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  1. #35 Water from the fridge. Fridge? fridge? polishing shoes properly died out as fast as the sales figures of fridges went up around here mate. Arthur Seaton was probably one of the last people to go downtown in shiny shoes.
  2. The Park tunnel is a wonderful thing, take someone who is a stranger to Nottingham through there, best from Derby Rd down, a magical experience. If you use the long stone stairs be VERY careful in the rain. and look especially at the sandstone bedding, spooky! all that stuff was laid down zillions of years ago somewhere near the South Atlantic. God? who? Atilla the Hun? The Pope? Stalin? Me and You? just a lot of beetles wondering "what? where are we?" and at # 5 Ayupmeducks says it goes 1000 feet down (from 200 feet on Derby Rd) If there is sunshine tomorrow - enjoy!
  3. Hooleys was a bit of a landmark there on Derby Rd. I took my kids to see Chittee Chittee Bang Bang in the showroom. Hooleys may have been the first motor people to have installed a computer system, I remember seeing an ad in The Eve Post, part-time job, 2 hours each evening 6--8 to shut down the computer!!! and now I have seen a wooden bench up at the old Botany Bay spot, falling to pieces, marked In Memory of Lesley and Dorothy Hooley. Are they relevant? Does anyone know?
  4. @26 This is the sort of crap that gets built on an industrial estate when the developers dont have much money. Fortunately the city council said that the Vic Center owners must finish the Vic before going down to Broadmarsh to rebuild, now here is all the warning we need to stop the fools doing anymore whatsoever in Nottingham, we may end up being renamed Bland City.
  5. @13 What are the ice gnomes doing on the left of the picture? I reckon they are waiting to snowball the Landrover as it passes. 63 was the also year of the last great fog, anyone got photos of that?
  6. some pocket money to be made cutting the brass padlocks off bridges that "LOVERS" leave there, Yes the craze has reached Nottingham, see the supension bridge!!
  7. Ozone - oxygen- stuff- let loose in the kithchen? Unattended automatic machines? Sounds dangerous to me, whats wrong with Fairy soap, ponch and a bit of Dolly Blue? and elbow grease, and lighting the fire under the copper? and pegging out in a gale? and running to get sheets in a rain shower? and yer dads shirts standing stiffer than he could when you brought them in from the frosty morning? and then washing the blinking lot again cos the shunter coughed out a box full of soot? and then watching Mam iron it all with a flat iron from the side of the range? Least it was all natural, yer know
  8. Perhaps there are only two games in the calendar. them where you have to hold something in yer and, and them where yer dont, like golf and footy, but the game s where yer dont old things in yer and means you ave yer and free to old sumthing in yer and and that means yer enjoy yerself twise.
  9. All these complaints about the womens tennis are a puzzle to me ( I haven't seen any) Did any of the complainants get bothered by the Beach Volley Ball girls in the Olympics? Let us know. Went into The Lamb last night and both bars were empty, asked the landlady where everyone was, (most customers there are men of course) "Oh well they were all in earlier watching the ladies tennis, all gone home now" So I had two Pedigrees and left her watching the boxing. Perhaps the complaints are really about the advance in Tech and Broadcasting, the producers like us to hear the players slurp their
  10. Nottingham really needs a market like that old indoor one, a gem!! perfect layout, rents any trader could live with. And the aerial pic is interesting, the bloke who paid for the roof ad for cigars was hoping a bit! who the buggery down on the street would see it? I think it would be worth a bus ride to see if its still there. A Notty here not long ago was asking about trade signs painted on walls, will we go looking for some for him?
  11. Echo. This young bloke sounds like a bit of a hero, things are bound to go the right way for the brave, I will make my horse mad friends aware of this posting. March on.
  12. Across the road, well for a day at a time, then come back. The lady over there makes bacon sandwiches like no-one else, but I can only see her shower room window from over here.
  13. Well, since I plan to live to be a million years old it could make a great difference to my accumulated interest in the Bank of Piraeus.
  14. LHC can destroy the Universe? If J Clarkson gets to know he'll want to drive the bugger!!!
  15. Pianoman; I have a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV250E bought for a trial run in video, will never follow through though. When last looked at was in working order with h/book, battery, new tape, the battery charged up OK. This cam needed software downloading in its day but Sony have scrubbed it all. If the cam is any use to you you can have it, not even any resale value these days. I'm missing from Mon AM til Thurs PM though . at home tonight after 10
  16. Brenda and Bewitchment Under a Lilac sky I am obvious in my stance Brenda and bewitchment bring me once more To kick my heels by the Talbot's door Another Thursday night in town To be elated or let down But still I play to the bitter end My lover's game. Oh mother, patience send They smile, my friends. Say "fool! Then husband girls who have no blood Or style, make love to rule. They'd all have Brenda. If they could Under a magenta sky I begin to seeth in silence Somewhere in a sodium suburb estate She paints her face and makes me wait
  17. Gods sake . Engineer you deserve a drink, or if you are TT then get yourself a day off in the park. Well Done .
  18. #49 and #50 I used to be acqainted with a person who wore zip-up underpants with a leather front, small world isn't it?
  19. Bubblewrap @ 81. I dont want to wind you up but down at the old Lough hospital site is a board bragging about 8 family eating places! coming in. and an 8 screen cinema. The human race will die of eating and sitting. and by the way in Viccy Centre Nottm is a board telling all those odd peeps who can read that in there is planned 12 " family orientated" restaurants. It's going to take some getting used to --- this rejunivated Nottingham
  20. Do you suppose that having an action cam trained permanently back at oneself on a selfie stick and playing through onto an Ipad would help any in coping with short term memory loss? Or if I had a cam on my cycle helmet displaying images next to my bike computer I would find cycling less dangerous? Or should I worry about my wife slipping one into my sandwich box when I set off to meet the girl from the bacon counter? Imogen. Renata. Vera. bugger me I've forget who I'm meeting
  21. This problem is a bit like the last fashionable one about somebodies birthday, I just know I could solve it if only the buggers asked the question in clear English! To be fair though, a question like this, sprung by surprise in an exam would be a head stunner, can only be solved in a quiet room, no pressure, enough time or during a walk through the fields. But the solution is still not the answer, the answer demanded how it could all be demonstrated! Lots of examinees moaning on facebook, does anyone know of a student that cracked it?
  22. I can remember the first time I saw Goose Fair, probly 15 years old, went on my own on the bus, God knows how I found the way there and back! Went in at one end and transported by the crowd all the way across till I got spilled out at the other end! Never got to spend a penny, couldn't get near the stalls. BUT something that puzzled me at the time was the sight in a nearby side street through a bay window. There was a room very badly lit in red light and a woman standing combing her hair at the mirror, just could not understand why anyone should want a room lit like that or even see to com
  23. BSW screws Engineer, a slim chance I can help, my mate has so much redundant stuff its not true, will chase him in the morning, I'll PM you ASAP
  24. tomlinson @ 2823 Those earth ticklers probly did some good. Old car electrics had body earth returns and car tyres had a lot more rubber in them so sometimes you were sitting in a big metal charged box, must have caused some people to feel ill. The body rot it caused was for certain, remember how the radio aerials always rotted in the wing? We can get 5 year body warranties now, some Vauxhalls were gone in 4.