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  1. The footbridge was also our route to the Room at the Top in the White Hart
  2. Stil see Ged Bull, Mick Oakes occasionally and see a lot of Johnny Hunt over in my second home of Tenerife. Dave Michelle was a ginge from Bestwood Park and I understand he died of heart attack either last year or the year before. Have seen Andy Trig occasionally but not heard anything of Mem for donkeys. Have seen Linda Rogers once or twice in last few years, still looking good. Dave West.
  3. And before it became the Stork Club it was the Keyhole Club with some very dubious ladies performing.
  4. Yes Mick2me but cannot remember whether Tesco was before or after Fred Hartleys which was the same building and thanks for that Catfan, that's exactly where I meant. You are quite right ravintrainman about the garage behind it as well, not much to look at but they knew their stuff and the building that was Tesco's and Hartleys then became Motobits for quite a while.
  5. I am sure there was a Tesco on the corner of Mansfield Road and Newstead Street in Sherwood in the late 60's but cannot remember whether that was before or after it became Hartleys Supermarket and was opposite the Hi Fi Centre which is no 600 Mansfield Road
  6. Yep and theres going to be a lot of old famous faces that night.
  7. You seen todays front page Evening Post, Council to sell all its buildings, you read it here first folks lol. !!
  8. And at 60, the one you got at 40 actually comes off Im afraid !!!
  9. Wow you old git Jan, 60 hey lol. Going to a few 60ths at that venue in the next few months, must be the "in" age, starting 2 weeks on Saturday. Might have to pop into yours if in the country at that time seeing as ex Bung, ex townie, ex brit and ex pal of yours!!
  10. Suppose the City Council are already getting ready to do this by selling off all their buildings in the city, including Guildhall and the Council House and relocating all the staff into Capital One building on Station Street. The Council House will be rented back for meetings and civic functions. They are hoping to move up to 4000 staff into the Capital One building and that is one of the reasons for all the redundancies with the work being farmed out to consultants.
  11. Teversal here so near enough Mansfield.
  12. I think you mean the Stag and Pheasant that was just before London Road island. The Dog and Partridge was opposite the Original Dog and Partridge.
  13. And of course, we are fogetting the Grosvenor and if we had enough for petrol the Hutt.
  14. One of the all time greats of that era, The Moody Blues, who can forget Nights in White Satin.
  15. Yes, although Woolworths had two entrances it joined up to be one store inside and went round the back of the Sawyers Arms, which was incidently one of the 7 Berni Inns in Nottingham in the 60's. I remember having three course sirloin meal in there for 10/6, dead posh then but turned into a dump later on.