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  1. A musician friend who is often asked to play for funerals at the crematorium told us that some hymn choices are a little surprising. He has often been asked to play "colours of day". The refrain is: "Light up the fire, let the flame burn .....".! One hell of a choice!
  2. A big thanks to everyone who responded. Very helpful. It is good to know I am not on my own! We had to migrate because our previous webmaster used SiteGround hosting and registered in USA. They sent me an explanation about not having the legal structure to host from their USA branch. We moved to the UK/EU one. I did ask them about the effect of Brexit and they said no problem! It looks like SiteGround are an umbrella company with sites all over the world. Anyway, they have been wonderful and I like their "ticket" system for customer services as they can keep track of progress. Our domain name was registered in the USA with a different company (I do not know why!) and they let me change the registration without any problem.
  3. It is a long story but I have ended up managing a website for a society I belong to. A very fast and steep learning curve considering that I have never set up a website! The webmaster who set it up (then left) lived in the USA and it was hosted in the USA. This meant that the site had to be migrated from hosting in the USA to the UK with a new domain name. Did that. The hosting company were awesome! Very helpful customer service with online conversations that had a ticket number so when I went back with another question they had all the background. All went well. Then I discovered that some links are broken in the new site as they point back at the old domain name. The old domain name is registered with a different provider to the hosting. So far I have managed to update the contacts on the domain account but I cannot get a pointer onto that domain to direct visitors to the new domain. The website software is Joomla. I am about to ask Joomla help desk at the hosting site how to do a global fix for all these links in the "media" section of Joomla. I have edited individual HTML but the changes will not save after I log out of the site. Joomla is something of a challenge to work with and our society has voted to move to Wordpress. A good idea. This is where I have questions for our experts on Nottstalgia! 1. Has anyone out there migrated a site straight from Joomla to Wordpress? The hosting company can do this but I am wondering what it will look like when it is migrated to Wordpress. 2. In your experience would it be better to migrate this huge Joomla site to Wordpress then edit it to suit us or to set up a Wordpress site and then have to upload/copy a huge number of files from the old site to the new one? 3. Has anyone out there used Joomla and if so do you have any tips please? It is good to be back in touch, reading the interesting posts on Nottstalgia. A very welcome break from domains, hosting, links and HTML!
  4. With the move towards hands free phone use being made illegal for drivers surely it is time that smoking at the wheel is banned. It is in Sweden. My Volvo does not have an ash tray, nor did my Saab before it. My dad used to smoke when driving. When driving at night he would use his lighter to light a cigarette so the big flame came up in front of his face. I used to worry about this. Also some drivers chuck the fag ends out of the window creating danger and litter. If a driver needs nicotine while on a journey, how about patches as an alternative?
  5. I like the Scandinavian detective stories on BBC4. Below the Surface series 2 is on now and it is good. A couple of things in the story line surprise me. When the hostage situation starts the story line says there is no passenger list and it also shows people in the car deck. One crew member asks them to leave. On ferries to Shetland, Orkney and the Isle of Man I am sure they lock the doors to the car decks. The ferry in the story line is going from Denmark to Sweden. These bits of detail are not spoiling my enjoyment. A good dark tale with plenty of cliff hangers!
  6. To see it you would have to walk past the mural holding a video camera. Next time I go to Packwood house I will try making a video of the effect there and see if it works. Plas Newydd is just a bit far away!
  7. Secrets of the National Trust presented by Alan Titchmarsh is usually quite good. Episode 3 featured Plas Newydd and he spent ages talking about the mural that Whistler painted and all the places included. Alan Titchmarsh missed out one very special feature of the mural: the fact that when you walk past it the boat in the centre turns and footsteps change direction. This could have been illustrated using camera movement. When we visited I spent a while enjoying that feature. There is a similar effect on a painting at Packwood House in Warwickshire. I asked a friend who is an artist how the effect is produced on a painting. She said that it is to do with the layering and application of the paint.
  8. Big thanks for all your interesting answers. Much appreciated.
  9. This is puzzling me and I bet one of you has the answer. On the motorway we have average speed cameras pointing at us as we drive towards them. They read our plates. What about motor bikes? They only have plates on the back. Are they missed by this system? The ordinary speed cameras catch vehicles as they pass and so will get the back number. Another question about cars. Talking to a friend last week he said that years ago drivers had to have a radio licence if they had a car radio. He said they cost about ten shillings. Dad got his car in 1966 and I do not remember that.
  10. Wonderful day! My old laptop was on its way out. Wi-fi stopped working, USBs stopped working, slow start up and showing its age. Windows 8.1. It had done me years of good service and I liked it when it was working well. Now I have a new one, Windows 10 and loving it! My Family Historian software loaded up, no problem then all the upgrades. All the data is in and I am back in business!
  11. Wonderful photos. Thanks Compo. Happy memories of holidays in Scotland with my parents.
  12. I watched Whistle Down The Wind yesterday. Never seen it before. A nice relaxing afternoon and good to see the youngsters doing so well in the film. Loved the accents!
  13. Shopping in one of the large supermarkets I looked for an ordinary writing pad. Nothing! Lots of envelopes of every shape and size but no ordinary writing pad! I normally use Facebook messenger, email and text but sometimes there is a need to write a letter. Not everyone has the technology to receive email and text and some prefer handwritten rather than typed as that can look like a round robin letter. It is sad as this suggests we are losing the capacity for the personal touch.
  14. For five years I worked for a line manager who was Jewish. I did not know he was Jewish until a colleague mentioned it after he had left. No problem. If someone is professional, polite and a nice person then that is what counts. My point of view is that their faith is their business not mine. We only need to know if there are associated customs to be respected.
  15. Try looking at the Newspaper Archives. You can normally use this service free in a library, or on Findmypast if they are having a free weekend. The Newspaper Archives can be a good source of information about ancestors and sometimes there are photos. For members of my family tree I have found BMD announcements, accounts of funerals and also details of fires at their premises and when they won prizes at local flower shows. If ancestors were in a local football team you may be in luck with a photo. Hope this helps you CB Hunt. Good luck with your research. Another thought, try contacting Nottinghamshire Family History Society. Very nice people and helpful. I have talked to them at family history fairs in Chesterfield and at the NEC.
  16. Saturday night, feet up in the recliner, glass of wine and The Killers on the pyramid stage. They were joined by Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr. Great music! Also Georgia with her electronic drums. Very entertaining. I love the music but I have never done camping. Much prefer the feet up and a glass of wine at home or live rock bands at the NEC.
  17. I agree with you Brew about the cash cows. Parking charges and parking fines also rip off the motorist. Sainsbury's in town has now put up cameras and limited parking to 2 hours with no return within an hour. I can see why they have done this. The pay and display car park opposite is now being built on: retirement flats with little or no parking! They fine you £70 if you overstay in the supermarket now or go back within an hour. So if you forget something from your shopping then the best bet is to go to Morrisons. I prefer them anyway!
  18. We are constantly reminded about clean air and pollution. We have congestion charges and now there is talk about fining people for keeping car engines running in traffic queues. All important issues needing to be addressed but why do they just hammer the car drivers? On two consecutive days at the same railway station a train that was not next to a platform was running its engine for about 20 minutes and making a great deal of noise, particulate pollution and carbon dioxide. It is one rule for public transport and another for us.
  19. I now use Ancestry and Findmypast. Ancestry is good for West Yorkshire. Findmypast is better for East Yorkshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Findmypast is good for newspaper archives, and using it avoids paying a separate subscription for this archive. In the 1939 register in Findmypast I like the maps they give. These are not given in Ancestry and they are useful. Findmypast has a lot of transcriptions and I approach these with care. In the 1939 register transcription they have my mum being born back in the 1800s! I emailed them about this mistake, giving the correct date, but I guess they will do nothing. The transcriber should have gone to Specsavers! I do not publish my tree online but I do look at published trees and cringe at the errors they have about my ancestors, remembering that none of us are perfect!
  20. On Saturday at the Family History Fair at the NEC I had a long and interesting talk to members of Nottingham Family History Society. They have recorded the monument inscriptions for the Rock Cemetery and will do a search for you for a small fee. They also said that there is a plan of all the graves at Nottingham Archives. The Nottingham Archives staff are very helpful. Nice place.
  21. Thanks Ian. Unions have done much good and these things seem to get overlooked when the strikes and conflicts fill the news. Before the days of the welfare state some unions ran their own pension and sick pay schemes. The Typographical society did. At the Warwick University Modern Records Centre you can read about their pension scheme, sick pay scheme and also in their quarterly magazines there are lists of new members of the union in different towns and cities. In there I found my grandfather's name in a list of those who were retiring and also a notice of when he died. There is a sense of unity. Tomorrow and Wednesday I am delivering training to a group of union members on negotiation. The negotiation training is about "principled" negotiation, not hard or soft styles and it is based on research done at Harvard University. The course is accredited by NOCN. It is a shame that this approach was not used by Christopher Pole-Carew in his negotiations with the compositors at the Nottingham Evening Post back in 1973.
  22. Had Classic FM on and they played Karl Jenkins Palladio. Cannot get it out of my head! Great music.
  23. Good day. Now listening to Manx am radio and the TT practice with a spectator sending me video clips on messenger.