding your breath for a reply, but just spotted this one I remember because I passed my test there in 1963.
  14. One problem sorted, now my allocated disk has been exceeded so cannot load photos ,help please.