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  1. There's a house on Hardys Drive, Gedling called Wheatcrofts its surposed to be where Harry's mum lived. Wheatcrofts started in Gedling as Wheatcroft brothers then the brothers had an argument and split, Timmermans were related by marriage to the Wheatcrofts and you can always get the Harry Wheatcroft rose from them, I always have a 'Harry' in the garden, you can also get a Dorothy Wheatcroft rose.
  2. Thanks for your welcome. It was great to come 'home' to Gedling in 95' . Brief family history - my original family name was Culley, we came from Whatton in 1880s great x2 g/parents kept lodging house off wood lane (buried at All Hallows') great grandad groom at Gedling house then worked for railway. Catherine married John Kiddier of Kiddiers brushes, Jack Culley on WW2 memorial - Lancaster navigator died 1942! Huge history buff loving reading ALL info on Gedling, what a great site and set of members
  3. Thrilled to find this chat, heres what i know. Moved to Gedling in 1995, but family lived there from 1880s to 1939. The record shop was next to Willowbrooke Club. It is now The Flipping Good Beer Shop. Yes Pump Services is STILL behind it AND in business. The wool shop was taken over and called Laines, now called Knitworks and a cracking good shop. The Mustard Seed has a great tearoom and will not god bother you! The dairy- as I knew it- owners retired and converted it back to a private home. Never heard of bombs on Gedling don't think Nottingham bombed very heavily two serious raids but little else. Gedling really best known for Vesta Tilleys house on Tennyson, Arthur shewsburys tomb, All Hallows' and J R R Tolkien visiting his Aunt Jane at Phoneix Farm (oh what a lovely estate has replaced it!) Oh does anyone know if Harry Wheatcrofts mum did live on Hardys Drive, one of the houses is called Wheatcrofts