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  1. If I remember rightly he lived in shop around the corner at the bottom of our street which would have been his parents and they had decorating goods in the window and you seem to know most people around the same age group.
  2. l used to know a Michael Hanbury, did'nt they have a family painting and decorating business near the Dundas pub ?
  3. Didn't know Dennis but knew Keith Brittle was in my year they had a shop just past Northumberland st on Union rd.
  4. I was there but only till december 1961.There are a few of us from juniors/seniors that keep in touch.
  5. Took all their eggs too,its no yolking matter.
  6. have you tried these, Teesdale classic car spares palm st, Richard Lee classic car spares southwell, Extons bulwell.
  7. Second that. It was great looking at names and addresses found names of people and businesses l had forgotten or could'nt remember. More potential for future topic's.
  8. Brilliant , thanks mick2me for adding this post.
  9. Cliff Ton, Was'nt Backnells motorcycle and scooter shop there before A-Cold? If you look down the side street where the car is on the left thats where Ken Pritchard had his garage.
  10. Hi, Late again,used to know Leslie Smith lived on the right hand side going up from St Anns Well rd and her cousin i believe, Vic Smith he lived further up on the left did not think there was a Gypsy connection.Used to know the Barnaby sisters Eileen and Margret think they lived towards Hungerhill rd.
  11. Ayupmeducks,Bit late l know but just spotted this one.There was a Janet Knowicki who lived on the next street to me Ferrers st which was close to Blue Bell Hill,she did have brothers,Brian rings a bell, last time I saw her in the 90's she worked at Nottingham Playhouse ticket office.
  12. Had a few more goes,no luck though?even have problems when using photobucket cannot see photos says someone deleted or moved these photos.well it wern't me.have to wait till lad comes around.
  13. Hi tevorthegasman, Hope you`ve not been holding your breath for a reply, but just spotted this one I remember because I passed my test there in 1963.
  14. One problem sorted, now my allocated disk has been exceeded so cannot load photos ,help please.
  15. Picking up on this topic Hunto I was there in the juniors then seniors, I left Christmas 1961. I know John Lord,l did not go to the reunion when you came over a while back say hello to Denis Fryer if you see him over there,although will see him when we meet up with a few of the old crowd next, around march time, theres usually about 6 or 8 of us depending who can make it including 1 or 2 of the girls from the juniors.Anyone from that period who wants to make contact please do.
  16. Hi Siddha Your Lambretta Ld might have been unsold stock and late registered as they were phasing out that model due to the popularity of the Li series,although they did introduce the Ld again as the French model which was a 125 this was available till the early sixties, everything was different on it with the exception of the tyre size.l have a Triumph 1966 model which was not registered till 1967 it came from new from Breffits [newcastle filling station Nuthall rd].My favorite Lambretta is the model d 150 when i first saw one in a book i had to have,this was around 1967 they were quite scarc
  17. Remember Tobys very well, being taken in there when I was a child it was a lovely store, shame we had to lose it along with many other shops,businesses and buildings around Nottingham city centre.
  18. Having started out on scooters then going over to motorcycles, I happen to be off the road due to a car pulling out so while it was being repaired i went out armed with a tenner looking around the bargain basements for a cheap bike, well you could then but at this time all that was on offer were twice as much as I wanted to spend.tried everywhere Hooleys greyfriar gate, kingstons carrington st, anyway finished up at Ray Williams on Raleigh st, someone had just part exchanged this 1956 Lambretta ld 150 for a bubble car so I bought it for £7/10 shillings and it was brilliant took me all over and
  19. Lets be a bit more patriotic, years ago the british used to fly in wellingtons now anything goes, trainers, flip flops.
  20. Just seen my second MG Y FRV 632 on ebay I had it around 1984 sold if for £1200 its up for sale at £8,950. Photo is when I had it.
  21. Hi Don, don't think so, but not sure he did have brothers and a sister as I remember they lived at the meadow lock house we used to keep in touch when we had W J Furse reunions but not heard from him for some time, although some of us still meet up. Hi bilbraborn did'nt have a Raleigh moped, my uncle did but then he worked for Raleigh,my first machine was a scooter ISO Milano 150cc 287 GTO saved all my wages being Marsdens the grocers (woodborough road) errand boy after school, Hunto was only up the road,delivering orders on the push bike with the basket on the front earned my 15 bob a week
  22. hope uploading photo of MG has worked I've been at it long enough.can anyone recognise the location, will give a clue its in ST Ann's.also can anyone help joined Nottsalgia using tablet but will not let me sign in on computer?right here goes.
  23. Don,i was going to put photo of MG on but struggling to work out how, got it on to photobucket thats about it.So till then my second car, now that would be worth something now,1963 mini pickup bought in 1968 story goes like this used to go fishing with my workmate Tommy Lyodal (he could tell you about santa fe)his dad was lock keeper down meadow lane where we used to fish.a chap who lived on a boat(service manager at Beardalls vw w/b) had this mini pickup so thought would'nt mind one.some while later answered an ad in the post low and behold it was the same one so bought it for £105 it was imm
  24. Remember it well we were taken down there on a double decker bus, there was a track which lead to the ground next to the pleasure park, we had to get changed in an old wooden hut.